illustration Kallie van Tassel

Different volcanoes erupt at different paces, with different magnitudes of impact, and with different effects on the people and places closest to the eruption. There are theories that surround these environmentally emotive experiences: we think we can guess when these eruptions will happen, how we can prepare, and our best escape route. Every year in the month of June, the sun moves through the sign of Gemini until about the 21st, before wading into the sign of Cancer. Both of these signs are equally spectacular in their complete need for release. Both of these signs accumulate all year: Gemini collects information through reading, talking, arguing, and writing it out; Cancer walks through the world as a sponge, feeling it all and holding on to most of it. This month, it’s OK to spew. It’s OK to talk about the things you have been holding in, things that have been bubbling beneath the surface, things that people may have been asking about. There may be a path of devastation we all experience in this release. This month, although we may find out more than we mean to, the pressure of holding it in is much worse. In the line of this (sometimes surprising) fire, there is a potential to hurt people, so be careful to direct the explosion accordingly and if possible, with restraint. The point is to let go, not to bury everything in your wake.

On the 7th, Venus enters Taurus, one of the two signs this planet rules. When Venus is in its rulership, we see a lot more clarity in our love lives, friendships, and how to give and receive compassion and see large-scale change in how we treat each other. On a small scale, it is a good time to fall back in love with your life and the people in it. Amazing things can happen when Venus has time to slow down, get comfortable, and be good to us. Be gentle with each other; speak and act with intention and love.

On the 10th of this month, Jupiter goes direct after being in retrograde since February. Jupiter brings so much to our lives, and during a retrograde phase, can sometimes show the difficult aspects of the human experience. Greed can rule, and sometimes you might not feel as clearly like you want to be a good person. This time can be conducive for good outcomes when the intention is pure, but with a Jupiter retrograde we can all wonder how SO MUCH difficulty can be experienced in such a small amount of time. As this planet goes direct, reflecting on how you are fortunate is important. Reassessing whether your gains have hurt others and whether you need to root more strongly in your spirituality can also be a good exercise.

The first six days of this month, Venus is still in your sign, which is a good excuse for some final days of healing after the Venus retrograde that tore down a lot of your ideas about love. Do something nice for yourself or someone close to you during these days; soak in the love. When Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, there will be a clearer idea around what you are ready for in a long-haul kind of way. If there is something in your life now that you do not see yourself doing by the end of this year, finding alternatives will be a lot easier after the 10th. There will be added pressure, because if you don’t move toward your own happiness then, it is time wasted in this Jupiter transit.

Venus is back in your sign for the first time in 18 months. This is a good time to slow down and dive into things that make you feel your absolute best. Get comfortable: you have earned it. This month also marks a time when you might feel more loved than usual. People are paying more attention, and you should soak in the affection of this planetary alignment. When Jupiter goes direct on the 10th, you may experience a very unexpected opportunity in your career or work life, and it is definitely worth going for. This energy can sometimes feel too good to be true, but Jupiter brings joy and luck to your work world, so making quick moves and getting more money is an expected outcome.

Not only is the sun in your sign— which clears a lot of the muck out of the social and political atmosphere—but Jupiter goes direct this month on the 10th, bringing joy and luck. This month, I want you to consider, in a deeply self-centered way, what you want your lasting influence to be. As Jupiter goes direct, it is in your house of creation, which means there is an abundance of energy and ideas for shaping how you want to leave a mark on this world. The new moon on the 24th also brings some new beginnings with money and self-assuredness. This month could make you feel like you hit the ground running, but the possibilities have good payoffs and lots of potential. Get going.

illustration Kallie Van TasselCANCER
The beginning of this month, we celebrate Gemini, a sign that brings a lot of necessary knowledge to the world around it. Every June, before the sun goes into your house of identity, it spends some time helping you understand the depth of your feelings and how the previous year has shaped your current reality. While most signs reflect before their birthdays, you really dig deep to unearth all of your successes, failures, and feelings about everything in between. On the 22nd the sun and Mercury both enter your sign, which is a good time to be in tune with your ability to communicate what this past year has meant to you, and celebrate everything that makes you who you are. The new moon on the 24th will bring a boost to your identity, and it signifies the beginning of something very great. Keep your head up for everything coming your way!

While your sign is celebrated for its ability to be the center of attention, there is another side to that blessing. Sometimes, because of how shiny you are as a human, you attract people who want you to perform in exactly the way they expect you to. As a fire sign and a fixed sign, there is a potential that you can put on that show for years. This month, there is a reality check, especially when the sun shifts on the 22nd. Leo, what have you been stewing in? While you show the world your most brave and bold self, what do you need to work out with your most trusted and loved friends? You will be celebrated by the people who truly love and support you no matter what. It is time to make a move on the emotional truths you have held close to your chest.

Generally, you are very cautious about the way you spend money. You appreciate being prepared and having exactly what you need. No need for frills or wild nights, because there is strength in knowing you and your bank account are ready for anything. When Jupiter goes direct on the 10th this month, you have a big chance of increasing your wealth through luck or good fortune. More importantly, there is a special feeling of freedom in spending money on something fun and just for yourself. Loosen the lock on your wallet and have a wild night. Spend some money on a trip, a show, or a sparkly vintage cruiser. This month is a month for splurging without guilt.

There is a boost of information and energy coming this month, Libra. On the 9th there is a full moon in your house of knowledge, followed by Jupiter going direct in your sign on the 10th. This power pack should bring good news, new knowledge, and a new awareness of what you need to move forward. When the sun and Mercury go into your house of public affairs on the 22nd, you should be ready to become active in things you have been incubating for a long time. You have had Jupiter in your sign since last fall; with this planet going direct, you should have more floods of positivity starting this month than the previous few. Do not be discouraged: this is a formative year.

As Venus enters Taurus on the 7th, there is a lot of consideration to be had in what you really need in a partnership. It is one thing to feel excited and intrigued by a person; it is a completely different thing to show vulnerability and the complete spectrum of your humanity to another person. If you aren’t showing your full self to the people you are romantically interested in or involved with, it’s time to start. This is also a time when, if things are not functioning well, it’s time to try something different. The opposition of this planet’s energy will bring the right things down the path for you, but you have to be brave enough to embark.

When you think about your future, is there anything you are holding onto that you absolutely know will not survive the next ten years? There is a strong theme in your chart right now around the idea of forever. Of course, even with the biggest and heaviest intention, we don’t know exactly what will happen. But when you think about who you are, where you are, and who you are with, are you fighting too hard for something that will not matter in your longterm ideas? The full moon on the 9th should give some insight around what you want your life and identity to look like. Try running into the world armed with wisdom and luck to take the edge off of letting go of unnecessary weight.

One of the most incredible and unique aspects of your experience is that you will work the hardest to make something happen, and the celebration of your life is watching that thing come to life—not the recognition that YOU made it happen. In fact, often, direct celebration of you and your work in the world make you uncomfortable. This month, Jupiter goes direct in your house of public space. This space is about creating a better world for the people around us and selflessly promoting the health and welfare of the collective experience on Earth. Capricorn, we need your voice, in huge ways. We need your voice to make the world work better. In your house, we need your voice to calm all the other voices down. Please know that the energy you put out this month is received a lot better than you can imagine, and it is necessary for real change.

There is no way around it, Aquarius: you need to take a trip to understand what you have. While this trip could be local and done in a day, the intention should be a deeper understanding of all of the things you have and all of the things you need to create your own personal universe. The blessing of this trip is that you will be granted specific and inspirational wisdom in going somewhere out of the ordinary and shaking things up. When Venus moves into your house of home on the 7th, you will have a new understanding and depth to your romantic partnerships. Taking time in these pursuits will serve you well this month.

As an exceptionally emotional sign, some of your biggest moves are when you allow yourself to feel deeply in exceptionally deep and hidden spaces. This month, Jupiter goes direct in your house of birth, death, sex, and money. Allowing yourself to explore your ideas, limits, fears and happiness in these themes can be very liberating. Sometimes, you have an entire world set up around a personal philosophy that you haven’t checked in with for a long time, and this month brings a lot of opportunity to challenge yourself, compassionately. The full moon on the 10th brings an opportunity to speak up about a subject near and dear to your heart. Get the biggest audience possible, and get to speaking. We have been waiting to hear from you.

Illustrations Kallie Van Tassel