On the third day of this new year, Uranus goes direct in Aries. We are nearing the end of an eight-year transit in Aries, which energetically squares Capricorn where Saturn and Pluto are currently living. With every Uranus shift, we have felt an impulse to act in ways that seem alien to us. Uranus in Aries has brought a lot of knee-jerk reactions and righteous anger, and we have collectively felt a need for a shift. Uranus in Aries has woken up every day to tell us that the fight is worth it, and that a different angle of attack is all we need. Now, the squaring energy between responsible Saturn and transformative Pluto puts a lot of plans into action. True power comes when you not only feel empowerment in your own life and choices, but still make space for other powerful, personal universes to exist next to yours. Domination is not what this energy is about. Making moves that center around transformation can be very simple. Are you being heard? Are you listening to other voices? This energy is aggressive and chaotic when it is not honored appropriately—power structures crumble when they are not built with a conscious and careful base. Be bold, but not dangerous. Be clear about what you want, but be careful not to destroy something just to get ahead faster. Pay attention to the people who make decisions about your life. There is a light in the darkness, and we want to make sure that the people we are working for (and with) have our best interests in mind, and not ulterior motives. This is not gentle energy: act and be brave.

Mercury and Saturn are conjunct from the 9th to the 18th. This brings clear messages, methodical and organized learning, and a strong need to teach. There are plenty of reasons why we don’t always say what we mean. Each astrological sign has ways in which they communicate that can be cloudy and unclear to someone else. In your communication during this time, don’t sugarcoat it. Say what you think. Tell us what you need, or want, or what isn’t working for you. This is also an incredible time to check in with the messages you have been telling yourself. If you feel inferior, it’s time to decide and act in the spaces that need to change, so that you can tell yourself you are worthwhile and sacred. In learning, we see a surge of meaning. We see a burst of direction and stamina in our work. During this transit, even small one-on-one learning experiences can shift your whole world. Teaching and learning are usually done at the same time. Be ready to learn about yourself even as you explain to others how to do better.

Venus is conjunct Pluto from the 5th to the 14th, bringing lots of transformation and compassion to our love lives. Huge growths happen in our hearts during this transit, sometimes within minutes. Breakups, new commitments, and changes in our needs can happen without a clear explanation. Vital shifts in the way we see ourselves come in full force during this time, especially in our relationships.

This month also brings a very rare occurrence of two full moons bookending the month. On the 1st, the full moon is in its favorite sign, Cancer. This is a good day for reflection and time to be together, but beware of bigger displays of emotion. On the 31st, the full moon is in Leo. Full of drama and fun, this is a good day to do something big and beautiful. With these moons holding this month up, we are sure to feel a lot, see a lot, and experience a lot of weirdness.


When you are a person who will try anything, it is hard to pinpoint what reinvention could possibly mean. Uranus has been camped out in your sign for eight years, and it is getting close to finishing up its cycle in Aries. Uranus brings chaos alongside necessary change, and when you reflect on the last eight years, there are probably lifetimes of lessons. On the 3rd, Uranus goes direct in your sign. With the pressure and help of other planets, this energy will be very significant. There are two choices here: ride a tsunami wave of all the different parts of your life that need change, or take some time to decide carefully and specifically what you want your world to look like after the wave hits. Both of these approaches are possible, but it is quite the balancing act to feel chaotic and on top of everything, while being truly reflective about what you want in the future. That’s not something to take lightly.


It can take a whole lifetime to free yourself from the difficult messages you heard about yourself at tender times. This month, the cycles of Mars and Mercury bring the truth and Saturn brings the freedom. How do you need to act in your relationships? With distraction, we can lose track of what we are missing from the people we care for deeply, but this is a time to face it. The new moon on the 16th brings a lot of motivation to do things differently, start something fresh, and reboot your relationships. Is it scarier to lose, or scarier to pretend like everything is fine while you are unhappy? When Venus shifts on the 19th, there will be no mistaking how far you can go when you create healthier pathways, especially concerning your interactions with other people.


There is a difference between intellectually understanding emotion versus actually allowing yourself to feel deeply. Cut through the layers of sarcasm, other people’s advice, what this one article said about how you should be feeling, and get to the raw emotion. What did 2017 bring to (and take from) your life? What are you feeling? The sun is in your eighth house until the 20th, asking that you work with Saturn to make distinct plans around what motivates you to live your life as an emotionally sound and secure person. When the sun shifts on the 21st, it will be easier to focus on fun and adventure, but continue the lessons you set up for yourself. Mars spends this month in your house of daily work, bringing lots of motivation to be the best in what you are doing daily. Spend your time wisely with this big boost of energy.


This year starts with a full moon in your sign. The moon does a lot of good work in Cancer, a lot of water is shed, a lot of feelings are felt. You start this year on a weird note, which I think is an important reminder for how to spend the hard parts of 2018. It is appropriate to shed, it is appropriate to feel strange, and it is important to work through it for the transformation that can come quickly. When Uranus goes direct in your house of public identity on the third, you can expect a shift in the way people empower your philosophies and style. It is important to remind people what matters to you, and what should matter to them. The new moon on the 16th might make you feel like pulling your hair out, but this is a time to take a break, recharge, and see what else you can come up with.


For a few months in a row, the planets have been creeping through your fourth house, which corresponds to home and comfort. This month starts by asking about the happiness and content of your relationships—specifically and especially in the spaces that are cohabited. Do you feel happy and healthy in your home relationships? This is a time to make your space feel beautified and full. With Mercury in your house of creativity from the 1st to the 11th, you can expect your ideas and creativity to work more fluidly together. When it comes to work, there will be a big surge of energy this month with sturdy Saturn creating responsible moves and the sun illuminating where you feel your best in a job. Do not be afraid of the inevitable shift in your work: it is for the best.


It is frustrating when you see your hard work and precision in your disciplines misrepresented or misread. This month, there is aggressive energy in your need for communication, speech, and teaching. If you see something, say something. That is to say, there are plenty of people who will share ideas without a lot of consciousness behind them. It is more than appropriate for you to shut that down thoroughly. Your ideas will be coming at rapid fire, and having a target toward this non-stop intellectual avalanche is an excellent way to make the best of this energy. Write something, tell your family the truth about something, and teach someone something new. When Venus enters your house of daily life on the 19th through the end of the month, you may feel a surge of happiness in everything you are doing. This compassion toward yourself is a really nice addition to daily living during this time.


The first three days of this year have the potential to be pretty life-altering, Libra. The full moon on the first squares your sun sign, and with so much energy already happening in a square, you could feel like the universe is screaming at you to pick a path. When Uranus goes direct on the third, it will become a lot more clear what this path is. You know when you are at the top of a hill of a rollercoaster and there is a moment where you aren’t going up or down? That is the first three days of this year. Something has just happened to bring you here, so get ready for what’s next, because it’s coming fast. There is a strong focus on home, and a comfortable and peaceful home space is pivotal to all of the work you are doing. Doing intentional work on making your home space feel best is important during this month.


You begin the new year with Mars and Jupiter in your sign and a full moon positioned in positive trining energy. The things you are capable of in 2018 are endless. But this type of energy can feel so mountainous that you want to hide from life because there are so many potential things to be done. Until the 11th of this month, a focus should be intellectually understanding your value to the projects and people you influence, especially in the exchange of money. Your presence is worthwhile; do you know and feel this in your daily work? On the 19th, Venus enters the house that governs your home, followed by the sun on the 20th. Consideration of health in your home space, paying attention to how you are feeling in your home, what the vibes are like with the people you share space with, and the general upkeep of your space are keys to internal success.


At the very beginning of this month, Mercury is in your sign and a full moon is in your house of deep emotional understanding. It is ideal to set your year up with a balance of intellectual and emotional goals. What do you want to learn? What do you want to feel in your bones? Of course, these two energies will overlap, and in the spaces they overlap, real work will be done this year. As Saturn is in your house of personal value, the sun also illuminates this space. The ultimate goal of this transit is to feel a sense of love and peace for everything you are. And with such a strong relationship to Saturn over the last few years, it might be a time in your life when you can actualize these lessons about who you are and what you have become in the last three years. The full moon on the 31st is a good time to plan an escape, so get out there!


It is easy to imagine that you could be feeling very overwhelmed with both Saturn and Pluto in your sign. And this year begins with a full moon in opposition to your sign, which is really like hitting the ground running into 2018. Venus is in your sign until the 18th, bringing lots of opportunities in relationships, and a very informative session of learning to truly love yourself. The focus on these energies is ultimately to make you feel more control, to bring your ability and power into the light of your life, and to undo unhealthy behaviors. First things first: in the words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?” Empowerment and power originate in your love for who you are, and this month Venus brings you the beginnings of these lessons. The new moon on the 16th is a good time to celebrate yourself and who you are now, because the growth that you will experience in the next three years deserves a party as regularly as possible.


There are many forces at work in your life this month that are hard to pinpoint. It is a strange feeling to understand that you might have to throw lots of lines in the water and see which one gets a bite; but you are in a space where you feel a drive to do things without a lot of practical ability to know which paths to take. You feel a very clean and comfortable energy when you focus in spaces that are spiritual and deeply personal. Spending time with people who “get” you without judgment is sacred. When the sun enters your sign on the 21st, you will experience a boost in your personal life. It could feel like the world is really waiting for you to present something to them, so show ‘em what you got.


What is the first thing you would do if you ruled the world? Your world needs your ideas at the beginning of this year. We want your input, and when you share, it lands with a little more weight and power than usual. There is a lot of energy happening in your life this month around creating a better, more connected world, Pisces. In order to inspire, you will have to start by speaking up, and then calling upon the appropriate powers-that-be to actualize these thoughts and dreams. This month is completely full of ideas, and the people who are around you want to make these ideas a reality. When the sun enters Aquarius on the 21st, there is a familiar feeling of illumination in your spiritual and psychic energy. This is a good time to plot and plan for the coming year in terms of what you would like to spiritually get from it, and help heal some spots in your life that were hurt in 2017.

CHRISTINA IGOE | @iamastrology

illustrations KALLIE TIFEAUX | @thesubtleneedle