Three of Cups § Ten of Pentacles § The Tower

The coming weeks are best spent in reverence for what is most important to us. The Three of Cups invites us to forgo complicated plans or activities to favor easy and informal connections and acts of celebration. What matters is our full and capable presence. When we treat every person and situation as something unique and mostly unknown to us, we open the opportunity to become actively curious. We don’t need to ask too many questions to allow our skills in observation to keep us present in the moment. Make the choice to notice a friend’s gestures.  Should a profound moment slip between us and another, we are encouraged to be wise and treat it with genuine respect. Fake sentiments and even subtle aggressions are going to get you nowhere right now. If we ask questions to dominate or confuse, or if we have a tendency to put people on a pedestal, we will be shown how this diminishes and controls those to whom this inflated status is conferred. If you have been on the pedestal yourself, now is the time to divest of the burden.

The Ten of Pentacles makes a strong foundation, but what is built there comes into question this month. We will not avoid a clash with tradition or a policy that simply needs to change. This is not a personal matter but rather part of the necessary struggle to transform outdated cultural narratives. Take care when it comes to determining what needs to happen and how to go about making it happen. This is not a time to trust our improvisational skills or to underestimate our potential influence. To shift a tradition or a bylaw into a modern framework within a family or community, we will need just the right touch. Be advised that even casual manipulations will do harm to your negotiations at this time. The best approach is less convincing, more empathizing.  This year is full of sharp lessons for those who benefit from false appearances or use the work of others as stepping stones. It’s all about reputation rather than clout right now and this will be the case for a long time to come. We might even have the fortune to see someone get a well-deserved nod for their work or insights. It could even be you who winds up feeling appreciated. Celebrate that which deserves the accolades it receives no matter who is accepting the honor, because this is part of demanding a functional and dynamic society for all.

The Tower is definitely coming down, and when the facades fall, we see what really lurks inside. Even if this is only a view of our true feelings or the clear recognition of a change in desire, revelations are coming. There are two issues that make the appearance of The Tower unsettling. The first being that most of us are still getting our feet under us from the end of last year and more recent losses too. The second fact about this Tower is that it could present us with a highly uncomfortable choice between one necessity and another, or it may appear so at first. We have time to decide if this is true or not and how to handle it. In fact, we will see this Tower beginning to sag and crack from miles away. This destruction could even be the result of something you started for good reason. We are more ready for this than we think unless we are known to cast illusions about ourselves, in which case we will find ourselves exposed instead. 

The con artists will find March pretty uncomfortable as they are asked to answer straight-forward questions, provide receipts, and otherwise account for how they have acquired their income, position, and ideas in general. If you have been hoping to watch a special someone receive that proper comeuppance, you might just get your wish. May this season’s reckonings bring you the utmost satisfaction.

illustration by Gurleen Rai


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