The Hierophant § Page of Cups § Knight of Pentacles

The Hierophant is an archivist and a keeper of special knowledge. He is said to hold the keys to secrets both esoteric and theological, but his general record keeping will prove to be of greatest use to us right now. Collectively we suffer not only a crisis of true and useful information but a crisis in perceiving reality itself. The Hierophant has advice for us that comes from traditions thousands of years older than any of the religions observed today. He advises us to go to the source. Be it social gossip or the tedium of land deeds and marriage certificates, find the details out for yourself. Use the Hierophant’s confident patience to request documentation and not only wait to get it, but verify it. This is an ideal character to assist us in getting our bookkeeping in order. Renew your passport, secure your name changes and licenses. Make an agreement with a friend to do these chores together if you want, but don’t be so sure they will feel as painful as they have in the past.

The Page of Cups is the sweet spot in our reading. The Pages are students who are as deeply engaged with the process of learning as they are with the subjects they pursue. The Page of Cups will find us; she is talkative, a little ahead of herself perhaps, but full of fresh perspective. She is just what we need while we attend to the overall advice of this month’s reading, which is to focus on some of life’s more tedious details. The Page of Cups will either remind us why we committed to the path we chose, or assist us to focus on something both worthwhile and doable. Honestly, this page will likely visit as a younger version of ourselves to offer valuable gifts such as renewed purpose, or the opportunity to exercise patience. If we attach our future to our sense of excitement, we will lose our way every time our mood changes. Conversely, if all we do is mind our steps, we forget what the point to all those steps is really about.

The Knight of Pentacles moves step by step toward desired or necessary goals. A defining feature of this Knight is their ability to resist temptations when the long strategy calls for it. The Knight of Pentacles is a good role model for us right now. If we emulate the best traits of this Knight for a period of time, we will benefit in both our present and our future. Think carefully about the time you really have in a given week. Include travel time and finding a parking place and possibly taking a wrong turn or attending some minor, unexpected thing. Paying attention to how we assess duration will assist us in having a sense of control over our days, which soothes anxiety. It can be easy to collect projects and jumpstart inspirations, and sometimes that is even a fun and great way to enjoy life—but not right now. Keep your progress on a scale that allows for a properly-paced growth process, because you will succeed if you don’t overplay your hand. May your pleasure fall in love with your best judgment.

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