The planet Saturn is named after the Greek God Cronus. Cronus came to power by overthrowing his father; he stayed in power by eating all of his offspring after learning they would eventually do the same to him. In our charts, Saturn is exactly like this mythology: it will do everything in its ability to stay on the course it wants for you. Ultimately, the roles of Saturn expect order. Saturn expects empowerment, ownership, and responsibility. Of course, these themes are broad and land in different people’s laps very differently. Generations of people all had a common idea of what exactly it meant to be responsible, and have complained about how the younger generations feel too individual in their feats. As Saturn influences and moves the tides socially, we undo some of the hard rules that were set before us to create our best, most responsible selves. The people who hold tight to rules might be upset that they were bound by these things that someone new doesn’t respect; but Saturn wants to unbind, for the betterment of order. On the 21st of this month, Saturn enters Capricorn. It was last in this placement from 1988 to 1991, and before that 1959 to 1962. This is its most comfortable and structurally sound placement because Saturn rules Capricorn naturally. Saturn will be in Capricorn until December of 2020. On a global level, we can expect: order in our systems, lots of hardwon change, and wakeup calls in spaces that are crumbling and unhealthy because they haven’t been prioritized. On a more personal level, this is a good time to get your ducks in a row, as they say. If there are goals you want to reach, what do you need to do to get there? This is a time to look at your life pragmatically and see what steps you need to take to get to where you want to be. Money is a part of it, health is a part of it, ownership is a part of it. You can wish on all the stars and consult all the horoscopes; but a lot of the time, first steps need to be physical, actual steps in bettering our lives.

It is unique and exciting that the sun and Saturn move from Sagittarius to Capricorn within a day of each other. Our ideas and motivations will shift so fully in the days surrounding the winter solstice that it’s a good time for a lot of conversation and meditation around how we feel liberated but motivated, how we feel like moving with purpose, and how we know our worth in what we make and how we live.


In the beginning of this month, the sun, Venus, and Saturn are all still working on propping you up to feel motivation and direction in your identity, love life, and purpose. The new moon on the 18th is an especially potent day to realize your power and ability as you shape and shift everything you touch. When Saturn enters Capricorn on the 21st, followed by the sun the next day and Venus a few days later, you can expect some hard shifts in your life concerning lessons you have yet to learn. If you understand your worth, but you are not honoring it, the stars are here to show you through tough love. Aries, you are the ram; we see you. You cannot control everything, and you especially cannot control Saturn. Do not miss lessons because you think you’ve already learned them. Going into the new year, consider the messages you are hearing over and over again: you can run forever, but it’s time to stop hiding.


Have you heard of these people who are terrified of heights, so they jump out of a plane? This is exactly the opposite of your logic. You are comfortable being aware of what makes you feel vulnerable and staying at a respectful distance. So, Taurus, what would it look like if you thought about what scared you—and faced it? You don’t need to jump out of a proverbial plane, but you feel so many more rewards chasing your vulnerability, especially in relationships. When Saturn enters Capricorn on the 21st, there will be a very pronounced direction in your life that will last for at least the next two years. This change might happen overnight or gradually, but it is very important that you create space for this breakthrough. With a strong Saturn influence we want to understand worth; and sometimes things we felt completely incapable of are exactly what we end up doing when Saturn shows up. Going into the new year, when you feel afraid, make an approach. You don’t need to run up to your fear and fight it. Just check it out, and see what you can do to believe in yourself more.


Messages you are forced to learn are not exactly your favorite. When the planets align to teach you something, to ask that you consider and absorb these lessons—especially in spaces that you really don’t want to learn—it doesn’t feel great. Since 2014, Saturn has been in opposition to your sign, reminding you in often upsetting and overwhelming ways about responsibility and the space you hold in the world. There are periods in the last three years when you probably felt that nothing you did actually mattered. Saturn forces you to see worth, and teaches without mercy: if you come out on the other end with new purpose and direction, you have won. If you come out bloody and battered, when Saturn moves into your house of rebirth on the 21st, you can expect a shift in perspective. Sometimes it’s hard to understand just how far we have come until we can look at our path from a clearing. Take some time at the end of this month to get your bearings before moving on. Going into the new year, your main resolution should be finding joy and lightness in the reality of being a human.


There are plenty of signs that crumble under the pressure of Saturn. Cancer, you may overreact, dramatically reenact, and share every feeling you have ever had, but you are not weak. Saturn energy checks in with your sign regularly, because your opposition sign, Capricorn, is ruled by it. You are no stranger to regular check-ins with self-worth, cleaning house, and creating healthier boundaries. While the opposition of Saturn will bring these exercises into a more life-altering placement in your chart, this opposition will be less jarring to your sign than every other sign in the zodiac. Still, this transit defines a lot about your lifetime, Cancer. You can be aware of what makes you feel best and not do it, because you don’t find the time to care for yourself while you’re busy making every other life around you effortless. A good rule for this transit is to start in spaces where the impact is low on your personal life and then work your way inward. Maybe you don’t have time to do that thing you promised those strangers, and you need to take a day for yourself. You have two-and-a-half years to get through a life transformation; small steps can completely change the landscape in that time. Going into the new year, declutter one closet in your house.


The trine of Saturn to your sign has been breathing down your neck for the last two-and-a-half years in Sagittarius and will move this month on the 21st. You may feel an exceptional weight lifted after years of relentless trials. As this change happens, Saturn moves into your house of work, daily living, and health. Saturn wants to bring order to these spaces, so don’t be surprised if there are changes in structure, workflow, or your job all together in the coming months. Routines are good to establish with this energy, and having an idea of what practices you would like to make a part of your daily life is a satisfying road to self-discovery. Physical health becomes a huge focus, and it is critical to approach yours fully during this period. Going into the new year, see a doctor for a physical and routine blood work. Ask about that weird thing you’ve been freaking out about for years.


Saturn is moving from making an uncomfortable square to your sign to a pleasant trine on the 21st of this month, taking away some of the pressure that has been smushing you off and on for three years. When we see ourselves through a trine, we believe in ourselves, and we feel more able. Virgo, the homework of this transit is to find the creative outlet that truly makes you feel whole. Do you make things for function or beauty? Is it worthwhile if it’s not physically functional or clear to everyone? Of course it is, but Saturn will test your allegiance to your craft in the coming years, creating confidence through production and work. When you make things for yourself, you can’t do them wrong. This is something to consider strongly as this transit sets in and expects you to think about things like legacy and monetizing a creative outlet. If you have been waiting to get rich in your pursuits, this is a good time to get the ball rolling. If you need a mental vacation from your life, making things will be the exact sunny spot that you need. Going into the new year, invest in yourself. No one will ever be better than you at creating your environment or work.


Finding home is different for every person. Some people are born into families that cultivate a fearless mover. Some people are born into families where they merely survive, and move out to find the world for themselves. This month, on the 21st, Saturn asks that you face home completely. It is time to think about the woman or women who raised you, to take a healthy look at which parts of your actions and reactions are in tandem with these matriarchs. In your current home, are you happy with the health of the space? Does it feel organized in a way that works for you? Do you feel healthy in the neighborhood you live in? A dictionary definition of home is “a place of origin.” Libra, where did you come from? Did your true birth happen recently, after finding true love? Were you born when you moved into the house your parents bought? Is home on wheels? There is massive value in this message, because when we know where we come from, we understand better where we want to go. Going into the new year, talk with people about owning property.


When Saturn is in our second house of worth, we create systems to thrive in. These systems are hard fought when we don’t fully believe in ourselves. While your sign is self-assured in certain ways, your depth of knowledge in human experience will always create vulnerability in your own experience. Saturn pressures the spaces in your life where you have to tell the world around you, “Yes, I do matter. Yes, my time does matter, and it is worth x amount of dollars per hour. Yes, my values are these.” To do so with unwavering stamina and dedication at all hours of every day is impossible. This month on the 21st, Saturn will ease its pressure from the focus of value into asserting your voice. After years of really finding out who you are, what matters to you, and how much your time, energy, and presence are worth, we are waiting for you to tell us. During this transit you may feel a strong urge to teach, or to learn. Information gathering is pivotal to coming out on the other end of this Saturn transit feeling like you have unlocked an achievement. Going into the new year, you know yourself. Tell us who you are.


The last two-and-a-half years have been dedicated to redefining your worth. As a Sagittarius, it is easy for you to celebrate beauty and faith; it is easy to honor and respect people around you and the people who came before you. You love the world. Saturn wants you to understand your space in it exactly. Saturn wants you to know your roots—and where your roots are tangled, Saturn will cut. On the 21st of this month, Saturn leaves your sign, and will not return for 30 years. Saturn transits in your sign are specifically tough because order and exactness is not how you live your best life. It is an unbelievably worthwhile exercise to consider the lessons you learned in multiple ways over the last couple years. In what direction has the world pointed you? When have you had to slow down and be gentle? You have a tendency to want to see the bright side of everything; but in some lessons, there is only darkness. Going into the new year, honor the spaces where you have lost. Let them be your motivation for a new lifetime.


It is an exceptionally worthwhile feat to consider the importance of deep emotion. It is important to adventure, try new things, feel joy and hope and positivity in your love life. Your sign has a hard time qualifying feelings immediately. Is it worth it to feel vulnerable if the payout is true understanding of yourself? As the sun and Saturn move from your 12th house of emotion into your first house of identity on the 21st and 22nd, the shift that will happen to everyone will be most potent for your sign. The sun in your sign is a yearly occurrence when we all take stock of what we have and where we have been. We make resolutions and we start to build a new year. Saturn comes around once every 30 years and it rules your sign. This shift in the planets may bring up big transformations that happened in your life in 2008, and it will definitely show you exactly where you need to be. Going into the new year, it is important to grant energy and attention to the feelings you have held closely over the last couple years, and not bury yourself in projects. Work will feel better than ever, but it’s important to balance.


When Saturn moves into Capricorn on the 21st, it begins a multi-year transit to your 12th house, the house of boundless possibility. Saturn is the planet of order. What does it mean, in your life, to organize your ideas about spirituality, religion, and endings? Do you have a positive relationship with letting go? Saturn will, at times, flatten anything just to reconstruct a more sound structure. Aquarius, this is a time to dedicate real energy to understanding the limitlessness of your own experience and transcend your daily worries to understand your universal meaning. This process could take you in many directions, so it is important to float on top, not get stuck in any undercurrent, and come back to your own journey as much as possible. Going into the new year, find the spaces where you feel the most spiritually connected. For the last three years you have learned a lot of lessons about community and what it means to cowork. It is worthwhile to consider your colleagues. When you shared ideas, did you feel supported and held up? Who in your community stepped up to remind you of who you are?


As Saturn moves from your house of public self to your house of community on the 21st of this month, it is highly recommended that you gather your closest and most trusted cohorts and share. Share wealth, information, fears, and ideas. It is important that you shed your old skin, and in those soft spaces, absorb the love and admiration of your chosen family. When we feel like we have been trying bravely to put our face out front for three years in a row, it is appropriate to have a huge party with your closest friends to release the pressure. In this party, it will become clear what you want to expand your energy into, and who you want to take with you. It is easier to experience purpose when you personify it. It is easier to maintain your work when you realize the impact it has on your community. Going into the new year, it is important to know who you can trust with all of your ideas. Push for relationships that are mutual and healthy.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX