The Ten of Pentacles asks us to consider our most basic foundations: home, health, finances, and personal relationships. When these four aspects of life are balanced, we achieve the title of this card: wealth. Our greatest power over the future is always found in the present moment and we are currently invited to evaluate our surroundings and actions to ensure the outcomes we want. Now is the time to make certain that what matters to you most is getting the best from you.

Fortunately, the Fool appears to remind us that innocence and ignorance are both capable of doing unintended damage. It is possible to work hard yet still manage to miss what is most important to the situation. Use the eyes of the Fool to see in a new way and to know that humility can be an effective way of saving face. What we intend may not come across in the action we take, but we are always responsible for our actions.

It is good fortune that the wisdom of the Five of Wands surfaces to guide us because we need some creative conflict right now. If confrontation is difficult for you, now is the optimal time to dig deep and find out why. Conflict does not need to be ugly. It is a natural means by which we may find the perspective that creates the best works of art, the most powerful movements, and the most exciting relationships. May your jousting bring to life something greater than the sum of its parts.

Michelle Embree | illustration by Karla Rosas