A black and white illustration of 3 tarot cards sitting side by side. The left card depicts 3 light-skinned hands with crystal balls above them, a pentacle in each. The arms are wavy and surrounded by leaves. The bottom reads “Three of Pentacles.” The middle card depicts 5 candles all intersecting. There is a flame above each, and within each flame is a closed eyelid. There are black lines surrounding the candles. The bottom reads “Five of Wands.” The right card depicts a light-skinned person sitting on a wrecking ball, holding a sword, and smiling. Their hair is long and in a ponytail, and they have the Libra symbol tattooed on their arm. They’re wearing fishnets and high heels. The bottom reads “Justice.” Illustration by Karla Rosas.


There are few satisfactions as gratifying as recognition from our contemporaries. The Three of Pentacles represents a moment when our work is complete and ready to be seen by those who might appreciate what we have accomplished. We have grown over this last year in our work in the world and as distinct individuals. The effort we have put into our emotional lives has shown in our actions and choices and others definitely do notice. We might realize we are capable of doing what we never thought we could. Whether this is the case in our career or artistic pursuits or community organizing or even in a romance, we have expanded our ability to communicate and our capacity for objectivity. Two steps forward and one step back can feel deeply frustrating, especially when that dance is part of every stride we make, but it is progress. A better version of ourselves has become available and we are advised to step all the way into it even though it still feels so new.

We will be asked, of course, to use our heightened abilities right away. The Five of Wands will hand us some challenges, even push back at us in ways that feel familiar. We have new insights, however, and we will meet old conflicts or recurring problems with fresh strategies. Conflict is often creative; in fact, conflict is often the basis of perspective. Differing viewpoints within friendship, family, and unified communities are what make us strong and dynamic as a group. It is our differences that foment the most satisfying interactions, processes, and completed projects. Without conflict, without differences, without certain compromises, all we have is one person running roughshod over the others. The upcoming tussle might feel annoying, but it is not dangerous and it actually leads somewhere of value. It leads to an outcome that may exceed our expectations and even plant a seed for what comes next.

Justice herself arrives to grant us her approval and to begin work she could not even entertain just one year ago. The institutions that have long claimed to support Justice are shifting beneath her seat at the bench. Though her wisdom tells her these changes are necessary and right, that knowledge does not make the transformation easier. Our dear Justice is deep in contemplation upon her internal moral compass. Her discomfort must also be ours, because our discontent is the vehicle that will move us into liberation. Justice asks us a simple but profound question, will you work for a liberated world even if you will never live in it? Justice is preparing herself for a long, uncomfortable road ahead, but she does so with resolve and gratitude. Conflict and uncertainty are guaranteed, but so are beautiful sunsets, small victories, and sweet rewards of loving others on their own terms. May we revere the humanity in those yet to walk upon this soil.


@emmmbrrr | illustration by Karla Rosas

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