Devil § Hanged Man (reversed) § Empress

The Devil welcomes us into our July and he is just what we need, because not only can he take the heat but he also happens to be feeling at his best right now. When The Devil relaxes, he is the most charming and seductive of all the figures in the Tarot deck. Honestly, let him make you feel good this summer. What he has to say is both easy to hear and a potential catalyst for long-desired change. There is no character in all the stories through all the lands more certain of who he truly is than The Devil. Look for him as the weeks go by. He might show up as the clerk in a store who renders amusing yet poignant stories to you. Or maybe he comes through as someone who offers a compliment on something unique they admire about you. You will know it’s him when you are given a sense of relief about a mistake you once made, or an embarrassing moment you long to forget. The Devil wants to give us a chance to feel a little freer. It’s up to us to accept, of course.

The Hanged Man card is in the reversed position for this draw, which means he is ready to get on with what comes next. Whether The Hanged Man put himself in the tree in order to consider his own thoughts or think through the words of another, he has integrated a lesson or healed a wound. When The Hanged Man disembarks from his position of repose, he does so with a fresh perspective. Some among us will be walking away from old ties with the confidence to know we will not recreate that situation again because the pattern has been broken. We have overcome a habit in our thoughts and are freed to explore better ideas. If you recognize that people who once seemed very important to please (or at least appease) are no longer relevant, that is you stepping out of The Hanged Man’s repose with a new set of choices to consider. If, in your reflective state, you recognized your culpability in a situation of harm or misdirection, you will require guidance on how to proceed with making necessary compensations. Seriously, get advice before you act on your remorse.

The Empress is a purely creative force. She nurtures seed into vine and fruit; she builds structures for shelter that will stand for the rest of time. The Empress often exceeds expectation though this is never her goal. She is intimate with the process of creation itself, she conspires with it to make something of worth, and she accomplished this again and again. We should see ourselves as this archetype this month. What do you most want to foment? Creation is not reserved for strictly artistic pursuits. Our creativity can add depth to our most important relationships or patch up troubled feelings between friends. Whether we are creating to meet a need or to fulfill a desire for beauty, taking up the posture and priorities of The Empress is the key to what lay ahead in the next season. If you notice that you tend to block solving certain problems, The Empress will assist you in taking action even if you never understand your own hang up because, according to her, you don’t always have to know what makes you strange and wonderful. May your visions be both illuminating and actionable. 

reading by Michelle Embree | michelleembree.com
illustration by Gurleen Rai | zimteemo.com


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