Ten of Swords  § King of Cups  § Seven of Pentacles

The Ten of Swords is as painful as it looks. This card represents betrayal and it hurts. Maybe someone you trusted cheated or maybe you feel a community has overlooked, used, or scapegoated you. Maybe addiction or your own lies have caused a betrayal of the self. What is the message from the Ten of Swords? Stay down for the count. 

When you feel strong enough to look up, you will see the King of Cups has a gift for you. The cups represent the element of water and water takes the shape of the vessel that contains it. This artful king offers you a cup, a shape, to express your experience succinctly. Be humble and accept his cup because the Seven of Pentacles means there is work to be done.

Look back at your strategy, notice the red flags you missed, and analyze the ways in which you were careless or cavalier. Hold yourself accountable for what has not worked and give yourself credit for what has proved successful. There is no such thing as wasted effort in the examined life. So take your knocks and get on with your plans.

Michelle Embree | illustration by Karla Rosas