The Queen of Swords is known for her sharp mind and her dedication to filling it with philosophy, science, political theory, and the art of compassion. Some may consider her set in her ways but she is currently reconsidering many of her positions and assumptions. She will tell us, if one does not reevaluate their ideas, the mind goes into a kind of death. The effort we put into interrogating our own convictions and actions will pay off for us exponentially. The two qualities we most require at this time are bravery and commitment. Our Queen of Swords has called for two of her most trusted Knights to assist us now in our time of deep growth and wild uncertainty.

Firstly, the Queen sends her very own Knight of Swords to teach us to build and restore our resilience for the coming months. The Knight of Swords is capable of confronting big conflict with formidable opponents over time. She was taught all that she now knows in the midst of chaotic action and it was her ability to take coaching from mentors, whether she knew their pedigree or not, that elevated her in the esteem and trust of her elders, peers, and now her own students. She will tell you, there is little difference between an act of heroism and one of reckless disregard. To be brave, one must first know what danger one intends to face. There is no valor in impulsiveness. The courage of your convictions is greater than any one action; in fact, commitment is the greatest act of bravery as yet known.

We will also benefit from the guidance and backup of the Knight of Pentacles. This Knight will always stick to the original plan and pace herself to stay strong for the long haul. She struggles for what she believes in deeply, and for that reason she is able to adjust herself, to find true north every morning and set her schedule accordingly. If you opt for spectacle over substance she will refuse your companionship in favor of her own company. The fact is, great clashing and clamouring will continue and this Knight will not abide those mired in self-interest and ignorance. The Knight of Pentacles will assist us in our much-needed perseverance and laud us for every single step we take in the direction we intend to go, because every step is equally as important as the last. May we stay steady and strategize.

illustration by Karla Rosas

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