King of Wands § Ace of Swords § Knight of Cups

The King of Wands is known for two seemingly disparate qualities. On the one hand, he is delighted by socializing and engaging with the talents of others. On the other hand, he can also be quick-tempered and unreasonable. He appears in this reading to offer an example of how the very worst in us is related to our best. The King of Wands invests himself in the skills, proclivities, and life stories of the people he meets and offers them authenticity and good faith. His temper will flare, however, when he is rebuffed or depleted by others. His ability to hone in on what makes others feel inspired and happy to be alive is a two-way street that can make him vulnerable to easily hurt pride. He encourages us to notice a similar dynamic in ourselves and make room for the contradiction to optimize its function. This is not something to fix because nothing is wrong. It is something to notice, effectively utilize, and properly tend.

The Ace of Swords will assist us in the awareness we are asked to acquire, but clarity is never as clear as we would like—however, that doesn’t mean we are uncertain about what we are doing and how we are relating. This is the ideal time to notice the relationship between the best and worst in any person. Swords represent our mental states, our intellect, and messages from sources we might consider mystical. The key to using the support this card offers at this time is to recognize, firstly, that every choice comes with its own pros and cons. Some among us get stuck waiting to come across the road that promises no troubles will occur. Popular culture over the last couple of decades has even managed to subtly convince us that we each have some specific destiny that, once uncovered, will lead us on our fairly perfected adventure through life. This, of course, is simply untrue.

The Knight of Cups finds us at a time when her absolutely best side is engaged. Like any human, every Tarot character has their better and lesser qualities. The downside of the Knight of Cups is her tendency to fall in love with love rather than the object of her affection, and to dream ideals with such detail she forgets how reality works. But when she is at her height, she has a deep understanding of other people that translates into the kind of compassion that energizes everyone she encounters. When we talk about holding space for someone, it means that a person can express their fears and vulnerability and remain their strongest, sexiest self in our eyes. The Knight of Cups is the best at this because she really means it; she genuinely sees us for who we really are and thinks we are powerful and intriguing. We can change or manage so many habits within ourselves if we want to do so and are willing to see our contradictions, our hypocrisy even, without a need to lie to ourselves. May we speak up for humanity as it truly exists.

reading by Michelle Embree | michelleembree.com
illustration by Gurleen Rai | zimteemo.com

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