The World § The Sun § Six of Wands

The World card ushers us into the new year with the opportunity to explore how we have changed, as well as the ability to choose what and with whom we will engage. The World is an unleashed being. The ties that have bound us to a set of beliefs we once thought of as simply the way things are have been severed. If you have felt done in by malicious persons or bad luck or the course of fate, the weight of those feelings has been loosened, like anchors detached from the bow and allowed to sink. There is enormous freedom in simply acknowledging that you have changed your mind or learned something new about history or psychology or social relationships. The World card offers us a fresh start. If anyone tries to hold you to a belief you no longer maintain or a manner of being you no longer choose, consider carefully why this is so, and take action accordingly.

The Sun will give each of us plenty of light under which to make an accurate analysis of where—and who–we have been. You are likely to experience a number of small epiphanies this month in regards to people you know now or have known. You will see clearly where you have given bad intentions too much benefit of the doubt, and when you have made excuses for people who were hurting others. Behavior that has baffled you will become less frustrating as you come to understand more about how personal trauma and neurodivergence play out in your relationships. Those who do not remember well or overcommit or don’t seem to understand the game plan as easily as you think they should deserve more consideration and greater accommodation. What if we decide that these types of people have something special to offer because of their difference, not in spite of it? The Sun is here to illuminate how we perceive the actions and abilities of others. Compassion and empathy are patient, not because they harbor pity but because they don’t. When we see others clearly we choose to have them in our lives for who they are, or we choose to let them go for the same reason. It is never okay to keep a person we mistreat in our lives. Do better or move on.

The Six of Wands represents a victory that everyone can see. Whether or not you get accolades or competition from others depends on the nature of the triumph. This month, and perhaps this entire year, will likely bring us a bit of both. Our collective shift at this time is a movement out of our personal dogmas and into acceptance of new teachings and insights. To some in our lives we will be seen as having overcome our emotional limits, thereby creating new potential. There will be those, however, who try to frame our transformation as weakness. Don’t fall for it. Feed your desire to be seen in a certain way to the crows and let them carry all that off into the skies. Your strength right now is in your lack of need to be categorized as a hero or a guru or someone beyond reproach. May our trials forge our tools.

reading by Michelle Embree | michelleembree.com
illustration by Gurleen Rai | zimteemo.com

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