Fortuna herself created the Wheel of Fortune and she wishes us the best every time we spin; but she does not control who meets what fate or when. Expect the best and don’t blame the fates for basic daily hassles. It rains when it rains, not because you specifically took the bus that day. Be ready to show up for what you want when you get your chance at it. Meet the generous energy of this card with overall enthusiasm and a willingness to share the mood. Show respect for the strong relationship between luck and privilege, and you will unlock another level of insight into the workings of the human world.

The Ace of Wands represents the essential qualities of the element of fire. It offers the ideal energy to support us in carrying through with the opportunities that spring from the Wheel of Fortune. Once we have the resources we need, our inspired ideas will align with our organizational skills and our visions will emerge into our reality. It all falls into place this time. From starting a collective project to getting the shed cleaned out once and for all, it will be done. This inspiration is hot but also fleeting, so use it wisely.

It is a rare occasion when The Hermit has much to say, but today she stops us and we talk. She asks us about the wisdom we have gained in the handful of months behind us. She asks us to be specific about what we have learned and to define how we have grown. She asks that we think coherently on the subject of our own contradictions, that we allow ourselves to see our convictions and feelings as they shift upon those very sands. The Hermit asks for a deeper accountability that might just spare us from making old mistakes with our newfound fortunes. May we become greater than the history we have been.

illustration by Karla Rosas