The Chariot § High Priestess § The Moon

The Chariot does indeed await, and it is all yours. You are not along for the ride, not this time. You are the Charioteer, the navigator, a captain at the helm. You have everything you need to make solid plans, the adventure you want, or the time away that you really need. Some of us will have a visible upheaval under the spell of The Chariot’s energy, while others will experience a strong shift in their inner life. In either case, you are making choices at every turn and intersection from a position of stability based on what you hope to gain. Everything in its due time is a proper mantra, as long as you are not waiting for someone else to do for you what you must do for yourself.

We are gifted this month with a call from The High Priestess to say she will see us now—that is if we would like to get to the root of any serious matter. This meeting is optional, of course, but your choice will determine the mood of our final card this month, so keep that in mind. The High Priestess is a strong coach when it comes to our ability to process our feelings. What this means in everyday practice is a period of time spent just allowing a true feeling to emerge and be felt, especially if the first reaction is to try to feel something else instead as quickly as possible. The High Priestess, however, says: Let’s sit here for a bit and let the thoughts that come with the feelings reveal themselves. You can have both her company and her complete assurance that you can do this if you want to, if you need to right now. The High Priestess will always see you as your strongest and most admirable self, no matter how you appear during the time it takes for you to relinquish control over the past. The past no longer requires you, nor do you require it. The High Priestess always sees what more we can become, if we want.

The Moon rises along our path ahead, of course, and this time a clear crossroad appears. We will be offered a choice here as we pursue our immediate goals. If we answered the call of the Priestess we will have the option to move ahead with an organized plan and the help, perhaps, of other people. This path might include contracts or other forms of official support. The other path, which might still be best for you even if you did answer the call, is a bit more chaotic and dependent on luck and maybe even someone else picking up the responsibility for the overall project. What we can know for certain is that only those who sit with the Priestess will have a choice between the organized and the chaotic versions of the future. In either case, there is a strong current flowing in favor of you. May we all know that we are loved. 



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