Seven of Cups § Judgement § Nine of Pentacles

October will feel truly electric and we are advised to work with it rather than against it. The Seven of Cups can feel like juggling too many vague ideas or problems, but it can also allow for us to consider options that were once out of the question. Many among us will feel less organized in general and likely less certain of our direction than we thought we would by this season. Only a light mood and an easy touch will work right now. Focus on what feels upbeat and worthwhile. Use the general excitement the coming weeks will offer and the unexpected to keep your inspiration well tended. How you handle your own mistakes right now might be what determines something meaningful in your future. No matter what happens, keep focused on creating experiences you will want to remember. This can be cozy time with pets or more elaborate scenarios—the point is to actively seek memories you will value in the future.

Our acceptance of what is and our ability to keep our energy moving forward is what will attract the attention of the Judgement card, and that is exactly what we want. While this card always offers us a subtle and mysterious support from the general aethers or a fresh internal voice, this month we are likely to encounter an external embodiment of Judgement too. Look for someone who notices your resilience in the face of a setback or your resourcefulness during a minor crisis; they have something for you. It could be a piece of advice or the sharing of a trade secret that you simply were not ready to put to proper use until now. Their gift could just as easily be of material value to you in the form of an opportunity. While we must always be wary of what is too good to be true, we can trust our ability to assess what will be most valuable for us and to size up those with whom we intend to make agreements.

The Nine of Pentacles represents a person who has succeeded in building something of value: a reputation, a business, or a community. The Nine of Pentacles is, above all things, their own person who sets their own system for what is worthy of their time and attention. This is the character who reflects our highest potential for this month, and we are lucky to have them as a role model right now. The Nine of Pentacles’ advice is simple though not always easy to follow and probably something you have heard before: Stick with it. If you do not have the acumen you desire, teach yourself with greater focus. Gain the knowledge, find the expert, acquire the necessary tools. This is not magic, but it could be since even spells require preparation and purpose. If one of your flaws is an inability to estimate how much time it takes to accomplish a task, fix this. You are losing more than hours and that’s already too much to lose. Either hubris or a failure to gauge our own skill level accurately could prevent us from hearing the offer that will pay off with the best prize. May we find humor in what gives us a little grit.


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