Happy Scorpio season! Scorpio is an often misunderstood sign, and its surface association with sex, death, and secrets can lead to the accusation that Scorpio is “too intense.” What to some may seem obsessive or overly controlling can also be read at a higher vibration as being determined and self-reliant. Scorpio understands the gravity of life and death, of creation and destruction. As the sun and Mercury transit this moody, brilliant energy until the 21st, we are being invited to examine our closest relationships and our personal shadows in order to clear out the parts of us that might act venomously when we feel wounded or scared. When we do this we can embrace the positive aspects of this loyal and protective energy and experience deep love, affection, and sensuality. After what was QUITE the Mercury retrograde we are experiencing a great deal of forward planetary movement, indicating swift changes both internally and externally. The new moon in Scorpio on the 4th will ask us to take an honest look at our goals and foundations, release fear, and embrace both passion and compassion.


This month the sun, Mars, and Mercury will be transiting your 8th house. The 8th house is associated with Scorpionic concerns like commitment, fear, sexuality, and death. It is also associated with the subconscious mind, and the ways we can self-sabotage or lead with our head rather than our gut. As a ram, you are quite prone to leading with your head/horns, but this month you might feel less aggressive and more strategic. Your shared Mars rulership with Scorpio comes in handy here and represents a good opportunity to balance your masculine and feminine sides. Venus and Mars will form a sextile the 22nd through 26th, invigorating these lessons by presenting opportunities to balance and strengthen your most important relationships.


Your sister sign Scorpio has a great deal in common with you—most notably keeping your circle tight-knit, being a not-so-secret romantic, and having a strong desire for intimacy and trust. As the sun, Mars, and Mercury transit your 7th house this month, you are being asked to integrate the things you’ve learned about yourself in the last six months and apply these lessons to your social life and partnerships. The new moon in Scorpio is an excellent time to establish healthy boundaries, and the full moon in your sign on the 19th will reward your commitment to your own stability, if you have been kind and true to your word.


Though Scorpio and Gemini have little in common on the surface, there is often a strange affinity formed between the two, due to relational patterns of self-protection and an unmatched alertness to what goes on around them. As the sun, Mars, and your ruling planet Mercury all transit your 6th house, you are being asked to clean up your health and organization habits in order to feel more emotionally stable and able to give to others. On the 10th, Mars and Mercury will square Saturn, perhaps illuminating the ways you compromise your health and encouraging you to find positive ways to improve it.


This deep, watery Scorpio season might have you in your feels; and though Cancer is no stranger to strong feelings, the fixed nature of this season and the movement of Venus into your sister sign Capricorn on November 5th might have you feeling emotionally repressed or restricted. If these experiences do surface, it is an opportunity to learn how you want to release tension both within yourself and in relation to others. The sun, Mars, and Mercury will be transiting your 5th house of romance, creativity, and passion—find new ways to connect your creativity and emotional wellness.


While the sun, Mars, and Mercury transit your 4th house of home, safety, and security you might be feeling less boisterous as the watery depths of Scorpio season seep into your subconscious. Both Scorpio and Leo are fixed in nature, and this might comfort you as so many other planets go direct and demand action. Fixed energy is willing to take the required time to make necessary changes, and you will benefit from strategizing and planning before acting on your goals. The new moon in Scorpio and the full moon in Taurus will both affect you stronger than others, so be wary of energy or people that don’t support your long-term goals for stability and happiness.


Congratulations on making it through Mercury retrograde! Last month your ruling planet likely wreaked some havoc, forcing you to rewire a lot of previously-held belief systems and behavioral patterns. But this month, as the sun, Mars, and Mercury transit your 3rd house, you can reach a new level of understanding about your communication patterns and the depths at which you are willing to share with others both emotionally and intellectually. Towards the end of the month both the sun and Mercury will enter fellow mutable sign Sagittarius, ushering in new philosophical clarity and also FUN!


This month the sun, Mars, and Mercury will be transiting your 2nd house, which on the surface is about achieving material security and finding time for rest and pleasure. On a deeper level, however, it’s an opportunity to rectify the unstable structures inside us. Perhaps as you start this new cycle around the sun you are being asked to specifically examine the partnerships in your life and their impact, positive or negative, on your sense of self. Your ruling planet Venus will be moving into Capricorn, doubling down on a need to be both practical and mindful of your heart before making commitments.


Happy You season, Scorpio! Thank you for your tenacity and dedication to authenticity. As you start a new cycle around the sun, Mars’ and Mercury’s transits through your 1st house highlight the connection between your willpower and communication needs. Your passionate nature may sometimes feel like a burden, but now is a time to embrace it as part of your power and be as honest as possible with yourself and others about your wants and needs—and the difference between the two. The new moon in your sign on November 4th will signal a change in the winds as you replace self-negating patterns with loving ones.


This month the sun, Mars, and Mercury will be transiting your 12th house and asking you to take stock of your experiences over the past year and the ways you have grown. 12th house transits are not the easiest, but they can be incredibly rewarding if you are attuned to your intuition and aware of ways you can be self-sabotaging. For Sagittarius this can often mean taking on too many things at once or prioritizing a purely action-oriented notion of freedom over the freedom that can come from slowing down and being still (if only for a moment). The sun and Mercury will enter your sign near the end of the month, bringing clarity and excitement.


Scorpio season might feel a bit strange for you, as the stillness of its water and correlated emotional depth is not exactly attuned to your “making moves in the real world every day” approach. The sun will be transiting your 11th house, highlighting the areas of life that are rewarding once you have achieved stability, both physically and emotionally. Now is a great time to invest in new friendships and work toward collective humanitarian goals. In addition, Venus movement into your sign on the 5th is here to remind you that even a certified badass is capable of stillness and softness.


This month the sun will be transiting your 10th house, associated with career, public image, and the ways we conceive of “success.” Though you may certainly be one to march to the beat of your own drum, hopefully you continue to find your individual strengths and how they can be of use to the collective. The new moon on the 4th and full moon on the 19th will be particularly influential on these capabilities in this arena. Your ruling planet Saturn as well as Jupiter continue to transit your 1st house (now direct), and you will likely be particularly cognizant of the excess in your life you are ready to trim in order to sprout new leaves.


Scorpio season will probably feel lighter for you than most. As the sun now transits your 9th house you might be feeling freer, having healed and let go of difficult patterns or relationships last month. Your fellow water sign Scorpio is here to ground you, and meditating or picking up new intellectual pursuits around the new moon on the 4th might lead to an overall deeper sense of peace and balance. The sun and Mercury will move into fellow mutable sign Sagittarius at the end of the month which, depending on your attitude, will either feel freeing or chaotic.

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