Happy Gemini season! This sign is often beloved (and feared) for its versatility, intelligence, and searing sense of humor. If you are the kind of person who takes themselves and life itself very seriously, Gemini season is here to shake up that perspective. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, will turn direct on June 3rd after spending almost a month retrograde. Retrogrades are opportunities to reflect before we begin cycles of external action. This dynamic, combined with the effects of last month’s lunar eclipse in Scorpio, might have a similar effect to coming up for air after diving to the bottom of the pool. Gemini—represented by the twins—can perhaps be thought of as two different manifestations of the same person: one who is at the bottom of the pool and one who is up on the surface. If you tend to be at the bottom, perhaps try communicating with the “you” at the top (and vice versa). The full moon in Gemini’s sister sign Sagittarius on the 14th will highlight the best of both worlds if you have done the work. Likewise, the summer solstice on the 21st represents a good opportunity to intentionally balance out your feminine and masculine sides.


Gemini energy is a natural friend of Aries: Both are playful, feisty, and magnetically drawn to opportunities for adventure. If you did the work to ground during Taurus season, this month is bound to feel particularly stimulating and inspiring. The sun will be transiting your 3rd house, putting fresh ideas and perspectives at the center of your awareness. Mars will continue to transit your 1st house for the entire month, marking a potent time to make use of these ideas and put your plans into action. The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 14th is a good time to work out any kinks and ask others for their input—even if it’s not the easiest thing for you to do.


This month your ruling planet Venus will continue to transit your 1st house, highlighting the core traits of your receptive feminine side and your related desires. How are these desires integrated into your sense of self, and in what ways can you strengthen your resolve when it comes to dealing with difficult things? You are already quite adept at standing your ground, so perhaps this month resolve instead to learn a few things from Gemini energy by letting go of certain desires. Venus will move into your sign on the 22nd, hopefully grounding you in your sensuality and encouraging reflection on all the different ways there are to grow.


Happy You season, Gemini! Geminis and their mercurial nature are often misunderstood—it takes a remarkable clarity of vision and depth of understanding to move between the abyss of the human psyche and the playful anarchy that comes with cheerful Gemini-brandTM nihilism. The sun will be transiting your 1st house this month, offering many opportunities to show up as your favorite version of yourself. The full moon on the 14th in your sister sign Sagittarius will be a particularly potent time to acknowledge and love the parts of you that inspire others to ask endless questions, and to embrace their multifaceted nature.


The sun will transit your watery, subconscious 12th house this month, and you might feel drained and unable to find clear channels for your energy. As the solstice approaches it will highlight any kinks in your current relationship with yourself and your emotions. Before embracing your cardinal nature and the start of summer with the kind of enthusiasm your big, beautiful heart deserves, work to embody the tides and let the natural push and pull of your emotional nature guide you. The sun’s movement into your sign and 1st house on the summer solstice (on the 21st) is an excellent opportunity to put these evolutions into practice.


Though Gemini season has the potential to be a breezy month for you, there are also a number of fiery astrological dynamics at play that can guide you towards the kind of success you are seeking. Mars and Jupiter will both continue their transit through fellow fire sign Aries, adding an extra dose of ambition and conviction. In addition, the sun’s transit through your 11th house and the full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 14th will offer ample opportunity to zero in on your values and how you can uphold them through your actions. You will benefit from embracing the lighthearted energy that Gemini season brings, but only if you are also able to dedicate energy to being a positive influence in your community.


Congratulations on surviving last month’s Mercury retrograde! As your ruling planet turns direct on the 3rd and then enters fellow mutable and Mercury-ruled Gemini on the 13th, you might find yourself finally able to focus and make headway in places you’ve felt socially, creatively, or intellectually stuck. The sun’s transit through your 10th house indicates a focus on your career and public reputation, and a desire to move mountains after feeling ungrounded for what might feel like many moons. Your shared mutable nature with Gemini is an asset this month as you assess what is necessary—and what needs to be eliminated—in order to grow in these arenas.


This month your transits seem heavily focused around themes of freedom: freedom of movement, freedom of emotion, and freedom of communication. Your fellow air sign Gemini’s energy might introduce a more free-flowing approach to your day-to-day life. The sun’s transit through your 9th house offers opportunities to put yourself and your values first, rather than attempting to balance them with everyone and everything around you. Similarly, the movement of Venus (your ruling planet) into Gemini on the 22nd will signal a swift change of pace, introducing new, inspiring relationships that have the potential to help you see things from many different viewpoints.


Your ruling planet (Pluto) will continue its retrograde transit this month as the sun transits your 8th house. The combination of these transits represents a major internal purge. Though things might seem to be going relatively smoothly in your external life, there is a great deal brewing under the surface and demanding your attention. This season is an exacting time to face your shadows, toxic patterns, and deep-seated fears in order to uproot and transmute them into powerful self-knowing and positive change. Pluto will continue to transit Mars-ruled Aries, and issues around anger and mistrust are bound to surface. By balancing out patterns where you might be over (or under) reactive you will be able to see conflicts more clearly, and move through them with grace.


The sun will transit your sister sign Gemini this month, moving through your 7th house. This house is associated with balanced partnerships, love, beauty, and creativity. Your freedom-loving energy might be particularly impulsive as both Mars and your ruling planet Jupiter continue to transit Aries, and this could lead to conflict in your partnerships and friendships if you are not showing up adequately for the people you love. The full moon in your sign on the 14th will highlight growth that you have achieved or need to achieve in this arena. Are there times that you over-intellectualize your influence on others? Perhaps try to spend more time listening and less time explaining.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house, asking you to look out for your health by releasing tension and choosing fun activities to bring your body and mind into alignment. Capricorns are notorious workaholics, and this transit is here to remind you that your body and mind need rest and healthy playtime in order to move your mountains. In addition, your ruling planet Saturn will retrograde starting on the 4th, asking us all to look inwards at our motivations and the things we let keep us stuck in negative cycles. The sun’s movement into your sister sign Cancer on the 21st will feel like either a relief or shock to the system, depending on how well you’ve been able to take care of yourself mentally, physically, and emotionally.


Gemini and Aquarius are both intellectual and introspective air signs, but where you are able to hold a vision and purpose in your mind’s eye, Gemini will try to hold 12 competing plans and ideas. This energy might make you feel a bit fuzzy this month, and this might be particularly annoying as the sun transits your 5th house of ego, credibility, and creativity. You can harness this energy in positive ways by embracing internal re-wirings that need to happen in order to see things both subjectively and objectively, leading to greater wisdom and understanding, internally and externally.


Though Gemini and Pisces are both mutable signs, their approach to this modality is quite different. Where Pisces is more accepting of a lack of understanding, preferring to give it up to the universe, Gemini is convinced that all things are knowable if you choose to seek them. Your transits this month are particularly watery despite Gemini being an air sign. The sun will be transiting your 4th house, highlighting issues and lessons about home, family, and nurturing yourself and others. In addition, the sun’s movement into fellow water sign Cancer on the 21st and the solstice itself might have you more aggressively in your feelings than usual—so do what you can to ground yourself before the waves come.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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