illustration Kallie Van Tassel


Sometimes, when you take off in an airplane, you ascend through gross, rainy weather. As you go up, you feel every swerve and drop as the wind and rain rock the plane, possibly thinking about how shocking it is that such a small structure can take you through such extreme weather. Parts of this turbulence can make you think maybe this airplane could just drop out of the sky and cease to be. Then you hit an elevation that is higher than the weather and realize that although the chaos is still happening, you can’t feel it as heavily or with as much fear. It’s more tolerable because you are at “cruising altitude.” And if and when you have to go back into it, your small world can hold on and stay up. We are all, collectively, in cruising altitude. I urge you to celebrate the peace that comes with knowing you can survive.

You deserve better. Now generally speaking, when we hear this, it’s in response to a crappy relationship problem. But in this case, it’s not limited to that. You deserve the best. You deserve happiness and a return on the tornado of energy you give to everything you touch. While it might not seem like things have been going the way you wanted or planned, Uranus has been hanging out in your sign for actual years at this point, whose company brings you new paths, new ideas, and new dreams in downpours. We are in a month of downpour, Aries. This is a time to reformulate. Venus is in your sign all month, and when the sun enters Gemini on the 21st, you will be unstoppable.

illustration Kallie Van TasselTAURUS
Until the 20th, the sun is in your sign, which is a good time to reflect on your truest self. Sometimes, this truest self is strong and happy and skipping through life. Other times, we see ourselves as a work in progress. In either case, Taurus, this month brings a lot of growth. Mercury has been retrograde in a part of your chart that connects you in psychic spaces. This month, and even last month, sleep is profoundly important and clarifying. Pay attention to your dreams and make sure you prioritize regenerative time, whether asleep or awake. The Scorpio new moon on the 10th might bring some adversity to remind you what the fight is for. You have so much strength on your side: don’t forget it.

One of the most frustrating things to a Gemini is having your communication lines crossed. Mercury retrograde can be quite the adventure the three times it happens a year, and this month it ends in your house of community and friendship on the 3rd. Even with the best intentions, you have been misunderstood over the last few weeks, and this month will provide a time to clarify and realign your mental energy in your close circles. When the sun enters your sign on the 21st, a lot of your truest self can come out and be heard, and the new moon in Gemini on the 25th will bring new beginnings and new energy to a project that may have lost steam.

When was the last time you felt actually connected to your community? You could spend every day speaking about where you come from—and who you are next to—but this month brings some much needed actual connection. Generally, we see the people we work with and live with most often. A practical exercise for this month is to share ideas and experiences with your best friends that live in a different place. Ask your neighbors their opinions about the new thing in your neighborhood, or connect with an old mentor. You have some really important things to share, and some really important inspiration to receive this month. Scorpio’s full moon on the 10th will be especially profound in sparking new ideas.

For six months of the year, the sun is in the northern hemisphere of an astrological chart. When this happens, most of our energy is reserved for other people: making sure their lives are working well, making sure we are a support to them. This is kind of tough for a fire sign. Sometimes being wild and having complete freedom doesn’t include having to be a caretaker. Right now, Leo, you will get the highest reward by putting energy into the communities and people you care deeply for. This month, when you ask where you can best light up someone else’s life, you will receive so much more back than you can ever imagine. On the 10th, I urge you to take a self-care day: the full moon lands in your southern hemisphere for that day only, and it’s a good time for a wild moon to align with a wild heart.

Being exactly who you are is a wild act. As a complete human, sometimes we are obsessive, scared, and go against what other people expect from us. Virgo, all of these behaviors are something you are keenly aware of, and completely overwhelmed by, when they feel bigger than they “should be.” This month, with the sun in your sign of wildness, I want you to meditate on what it means—for you—to be wild. What paths and angles have you chosen that are completely your own? What have you decided to do that has contradicted what everyone (who assumes they know best) thinks you should do? This month, celebrate those things, soak in them, and make them bigger. Sometimes, working better is just working smarter, and starting on the 21st, you will have an opportunity to show some people just how much you can do.

OK Libra, this is one of the most freeing and catapulting years of your life in terms of luck, money, fame, and good fortune. This month, these efforts and energies are grounded by checking in with your own personal story around rebirth. When you consider who you are now, and who you were a year or even five years ago, are you happy with the changes you have made? Do you feel stuck? This is a time for big moves and big rewards, considering how much growth has happened and can happen. What do you want to change? This month also has some grounding energy in your sex life: how it is working for you, and what needs changing. I may write a variation of “there are so many things possible for you this year” every month until Jupiter is out of your sign, but in consideration of this fun and freeing phase, please let everything you want become reality.

The full moon on the 10th is in Scorpio, which is like a truce with your sign and the universe after months of retrogrades, crossed communication lines, and BIG FEELINGS. On the 10th, we celebrate your sign, the weird and big parts of your existence, the parts that come out brightest when it is hardest and darkest in your life. It is sacred and special to feel deeply; it is sacred and special to consume the world around you with your whole heart and show it to people in massive, life-altering display. From the beginning of this month until the 20th, there is a very strong energy around partnership. Do you like who you are in relationships? When you consider patterns that haven’t worked for you in the past, how does that inform current relationships or prospective ones?

Sometimes a fire sign thrives the most in chaotic, fun situations. This month brings crushes, secrets, new weird job prospects, and general upheaval. Mercury retrograde happens until the 3rd in your house of drama and creativity. Then when it goes direct, Mercury will be there until the end of the month. Every sentence that comes to mind feels like an advertisement for a reality show, but listen: shocking truths will be revealed—truths that you will need to hear to get to the next part of your year. This energy, in conjunction with Venus in this house, brings new love interests. On the 25th, the new moon in Gemini helps you reflect on who you are in partnerships, and how things are working emotionally in that realm. Be ready to be real.

There is a type of yoga where you lie flat on your back and a human standing next to you (or a tape or a podcast blaring from your headphones) brings you through a sort of guided meditation. I can’t read this out loud to you, but in a quiet space, I want you to imagine home. I want you to imagine family and what it means to feel togetherness. Naturally, we might go into a trance and think about what it was like to grow up. Bring it to today: What do you want your current family and your current home to look like? You can choose anything and anyone you want, and you can build it. You have incredible, big electric energy in this space. You need to realize the vision and make the moves. This month brings love, mental power, and electricity everywhere it needs to be.

As a sign that naturally gets most of its best ideas from the people you encounter, the world you encounter, and the worlds and people you encounter through history, it’s a kind of strange time. Almost every planet is in the southern hemisphere of your chart, which makes it a very self-centered time. Some things to consider during this time: What messages would you like to share with the world if you were the only voice that was going to be heard? What is the most beautiful object you have seen in the last year? Have you ever seen something so beautiful that it moved you to tears? You are in a phase of deep personal awareness and rejuvenation, and some propellers to consider are beauty, art, and bold movement this month.

You start this month with Mercury in retrograde phase until the 3rd in your house of personal identity and value. It was this way last month too, in conjunction with a Venus retrograde phase. When both of these planets are direct on the 4th, you might realize you have been really obsessed with things that don’t actually matter too much to you. On the 10th, the full moon is in good position for you to take a trip and reconnect with yourself and how you are feeling about your current state of affairs. The 21st is a good time to consider home and the kinds of changes that will make you feel best in your space and city. The space that these planets have held is very personal and sacred space, and if you have felt more sensitive over the last couple months, you should be happy to know we are transitioning to a new time in your life.

illustrations by Kallie Van Tassel