On August 21st, there is a solar eclipse in Leo. Regardless of sign, eclipses interrupt. Twice a year, we have a shared experience of the planets whirling and spinning around us, creating moods, moves, and motivations. Eclipses are like the proverbial slap to the face, screeching at us to snap out of it, change course, and recognize simply what we have, and what we want. Most of the time, an eclipse’s energy sends a surprise in our direction, even when we have complete and clear ideas about where we are going. This is the second eclipse this year in Leo, bringing with it a lot of consciousness around identity. In our own micro worlds, we might see movements in pride, appearance, and creative change. In the big societal picture, we might see new light to the highest held places in our world, shining truths around how we worship, how we pedestal certain positions, and how we see larger-than-life figures.

In consideration of identity this month (and really the rest of this year), consider the sun. Leo, as a sign, is ruled by the sun. The sun is the source of everything that grows. It illuminates the moon. The sun is depicted in homes, beds, and on street corners. People worship, dance, and write about the sun. And yet it does its own thing, creates its world, and even when it feels impossible, comes back. What do you do because it makes you who you are, and makes you show up even when it feels impossible? What have you made that exists purely on its own, without intention of influence, praise, or critique? This month—and really this year—should be dedicated to the pride that we feel in quiet spaces, without the need for outside approval. It could be the pride of creating world peace; it could be the pride of teaching a kid how to tie their shoes. There is a space that you hold and things that you do that are not for the benefit of anyone but yourself, and someone sees you, appreciates you, and will dance about you.

On August 26th, Saturn goes direct. It has been retrograde since April, creating a lot of reflection and catching up on our sense of responsibility. Retrograde or direct, Saturn takes us to task. Saturn is retrograde every year, creating a sort of extended spring-cleaning to the crevasses of our work, family, and health. Remember that thing in December you didn’t take care of and swept under the rug? Saturn remembers; and during that retrograde, you need to fix it. Of course, the exercise of Saturn direct is seeing ourselves for who we want to be, without the mess of being human and making changes to get there. As this planet goes direct, we will all experience a jolt of energy around our sense of right and wrong, our work, and our legacy to the people around and after us.

You know that thing you have been meaning to do since the beginning of this year and just haven’t prioritized? It’s time. Yes, this is vague and broad, and could apply to anyone, but you know what I’m talking about, Aries. There is a special project, space, or perhaps a move that you have been trying to make for far too long than is comfortable to you. You have weighed and doubted the outcomes, but you know ultimately, without this move, nothing will change. The eclipse this month is a loving boost to a life that you deserve and need. Sometimes this boost is uncomfortable and opens up new realities, but in order to change you have to acknowledge that the universe has your back and you can handle anything that comes your way.

You like to hold things to know they are real. You live by the idea that actions speak louder than words. But this month, in order to get to the heart of the matter, you will need to talk. You will need to talk about the complexity, the vulnerability, and the enormity of your feelings. Sometimes, it’s challenging to let our ideas out, to allow others to know what we think (especially in complicated situations), but this is the time to raise your voice. The solar eclipse at the end of this month demands that you stake your claim in your home space. This could be something as simple as changing the space you live in, or as big as buying your own private island. All of your biggest transformations this month start at home: consider it your most important launch pad.

The two eclipses happening this month really promote the basic parts of being a Gemini. Eclipse energy lasts months. First, consider disruption. On the 7th the lunar eclipse is happening in Aquarius, setting the stage for a big emotional change. An intentional shift in perspective, narrative, or direction is necessary for profound emotional change; but in any of these directions, you cannot fail. On the 21st, the solar eclipse is happening in your Gemini house, which will reinforce a lot of what you know about your identity, and bring movement around what you need to change in how you are viewed by the world around you. Especially toward the end of the month, you should be feeling some things get in motion. Do not worry too much about outcomes. Worry about beginnings.

To free yourself, you need to believe in yourself. This month, the world is a little more in love with you than usual, so it’s a good time to connect internally to what makes you a worthwhile person. You are ruled by the moon, and this month there is a lunar eclipse on the 7th which brings an even more profound emotional experience. Start telling yourself about your strengths. Start asking people where they see you shine. Listen and absorb other people’s love. When Saturn goes direct on the 26th, a lot can change in your daily life, and having your heart aligned with all the positive vibes coming for you can be very informative to the moves you make.

There are people whose daily mission is to scream about their views on city street corners. As people argue with them, try to yell over them, or throw stuff at them, they only grow bigger and bolder. While a lot of these messages are background noise in a city, there is a certain special thing happening here: believing in something so much that you will stand for it daily, that you will show up for it even when other people don’t or can’t care—because if you don’t shine, who will? Leo, this year, you are the sun. Where you bring light, people will follow. Are you proud of what you are doing? Have you been putting off your shine? This month demands self-recognition and personal beliefs that you will show up for every day.


Virgo, this is an interesting month for you. Mercury retrograde happens several times every year, but this month it’s in your sign. This will slow down a lot of processes which, as you know, is not necessarily always comfortable. But in order to get real work done, sometimes you have to take the long route. This month we also have eclipses in especially personal spaces of your chart, creating a lot of change in how you see your daily life, as well as a spark of acknowledgment in your deepest emotional self. This is a good time to dissect what informs your big life choices, on a deeply personal and almost psychic level. Pay close attention to who is showing up in your life now. There are many lessons to be learned this month.

Our identity goes through phases. You see yourself through the people who raise you, through your friends, your siblings, school, work, the people you fall in love with. This month is a good time to call your circle of people, engage your community, and be with the people who you love and who love you. This energy will bring clarity in choices. This is especially true in unlocking ideas about love, and about how you learn. On the 7th, there is a lunar eclipse in your house of creativity. Expressing some of these ideas or movements in something you make can be a very rewarding process with very rewarding outcomes. Make time to make something.

A Scorpio once stopped the world and told me to listen to them about how every single action you take is self-centered, that even when you do something nice for someone else it is to make yourself feel good. This month’s eclipse happens in a sign that is self-motivated, in a house that is for the benefit of the world at large. Scorpio, what do you want to do for this big old world that will ultimately make you know you lived your best life? There is beauty in all kinds of work and relationships, and getting connected to the right people for exactly the work you want to do will be a lot easier this month. Do not undersell yourself; they need you more than you need them.

Sometimes, in the midst of declaring yourself in places and spaces, it’s very important to consider other people. It’s widely known that you do exactly what you want, but in allowing yourself that freedom, do you ever take away from another person’s? This month, as Saturn goes direct in your sign, you may feel that the world around you is looking at you to make an example. The eclipse in Leo on the 21st will be a lesson in cementing your best attributes. Make sure you are focused on things you want to last a while. With Mercury retrograde this month, that spotlight might also be particularly emotionally motivated, with people asking you to share your messages of deep personal feelings.

How do you emotionally connect with money? This year there have been a lot of emotional lessons concerning what money means to you, how it moves you, and what you want to do to get and keep it. For some Capricorns, this can be a time where we see how much of an emotional impact the work we are doing has on our daily lives. For others, there can be renewed energy in making sure that there is an emotional outlet in your work. Of course, both are positive exercises, and especially important to think about this month. With Venus in your house of relationships until the 26th, you may feel more in love than usual. Spend time with people you want to be in love with. If you are not feeling the love, find it.

Some of the smallest moments in the Aquarius life can define years of obsession and interest. Emotionally, you connect with moments. You want to be sparked and create whole worlds from special seconds. On the 7th of this month, there is a lunar eclipse in your sign, which will create a lot of opportunity to connect to your feelings and transform the way you emotionally connect to the world around you. It is important in this time to search for new paths, new relationships, and make peace in places you are feeling unsettled in. Mercury retrograde in your chart is creating some sneaky vibes: be careful to be honest and involved with people you trust this month.

There are periods of time in your life where you can feel buried. One big thing (or many small things) will happen, and you hold on to these things, examine them in your heart, dissect them with your brain. There is always something fulfilling that will come from even the hardest things, Pisces. There is a point in your experiences where you lose track of everything that has happened. When you are being buried, what is one more shovelful of dirt? With the eclipses happening this month, you are meant to break out. You are meant to see the ways you are being held back and more importantly, how you are holding yourself back. Pay specific and special attention to the experiences you have on the 9th, 10th, and 11th.

illustrations by Kallie