Imagine eight flaming wands flying through the night sky: visualize two or three of these wands lodging themselves into healthy, dark soil covering a hillside where they mark a path with flame. The other wands fall noiselessly into the sea, extinguished. The Eight of Wands represents all the actions you have launched into the larger world. Some of those actions will land with stunning accuracy, while others will miss their mark. We will have the opportunity to notice when we propel powerful intentions into reality without real care or worse, from petty sensibilities and lax convictions. If personal evaluation is required (and it probably is) you will know it.

The Charioteer works in her chosen medium: the open road. She never holds the wheel because, she says, It just doesn’t work that way, as her Chariot surges across terrain made of a million and one moving parts striking a million and one moving parts and so on and so on. The Charioteer is creating worlds in real-time, relying on her capacity for mental and emotional lucidity. She is a moving force-field, magnetic and evolving. She is a spirit that passes through your existence and you feel it—you really feel it. The Charioteer will be looking for our signs up ahead, our flaming wands burning on the hillside, lighting the way to a horizon buried from the sight of travelers. We are her compass and her support; we are the road she travels; we are who she came looking to find and because of this we are fortunate for an invitation to visit the King of Wands themself.

The King of Wands is responsible for tending the eternal fires of human passion and for singing a constant song of devotion to Inspiration herself. This King is in perpetual service to our most creative drives and our greatest potential. We arrive at this King’s lair to light our own wands and to receive a special gift. The King wants to impart within us a sense of self-possession and ask that we make a lucid study of the tools we have and the networks we inhabit. In these long days of summer our shadows are clearly defined and the words we speak and hear deliver a depth of meaning we may have missed before. This King offers us the strength to hold our justified confidence as long as we willingly discard our misguided beliefs on what we call our nature. The King of Wands asks, who will you be when your integrity is most required? Our wands are lit now, one and all burning bright and we reclaim that for which we came. May fire and song feed us like food.

illustration by Karla Rosas