Happy Virgo season! This adaptable earth energy gives us a scathing but honest sense of humor, a clarity of vision, and a practicality and efficiency that is both admirable and formidable. This season presents opportunities to get our ducks in a row and to honor our mental and physical health. Virgos can be notoriously anxious and high strung, often as a result of a deep-rooted impulse to care for others, which teaches them to care for themselves. Venus will enter Virgo on the 4th, asking us how we can be receptive in our relationships in ways that meet or exceed our moral standards. The full moon in Pisces on the 10th will encourage us to be imaginative and impulsive in order to counter unhealthy attachments to control and practicality. Mercury will have retrograded the previous day, and will transit Libra until entering its ruling sign Virgo on the 23rd. This retrograde will feel particularly poignant in terms of internal and external balance. How do we embody grace and virtuosity without compromising our desires for novelty and play? The sun’s movement into Libra on the equinox on the 22nd will offer lessons in how to best integrate both our practical and imaginative sides, so that we can enjoy the pleasure of Libra season in ways that make us feel safe and whole.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house. This house is associated with Virgo, so you will be getting a double dose of lessons about personal responsibility to yourself and others. Virgo is a very service-oriented sign. You are characteristically self-possessed and self-focused in ways that can be inspiring, problematic, or both—depending on who is on the receiving end of your passion or your wrath. Aries’ energy is warrior-like, and a warrior’s inspiration is often derived from their personal belief in a cause. The new moon in your sister sign Libra on the 25th will remind you that no warrior stands alone, and that true inspiration is often driven by a desire to protect and provide for the people you love most.


Virgo season has the potential to be particularly fruitful for you. Your ruling planet Venus will enter fellow earth sign Virgo on the 4th, encouraging adaptability and receptivity in your romantic and creative pursuits. On the 16th Venus will square Mars in Gemini, and you might face a decision that pits your masculine and feminine sides against one another. Harmony can be achieved by acknowledging the wisdom of both sides and acting accordingly. The sun will enter Libra on the 22nd, and you could find this time period productive for focusing on your health and the beauty that can be achieved by working from the inside out.


Your ruling planet Mercury will be forming a number of interesting aspects this month, so it is sure to be a dynamic time. Mercury will square Jupiter on the 2nd, retrograde on the 9th, and then square Jupiter again on the 18th. This is a time to be very honest with yourself about what you want and how you want to grow. If you are able to be decisive (though not your strong suit) the universe will reward you for expanding your horizons and being both practical and optimistic. The sun will enter fellow air sign Libra on the 22nd and begin its transit through your 5th house, bringing a multitude of opportunities for pleasure, play, and creativity.


Libra and Cancer are both cardinal signs, and this shared dynamism has the potential to benefit your personal development this month. As the sun transits your 3rd house, you are being asked to look at your creative and intellectual interests and pursue them with levity, rather than the grandiose emotional investment your sign is known for. If nothing else, integrating a sense of detachment within your dedication to your values and goals could inspire new problem-solving tactics or ways of seeing yourself and the world. The full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on the 10th is a good time to drop psychic and emotional clutter that might be deterring your ability to move through the world with conviction.


This month the sun will transit your 2nd house, and you might feel like retreating from the world for a bit and enjoying peace and solitude. Even superstars have to rest! If you find retreat unfulfilling, this season and energy is also a beneficial time to look at your material stability and invest your energy in pursuits that help you to work smart instead of hard. The fall equinox on the 22nd marks when the sun spends equal time above and below the horizon, and thus invites us to consider both our conscious ego experience and our subconscious insecurities. Ask yourself: How can you best embody your potential and also patiently accept and implement the changes you want to make internally?


Happy You season, Virgo! We are blessed by your humility, high moral standards, and tenacity. Though some may think of Virgo energy as being timid or even cold, your ability to be discerning and to speak with intention is an asset we can all stand to learn from. As your ruling planet Mercury squares Jupiter on the 2nd, retrogrades on the 9th, and then squares Jupiter again on the 18th, you will find ample opportunities to expand your worldview. This can be a stressful experience as it demands you release programming and mental habits that no longer serve you. The full moon in your sister sign Pisces on the 10th will encourage you to balance these processes with a release of control and a radical acceptance of self.


Libras are not necessarily known for introspection—your highly social and creative nature often keeps you stimulated enough to grow at a rapid rate without too much sad boy shadow work taking up your energy. As the sun transits your 12th house this month, you are being asked to slow down and reflect on the past year. We can only meet others as deeply as we’ve met ourselves, and this month is a good time to explore how deeply you are willing to dive into your subconscious. If you take time to retreat from your social life and invest in self-knowing, the sun’s movement into your sign on the equinox on the 22nd will reward you with more honest and fulfilling relationships and experiences.


The sun will transit your 11th house this month, and you might feel inspired to synthesize the lessons you learned last month with your ideals and values in regards to your community and society. Scorpio energy can be very exacting in its analysis of what is right and what is wrong, which can be a blessing and a curse. Venus will square your traditional ruler Mars on the 16th, encouraging you to approach conflict in your life with both clarity and empathy. The full moon in fellow water sign Pisces on the 10th presents an opportunity to balance your self-protective nature with optimistic adaptability.


Your fellow mutable sign Virgo might not always be your cup of tea—where Virgo can be sweet, calculated, and reserved, you are spicy, impulsive, and assertive. As the sun transits your 10th house you will be looking at things through a semi-serious lens, and grounding in the lessons your earthy sister has to offer will help you gain traction in your career and public image. Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury will oppose your ruling planet Jupiter on the 2nd and 18th, encouraging you to embody your most authentic self as you navigate your priorities and ideals. The full moon in fellow mutable sign Pisces on the 10th will offer dynamic opportunities to evolve emotionally.


Capricorn and Virgo are both earth signs, and though their approach to life and relationships can be quite different, they are both very discerning about the energy they allow into their lives. If you have felt drained by certain responsibilities or relationships recently, the sun’s transit through your 9th house could encourage travel and other pursuits of freedom. Earth signs are the most duty-bound and responsible, and while these tendencies have virtue they can also become blocks to your spiritual development. The new moon in fellow cardinal sign Libra on the 25th will offer opportunities to eliminate things that weigh on your heart and invest in friendships that lift your vibration.


This month the sun will transit your 8th house. This transit is never easy because it asks us to examine our inner and outer resources and commitments. It is a time to be decisive about the things that plague you and the things that inspire you, and where and how you wish to invest your energy. The sun will enter fellow air sign Libra on the 22nd, and this energy could inspire you to take assertive action in your social and intellectual pursuits. Working through your ego attachments in order to gain new freedoms is the theme here, and you are more than capable of approaching this growth objectively and with love.


Virgo season is going to be a very dynamic time for you. As the sun transits your sister sign through your 7th house you might feel particularly focused on partnerships and creativity, and how you can show up in those pursuits honestly and authentically. Your ruling planet Jupiter will square Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury on the 2nd and 18th, and these dates might ask you to integrate your logical and intuitive sides and to embrace both clarity and obscurity. Regardless of the ups and downs this season might bring, it is a potent time for transformation and expansion. The full moon in your sign on the 10th is a good time to examine your virtues and intentions and how they relate to your self image.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze