Queen of Wands § King of Cups § Justice

The spring season is greeted by one of her most compatible friends, The Queen of Wands. This  is the most sensual and intuitive of all the Queens, who has plenty of ideas and energy. Give into her urgings. Let her be your confidence, your resilience, and your faith that you can overcome the obstacles you encounter. There are always obstacles, setbacks—Mercury going into retrograde—and there always will be. Life is an imperfect but worthwhile experience. The Queen of Wands keeps her eyes on the point on the horizon that guides the direction of her steps. What she knows with absolute clarity is that our goals can be as unruly as our nighttime dreams. Even if what we most want is fairly simple, it is unlikely to look the same in reality as it does in our expectations. What if getting the rest of the family to put the clean dishes away means changing the storage system rather than the people? Whether you are getting started on a project you hope will change your life, or you just want a little extra order, let The Queen of Wands bring your mood up around it. This is a plane of existence that includes toil, accident, and the unexpected—it is not punishment nor is it your fault. Look for what you can change in your own approach to making accomplishments that will incentivize others to want to partner with you.

The King of Cups is available to speak with us, if we make the effort to connect with him. This King will teach you how to hold your own feelings if you ask him and you stay respectful of his emotional space. Many among us will advance our happiness and our appeal as collaborators and partners by creating a consciousness around a specific emotional truth. It is possible for you to feel disappointed though no one let you down. It is possible to feel abandoned though nothing of the sort has happened. It is reflexive to always perceive our feelings as a direct reaction to input by other people and situations, but this is not always the case. Knowing the difference is the distinction between independence and what is often called codependency. The King of Cups says that if we learn nothing else in life than to refrain from making other people responsible for how we feel, it will be a life well spent.

We will know how well we balanced the needs and wisdom of the above cards, because Justice is going to show us the results using her scales. If the scales balance, we win her favor and she will shine a special light on us. When others see an image of Justice in you, their trust is easier to win and their willingness to advance you is heightened. We absorb so many thousands of messages reminding us to forgo all expectations of decency and fairness, we absolutely forget how to behave ourselves. We stop extending ourselves or trusting our ability to discern character or bounce back from the shock of finding out someone is not who we thought. Look for the best people and know that you will survive if someone turns out to be a little flaky. If our scales come up unbalanced, we will need to make an enormous effort for a less likely chance of success. But learn to balance desire and restraint this go-around and you’ll be ready for the next challenge. With greater respect for our own time, we choose fewer hours spent in melancholia. May we know the gifts of Justice.

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