A strange experience it is to eat too much. It usually starts when you get more than you can take of something you really like. There are varying degrees to this: some people know exactly when they’ve had too much and stop, while others keep going until they are in agony. In most of our lives, we learn our limitations and try not to cross over into that danger zone. But it happens. This month, with the sun in Cancer in a square to Jupiter in Libra, we all may collectively feel like we have over-indulged. Yes, the planets have asked us to look inside of ourselves to understand what we want. We have been tested, broken, rebuilt, and slammed around in tides these last few months. At a certain point, it’s time to act in our new selves. It’s time to celebrate what is still standing, to exhale the things we have lost. With the sun in Cancer until the 22nd, and Jupiter squaring it until the 12th, some of our best feelings come from fun. We can find the light, and we need to. In our most comfortable, emotional, raw states, freedom is a term that has made everyone vulnerable this year. This month, I want you to move toward spaces where you feel most comfortable having fun. I want you to scream your feelings into songs while riding a rollercoaster and putting together a puzzle. I want you to avoid or quit the spaces that hold you back from feeling honored, celebrated, or heard. In granting your freedoms, in celebrating the basic parts of being, I want you to hold other people up, too. Take care of someone; help them feel justice. Create peace in situations that have been rocky. Mother yourself.

On the 6th, Venus enters the sign of Gemini: tell me (everybody) about it. Get up and talk about how you love, who you love, and why you love. We get so much done in our communities with stories. Sharing our feelings of compassion can move mountains this month. Gemini energy is special in its ability to speak to a large group and hit all the targets, with broad and full knowledge. This can also be a time in relationships when arguing is a useful tool in change and growth. There can be a tendency to exaggerate with Venus in Gemini—keep that in mind when telling or hearing a story.

July 21st, Mars moves into Leo for the first time since August of 2015. This can really go two different ways: you can do things you feel truly proud of, or do things because you are worried about your pride. If you find yourself huffing and puffing over something, make sure it is worthy of your response during this time.

Symbolically, your sign is ruled by the ram. The basic idea: smash into things until you figure them out. This month, I want you to consider the elephant. While everyone understands you’re powerful, it is pivotal to consider compassion and connection. In small spaces, you may feel too big this month. You may feel like the only way out is through stampede. Remember your greatness, your need to protect and nurture, and your expectation of care, and you will be more free. The full moon on the 10th may bring up some old news that makes you want to lead a pack. Make sure you know where you are going.

Venus is in your sign for the first five days of this month, which, every 18 months, brings such a relief to your reality. So, indulge. Get it out. Talk about it. In general, Taurus, it is suggested that you get comfortable and get cozy at all times. For these five days, you need to focus in feeling this way in as many parts of your life as possible. It is an opportunity to connect with your best self. On the 25th, Mercury enters your house of creativity, bringing an opportunity to tell your story through things you make. If there is something you have been meaning to say that words don’t feel sufficient enough to express, consider making something about it. While things can be lost in translation, the process of creating can feel like a more complete conversation.

Sometimes, as Venus moves sloooowly through houses that direct your energy outward, you disconnect from yourself and how to love yourself. This month, on the 5th, Venus re-enters your sign, bringing gifts and messages of love and compassion. With personal clarity around being an incredible brilliant light, Gemini, you should also prepare for the new moon on the 23rd. This new moon happens in your house of ideas, which will bring a swell of communication, information, and creativity—all of which will connect you to an emotional level and translate to very important discoveries. As Mercury enters your house of home on the 25th, you may find yourself more comfortable than ever to share your ideas. It is time to unveil some things that you have been thinking about for a long time.

There are periods of time in our lives when we need to recognize fully that something is over. This month, on the 9th, the full moon will illuminate the things you want to last forever—and other things you are just over. With the sun in your sign through the 22nd, you have plenty of energy on your side, cheering you on as you make changes that are best for your truest happiness. Until the 20th, Mars is also in your sign, which may bring stronger feelings up than you realize you have. Overreaction is a word for weaklings: you are allowed any feelings you want, at any level you see fit. The new moon on the 23rd brings about a lot of opportunity to create new pathways in your emotional health and money. Get ready.

There will be two eclipses in Leo this year. One was in February, and the next one is in August. When there is an eclipse in your sign it marks a year of change, surprise and sometimes chaos. To have two in your sign in one year is monumental in the kind of energy it gives. Yes, everyone has had a big year. Yes, everyone is experiencing a level of discomfort and change. But not at the same level as you, Leo. This month, from the 21st to the 23rd, you have especially illuminating experiences. Some themes to consider: your passion— are you involved in things that make you feel like you are living at your fullest potential? Identity— do you like the image that other people are receiving of you? Finally, new beginnings—sometimes for a complete change you need to have a marked beginning of a new phase. Where do you want to restart?

It is a good exercise to get outside of your own personal bubble and get ideas, inspiration, and motivation from your friends this month. Virgo, who are the people in your life that you have relationships with who truly know you and have your best interest in mind? A good place to start is by making a physical list, and connecting with those people this month. The exercise here is not having a theme to follow in time with other people, not needing a specific task or objective, but just spending time and absorbing the experience fully. Sometimes, without a plan, a lot can get done. This feels actually incredibly anti-Virgo to write, but your most moving experiences will come from places that are very unplanned this month.

This month’s full moon on the 9th may bring some unwanted messages to you. While these messages might be important, they could be surprising and even upsetting. During this time, Venus is in your house of adventure, so a good way to move through some of the difficult energy of this information is to do something fun and out of the ordinary, especially if it involves other people. The new moon on the 23rd is a time to call your circle of friends together and really intentionally spend time in groups. Sometimes, in groups, you can see yourself in a broader spectrum. While Jupiter moves through your sign, you may find yourself searching for answers in your spirituality; the 25th is a time to reconnect with your own spiritual truths.

Adventuring is a kind of catchall phrase that I use often in describing something out of the ordinary in your life. Traditionally, this month should be used for adventure, Scorpio; you should be doing something you don’t usually do. Travel is at the top of all lists related to what the planets are doing with your chart right now, but if travel is what you are always doing, staying put is advised. Change the regular, find something different. You have a tendency to get focused and completely submerge yourself in everything you encounter, so breezing through a few things might feel more exciting this month. The new moon on the 23rd brings fresh ideas and inspiration in the realm of your public persona. Connect to the crowd.

Unexpected money is coming for you with the full moon on the 9th. This could be something like finding a $20 bill on the ground or getting a weirdo work opportunity. Keep your antenna open for these possibilities. On the 5th, Venus starts a transit in opposition to your sign, which can create a little more clarity in your relationships and joy. What you want, how to get it, and how to make it last a little longer is all promoted during this transit. The new moon on the 23rd grants some special emotional connection to what you need to feel more yourself. Connect through getting outside, and going someplace where you can move.

You can literally plan for everything, including understanding how you are allowed to feel when you are surprised. This month, on the 9th, there may be some shake-ups to what you know to be your reality and path. Of course, you can handle these surprises, but giving yourself space to feel deeply about these things will ultimately help with the way this year’s eclipses have been affecting your chart. This month also brings a good amount of indulgences, and it is suggested you get into some of them. Promoting feeling really good as much as possible, Venus will help you feel comfortable spending time on your wants and pampering yourself. Mercury moves into your house of advanced education on the 25th, which is a good time to learn more about something you have been thinking about. Taking a class or picking up a new skill is suggested during this time.

There are spiritual practices that you really appreciate, Aquarius. This could be a religious experience, a psychic experience, or an experience connecting to the Earth. This month’s full moon asks that you get into it. Until the 5th, there is strong energy in your romantic life to connect with someone you can really be yourself around, and who you want to be there for, fully. Use this time wisely and organically. Sometimes, in this transit you may find that the people you have liked the most you can fully be yourself around, so it is a special time for accessing the truth about who you are best with. When the sun enters your house of long-term relationships on the 22nd you may find yourself trying to understand your place in long-term situations. Do you want to be doing this forever? Motivate around the things that don’t feel right.

When Venus enters your house of home on the 5th, you may experience a new energy in your house. This is a time to consider if you want to mother something. The spectrum ranges from a plant to a human, and potentially bringing any or all things into your house. So, what does it mean to you to take care of something or someone? Are you ready to nurture and love something fully? If it feels overwhelming to consider something outside of yourself, these energies can also be fully used on you, too. The new moon on the 23rd brings some new beginnings to your work life. Changing small parts of your daily habits can help change big things in your life. This month would also be a good time to go see a doctor and check in with your health.

illustrations Kallie