The Moon sympathizes with our discomfort when we attempt to solve the riddle that will satiate the contradictory demands of our wild wants and domestic desires. There is no permanent resolution to the way these aspects of self pull away from and also toward one another. The Moon challenges our basic need for control and encourages us to develop a personal narrative large enough to carry an understanding for the basic paradox of living. Self-reflection will be especially revealing at this time.

Fortunately, the Eight of Pentacles offers us a general sense of satisfaction for the emotional processing we undertake at this time. What we recognize about ourselves will take immediate form in material reality, and the changes will please us. Our work is cut out for us—this is true—but we are poised to gain both greater inner freedom and higher external status. There is both a peace to be had and a new sense of direction to uncover.

Our Chariot arrives and its purpose is to move, move, move us now. Clean breaks, radical acceptance, and relief from regrets are not only possible, but outside of our control in some ways. If we stay focused and allow the Moon to show us where we are stuck or where our vision is obstructed, we are capable of immense personal shift in a short period of time. The results will be a renewed interest in the sheer thrill of living. May your insights be galvanizing and your eyes seeking ever forward.

illustration by Karla Rosas