There is a certain amount of severity associated with Scorpio. Scorpio, after all, is the scorpion: the fixed water sign. This energy knows feelings. It knows life. It holds secrets and realities and thrives in dark spaces because it doesn’t ever avoid them. Scorpio, at all times, will go there.

This month, we see the sun, Venus, and Jupiter—all light-bringing, harmony-making, justice-seeking energies—illuminate Scorpio together for most of the month. Three planets, like a 100-person marching band, are showing up on your doorstep to ask you: How has your identity been shaped by death? How much of your love life is motivated by sexual desire? Do you need to start over? Do you need to explore new options in your financial life? There are no wrong answers here: The ocean can hold everyone. Ultimately, whether in your private spaces or shouting from a rooftop, be honest with yourself.

Mars spends the month in Libra, which will keep our actions in check in terms of how deep we are willing to go with this power-pack in Scorpio. Reminding yourself that feelings sometimes seem bigger than what is actually happening will be helpful for this pattern. Keep in mind that your actions will cause reactions; you do not need to bury anyone with your feelings.

The full moon on the 4th creates a small flotation device of radical comfort. Sometimes, to be equipped to enter the world as your best self, you need to fully relax and take yourself out of the race. A collective day or two of floating along, focusing on feeling good and not much else, is an excellent way to spend this energy. When the new moon lands on the 18th, we will all be feeling the full effects of process and life experiences whizzing around us. Say it with me: “I am the result of everything I have ever been. I am not my critical moments. I am valid and sacred and deserve to feel.”


How has money motivated you in the last year, Aries? Have you made major life changes? Have you sacrificed to change your finances? On the 4th, the full moon asks you to look closely at the concept of “worth.” It’s easy to calculate our money and know how people value our time; but do they make you feel worth it? You start the month with Venus and Mars in your house of long-term relationships, which promotes a special knowledge of that worth in relationships too. So ask yourself: Are you getting back what you put in? This is not as simple as determining a wage, obviously; but now is a time to determine if your relationships reciprocate. The ones that aren’t will not have much choice but to change when Venus enters your house of death on the 8th. You know, important growth happens after death. Pay attention to what you nurture. 


We know that there was once a meteor big enough to shift the poles of the Earth. Just like that, the world that was ceased to exist; everything moved all at once. Although there are times you feel enormous and static, there are instances when you must move. As Jupiter opposes your sign all month, there is also a full moon in your sign on the 4th and a new moon in opposition to your sign on the 18th. The impact of these could feel like comets coming only for you, to move your boulder, to get you going. As you know, once you start rolling, it’s hard to stop you. Do not be afraid of the pace of this month, because there are many lessons to learn and many surprises that could appear scary, but are ultimately positive and progressive. Pay close attention to how you are feeling on the 22nd and 23rd, and stop for a moment to realize how far you have come.


There are experiences we have that stick with us emotionally forever. And maybe you don’t feel it presently, Gemini, but whatever is being brought to the surface with this month’s full moon on the 4th is something worth consideration. You may need some work in healing; you may need to make some phone calls; you may need to face yourself. Whatever the case, this full moon wants you to get deep and not be afraid to feel it. When Venus joins Jupiter in your house of daily living on the 8th, you should notice a shift in your days for the better. The rest of this month should feel like a breeze. And if it doesn’t, consider taking that time to heal (healing can be easier during this time too!). Or consider your creative outlets. If you are not listening to yourself, no one else will.


It’s easy to consider your self-worth from the eyes of the people who are watching you. Did you misstep and not act as a perfect version of yourself recently? There may be some feelings of regret lingering from last month. And as this month starts, connecting to home, cleaning, and restarting your nest can heal some of these spaces. This energy can also be worked out through making something for yourself. You are notorious for doing things for other people, but when you consider the nicest thing you’ve done for someone recently, when was the last time you put that much effort into something for yourself? The 11th through the 13th are especially good times for self-centered energy and attention. Use these days wisely.


It’s easy for you to talk the talk, Leo. It’s easy for you to fall in love with an idea, obsess about it, and keep it in a special mental and emotional space forever. Remember? This month, Mars is in your house of knowledge, which connects some of those thoughts to practical moves. The focus, according to the stars, is in your home space especially. You are going to move/learn that new thing/shift that one lifestyle element. On the 18th, I want you to look at the world you’ve built, understand the spaces you thrive in, and harness the incredible universal power granted to you to change the spaces that feel uninhabitable in reality. It’s time for a big change.


As a sign who is very self-aware and on top of things that make you your best self, consider which relationships make you feel the most valued, Virgo. Venus is in your house of worth, and it brings lots of love from people who worship the ways you make the world brighter and easier to navigate. This is a good time to consider your winnings, to consider what your hard work has unlocked in your relationships. On the 8th, when Venus joins Jupiter, Mercury, and the sun in your third house, you may feel an inhuman ability to digest information. This level of ability is as if Godzilla could speed-read (Godzilla-sized books? Yes.) You are usually an unstoppable force if you want to know something, and the stars have aligned to create a perfect time for you to learn something new or introduce your own ideas into the world.


There are some lessons we need to learn many times before they stick. Libra, this month it’s time to show your work. The decision you have been going back and forth about is up for discussion, and you know exactly which way you need to go. With plentiful energy in your house of self worth, you know what you bring to the table, and what you can do when you grace something or someone with your presence. Do not be afraid of making the wrong choice now. The earlier in the month you get the ball rolling on your decision, the smoother communication and knowledge will be when the sun joins Saturn in your third house of information on the 23rd.


This is the first full month of Jupiter in your sign, bringing fortune and possibility. Do you feel lucky? Do you feel like you are on top? This month, there is a special boost that most signs do not get. While Jupiter occupies your sign, so does the sun, Mercury, and Venus. This combination means you will not only be blessed by possibility, but there is a lot of love in the room for you. You may feel a little like you are bursting with ideas. It might be hard, but try to slow down enough to make some of these possibilities more concrete. This energy has the potential to spread yourself too thin. Focus your energy as much as possible. With Mars in your 12th house, emotional work must take first priority in your action. Working through some of the big emotional experiences you have had over the last few years is strongly encouraged. The new moon on the 18th brings all of the light and energy to you. Show us what you’re made of.


This month, there is a lot of focus in your 12th house. The 12th house of astrology rules the unknown, the spaces that we cannot see. To talk about this space is difficult, because the unknown forces influencing us are specific to each of us. But I can imagine, Sagittarius, that while most other signs would feel like they’re on a desert island with this much 12th house stuff going on, you could feel like you are on a beach vacation with everyone you have ever loved. When it comes to healing, when it comes to feeling, when it comes to taking it on, I want you to do it radically. The new moon on the 18th provides profound insight into these depths, and into spaces that might feel uncomfortable. Go there, and bring your people. Bring your wisdom and ability. It is righteous to feel these feelings and feed the vastness of your experiences. When the sun joins Saturn on the 23rd, you will be in the final phases of Saturn in your sign. It’s a lot of work to stop and feel, but a worthy trip.


The 4th of this month provides an entire day to devote to exactly what you want to do. So, Capricorn, when asked to be self-centered for an entire day, what does that look like? Can you spend it doing the things you love, without thinking of all the things you need to be doing otherwise? This is a day to exercise being in the moment and soaking in the spontaneous. On the 8th, when Venus enters your house of friendship, you could be called to show up big time for your community, or feel a big boost from your friends and chosen family. The new moon on the 18th broadens the scope of how pivotal having the right people around can be. Reconnect with your world.


It’s hard to disconnect ourselves from our actions. Of course, as we move through the world we are inspired to move toward things that spark us. This month, consider the spaces you haven’t been to socially. Which worlds feel truly foreign to you? With the sun and Jupiter both in your house of leadership, consider this your time to jump in without a parachute. We need you to show up in these spaces as much as you need the influence of the unknown. The new moon on the 18th will be an especially important time for decision-making and planning. Look up and forward to see where things are aligning. When the moon enters your sign on the 24th, you should have a solid plan.


Wisdom comes in many packages. Sometimes you can miss the message because of the delivery. This month promotes adventuring outside of your regular sources for the truths you seek. On the 4th, the full moon brings an annual lesson in humility. You may encounter waves you didn’t expect, but it’s important to pay attention to where they bring you. As Venus enters your house of adventure on the 8th, share some of your ideas with a lover or true love, because sometimes, in sharing, we understand the impact and deepen our understanding. With Mars in your house of sex this month, exploration of your sexual health and happiness is strongly backed by the stars. What do you want to work on, and what do you need to work on getting out?

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology
illustrations Kallie