Wheel of Fortune § Ace of Swords § The World

The Wheel of Fortune is generally an overall omen of good luck, and while it appears as such this month, it comes with a bit of a twist. You will come across an opportunity—maybe it is a chance you have been working to unlock, though it could just as easily find you by way of happenstance. In either case, there will be a slight catch. Think of getting a prize you wanted from the crane game, but out with it comes a busted muffler and pests in your tomatoes. Life includes toil and its presence in our days is not to be equated with some kind of failure or lack. The Wheel of Fortune is chock full of windfalls and consequences, some so big we call them unthinkable, others nothing more than a stubbed toe or a sour cherry in your slice of pie. Fortuna has spun the wheel and an unexpected treat is seeking you. The more open you are to enjoying it, the more likely it is to find you. Fortuna has just one message to share: You could be as any of those you see before you. So, best of luck to you, everywhere you go.

The suit of swords represents our thoughts and the processes they take in our mental and intellectual life. The Ace of Swords is an offer of clarity across the range of what we entertain in our minds. We have a head full of cultural and consumerist junk floating around in the circuitry of our physical brain matter. If we tried to sort through it all in order to piece together our own chain of reasoning, we would be out of luck. In order to get through our days we automatically reject hundreds of symbols and messages every hour. We require this filter though much is missed and the chances for confusion and irritability are greatly increased. The Ace of Swords is given over to you from seemingly out of nowhere. With it you are better able to parse through all the thousands of bits and bytes of information to come to solid conclusions about what you will choose to do next. We always need to come to the intersection of knowledge, experience, and willingness in order to achieve clarity. For many of us, our surprises from the Wheel of Fortune will factor into a significant shift in our perspective.

The World card represents liberation in all its forms, including finding ourselves freed from former burdens in our point of view. Whether these were external or existed only in your mind, your ability to perceive new potentials is completely unrestrained. You are at liberty to make endless lists of silly wishes, to consider the positive aspects of a very bad idea, to be free in your own mind, and to extend the best that you come up with in a coherent way to the larger world. Be aware so that you do not speak too soon or share your thoughts with the wrong people, but otherwise, run wild with your imagination. When we take full responsibility to choose freely, our visions appear in a higher resolution that more easily attracts compatible collaborators. The key, when The World card opens a door for us, is a combination of humility and confidence that inspires trust. Our culture tells its young to be yourself without guidance. Becoming oneself is a lifelong process constantly derailed by narrow-minded societal requirements. Your worst enemies right now are grudges against yourself. May you choose your next adventure with thrilling anticipation.

reading by Michelle Embree | michelleembree.com
illustration by Gurleen Rai | zimteemo.com

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