Strength § Seven of Swords § Four of Swords

Strength is a trustworthy companion, thanks to her ability to demonstrate a quiet ferocity when necessary. This archetype is well aware of the dangers in confusing fear for respect, or choosing to exert force when support would render better results. We can only make people feel small and confused for so long before they rebel. This rebellion may be nothing more than simple back-biting or complaining, but it will degrade the quality of our own experience and likely ignite our desire for greater retaliatory efforts. While cycles of this nature can and often do go on for decades in both intimate and political relationships, they will not hold at this time. Contemplate what it means to be trustworthy. There is no standard answer to these questions; we need to know our own definitions and ask ourselves if we are living accordingly. All words can be used to tell lies and create distortions. If we are looking for the phrases that will be impossible to twist into meanings we do not intend, we will never find them. We need actions that create trust and consistently maintain that trust. Be wary of anyone who behaves as if they are insulted when their veracity is questioned.

We can expect to see deceptions both great and small exposed as we confront the dishonest side of the Seven of Swords this month. It is never easy to realize that a person or persons are willing to lose us before they will alter their approach to or treatment of us, but it might be time to do just that. We might recognize our own false fronts whether we intend to create them or not. It is possible to deceive without setting out to do so. It is possible to tell one single lie that leads to another and another until it spirals out of control. Lies can be told out of fear or insecurity, though they are just as likely to be told in order to achieve positions of power or control. Very insidious misdirections are deeply embedded in the core of our culture, so much so that admiration for proficient liars is not uncommon. This current time is ripe for reforming family and community structures and expectations, and we are all on that long road together.

There is relative peace to be found in the Four of Swords. Some of us will be vindicated while others among us will gain balance by way of simple acceptance. We are encouraged to call a truce with our own feelings. Whether we are angry or guilty or jealous or regretful, it is in our best interest to name it and sit with it for a bit. We are not required to accept apologies or make space for the redemption arc of another. By the same truth, no one is required to take our sorry as meaningful or to open a path for us to regain our standing. These gifts are owed to no one. Strength herself will sit with us within the Four of Swords while we come to terms with it all. And should she whisper, “Just keep still for now,” we should mind her advice and allow for another daybreak to illuminate a workable path, if not a thoroughly inspired new plan.

May we know a fierce and tender trust for the person we have become.

illustration by Gurleen Rai

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