Justice §  Temperance § Seven of Pentacles

Justice opens her office hours to us this month, and it would be wise to take up some of her time with our questions. She offers us her empty scales to weigh out our own complaints and judgements. Look for where you justify behaviors—yours or those belonging to others—when what is really needed is change. Justice knows that siding with bullies is something groups of people, societies, and individuals tend to do. She has seen the same machinations again and again. She can philosophize on the subject for days, but for now suffice it to say that we are self-preserving animals above all else. Justice is ready to serve in settling our disputes. If this means being accountable to unintended harms, we will need to figure out how to do it right.  Justice very strenuously suggests that we get our metaphorical, and maybe literal, houses in order.

Fortunately, both Justice and Temperance are fully on our side as we expand ourselves. Temperance is an unwavering supporter of our dynamism. No other archetype is better able to appreciate how our lesser qualities can sometimes lend a great deal to the very best we are capable of delivering to the manifest world. Temperance is here to hold us up while we process some of the more difficult lessons Justice is teaching us. A visualization of Temperance physically offering her wingspan to balance your body would be useful to cultivate right now. Make an effort to treat everyone with individuated respect. This means being mindful of word choices and tone and timing according to the needs of the person with whom you are communicating. Learn to make proper apologies. There are five parts: Do you know what they are? Temperance is going to be around for a long while this time, listening to us make amends where needed and indulging our most expressive swoons when appropriate.

The Seven of Pentacles represents, in part, the outcome of the work we are doing with Justice and Temperance. We will see the results of both internal and social accomplishments fairly immediately. Inherent to the Seven of Pentacles, though, is the fact that there is more work to be done. In this case we are offered the opportunity to retool our organizing practices, reshape our approach to other people, or run an all-out rebranding of how we navigate everything. There is time to consider how best to integrate new understandings and shifting desires into what we do next. It is possible to be accountable to harm caused by misunderstandings to strengthen supportive bonds. What we unconsciously foment impacts how we build trust right now. If striving once felt as if it carried value on its own, it probably won’t feel like that for much longer. The Seven of Pentacles tells us to pace ourselves physically and mentally. May we be willing to make amends.

illustration by Gurleen Rai