Two of Pentacles § Two of Swords § Nine of Wands

Spring is the season of growth, the time of year when winter’s dreams take objective form. The Two of Pentacles represents movement in the material world. The change you likely expected or saw coming months ago is underway and will continue with or without you, though it is advised that you do stay active and conducive to creating the best outcomes. Work with reality right now on the terms it presents you. Take care of stressful details ahead of schedule, and allow for more time than you think you need for tasks and errands. If you tend to perceive negativity from others, look very closely. Is it you? Is it them? Is it the past? Is there an underlying competition in your social group that you are missing? Spend time asking questions like these and you will maintain a measure of control over how you are going to move ahead, and with whom, because personal situations are in flux, even as you read these words. The most crucial advice is this: Be fully responsible for your own input and avoid focusing on where others are to blame. We can go around and around about the shortcomings in others but this is only a means by which we obscure our own inability to be human without flaw. Notice where you can do better and the road will indeed rise to meet your steps.

The Two of Swords is the posture we need for ourselves this month, so don’t avoid it, strive for it. The Suit of Swords represents thought, which is the reason this suit is generally considered the suit of suffering. The Two of Swords is not comfortable like a warm bed, but it only hurts to the degree that we resist participating in the choices that must be made. As the aforementioned change takes form in your life, you will need to face whether or not you want to make real commitments. Now is the time to put agreements in writing because that is actually, exactly what friends, comrades, and colleagues do. How many projects and relationships fail because the parties involved have differing expectations? Whatever you face now as an individual person, your best results will come from being honest and actually processing your feelings. This means we acknowledge every feeling we are experiencing and just feel it without rejecting or diminishing it or doing anything besides engaging with the emotional phenomena. Feelings don’t always make logical sense, but if you don’t feel them honestly they will find an expression on their own terms instead of yours. For us this month, the Two of Swords represents our intellect moving in a smooth tandem with our true feelings—which is just basic peace with the days as they roll in and back out again.

The Nine of Wands is skilled in the art of distilling her worst experiences and her human faults into a variety of fine medicines that do, in fact, soothe the mind. She comes to walk by our side this month and her genuine curiosity about each of us is what will make all the difference in how well we integrate past experience with current opportunities and desires. The Nine of Wands wants us to find more than our own strength—she wants us to use our own contradictions, mistakes, and hypocrisies to form meaningful bonds with other people. If you meet the above challenge and you manage to process uncomfortable feelings and memories, you will attain a coveted station, honestly. Once you get beyond the need to disguise or ignore or ridicule the truth as it occurs in your own emotional world you become someone who knows everyone you meet. May your personal peace be your strongest foundation.

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