The Queen of Pentacles generally enjoys her alone time, but for months she has felt bored and anxious and stuck. This dissatisfaction occupied her thoughts and she became both impossible to please and unwilling to change. Weeks and weeks went by and nothing helped to shake the mood. Only a recent shift in her thoughts is changing her outlook. She wakes now from a turbulent but healing hibernation to indulge the social side of herself again.

The Two of Pentacles makes an excellent pairing with the Queen of Pentacles, who likes her change harmonious and organized. What comes next is already in motion, the wheels are turning, and the future approaches. Old desires have transformed, new collaborations have aligned, and boundaries are freshly established. The very experiences that instigated the Queen’s despondency also enabled a fresh ability to trust herself. The Two of Pentacles supports investment in new people and new directions.

The Six of Cups asks that we take time to think on the topic of friendship and the nature of trust. It is equally impossible to trust those who will not receive as it is to trust those who will not give. The Six of Cups is a simultaneous exchange of attention and respect; it is a clarity of personal intent and purpose. This is a beautiful and vulnerable season of social goodwill, new feelings, and strategic forgettings. May solidarity teach us humility and may we know this as joy.

illustration by Karla Rosas