Happy Libra season! This Venus-ruled sign teaches us about balance, respect, and the beauty that can be found when you are able to give and receive in equal measure. The aim of this season is to achieve harmony by pursuing pleasure and peace without compromising our values or sense of justice. After a month of six planets being retrograde we will observe Mercury, Pluto, and Saturn all turning direct this month on the 2nd, 8th, and 22nd, respectively. If last month you felt yourself turning inward and examining your relationships and role in society, now is a good time to put the lessons you’ve learned into practice. Are you speaking with authenticity or are you avoiding difficult conversations? Are you willing to face your shadows? Are you willing to do what it takes to integrate or overcome them? The full moon in Aries on the 9th will encourage personal accountability, perhaps asking us to release patterns of codependency or stagnancy caused by an inability to be decisive. Libra energy will examine an issue from all sides, and though this is admirable it can also block us from loving ourselves and prioritizing what our intuition tells us we need and deserve. Both the sun and Libra’s ruling planet Venus will enter Scorpio on the 23rd, asking us to integrate our lessons around personal integrity with our ability to trust and be truly vulnerable.


Your sister sign Libra is known for diplomacy, kindness, and sensuality. Much like the dichotomy between Venus and your ruling planet Mars, you tend to embody more masculine traits—authority, assertiveness, and raw power. As the sun transits your 7th house this month, you are being asked to embrace your more feminine attributes in ways that deepen your capacity to be vulnerable and connect with others. Are there relationship patterns you wish to release? Have you been selfish or overly giving? What is your motivation when you build connections with people? If you examine your answers to these questions and find ways to grow as a result, the full moon in your sign on the 9th will be a great time to celebrate love in all its forms.


Your ruling planet Venus will be aspecting multiple planets this month and it could be a particularly dynamic time to improve your health and serve your community. You might feel the strides you make in these arenas will help you to be mindfully responsive, rather than reactive. The sun and Venus will conjunct and enter Scorpio on the 23rd, bringing a vital dose of pleasure-seeking and shadow work to your life. In addition, the new moon in your sister sign Scorpio on the 25th could be quite illuminating for your core sense of self and how it manifests in your romantic and creative lives.


After an absolute doozy of a Mercury retrograde last month, this month you might finally feel restabilized and able to move forward with your goals with a deeper sense of commitment to your own happiness. Your ruling planet will turn direct on the 2nd and trine Pluto on the 6th, bringing in swift but profoundly necessary internal and external changes. Shortly after, Mercury will enter fellow air sign Libra on the 10th, encouraging you to spend time having fun with your friends and allowing yourself to relax. The sun will be transiting your 5th house, bringing a great number of opportunities to be creative, create joy, and show love.


This month the sun will transit your 4th house, strengthening your instinct to nurture others and yourself. The energy of fellow cardinal sign Libra asks you to look at how your sense of security can be improved by seeking balance in your relationships with friends and family. The full moon in fellow cardinal sign Aries might bring out your more aggressive side, so be mindful of your interpersonal choices, particularly in regards to your public image. The sun will enter fellow water sign Scorpio on the 23rd, encouraging deep excavations of the root causes of your feistier moments.


Leos are sometimes stereotyped as egotistical or self-centered; and though in your low moments these tendencies might become more apparent, your self-love and self-awareness are also great benefits to both you and those you love. The sun, your ruling celestial body, is often associated with masculinity and the ego. This month it will trine both Saturn and Mars on the 11th and the 17th respectively, bringing opportunities to show up in your most righteous masculine energy and balance your understanding of restriction with your capacity for force.


The sun will transit your 2nd house this month, indicating a time to honor your body, your time, and your energy. By approaching things with steadfast confidence and embracing the more methodical and tactical aspects of your Mercurial energy, you can advance towards stability and peace. If your anxiety was especially bad during last month’s Mercury retrograde, this month you are more likely to have the time and space to calm your nerves and focus on the basics. The last of three Mercury-Jupiter oppositions will occur on the 12th, wrapping up the cycle from last month and bringing resolution to the communication lessons you’ve been learning as of late.


Happy You season, Libra! Thank you for your fierce friendship, willingness to accept others as they are, and unequaled sense of justice. Your ruling planet Venus will oppose Jupiter on the 1st and trine Saturn on the 14th, and you might find yourself looking at your self-image from a higher vantage point. It is important to be accountable to your friends and family, but it is also important to navigate society with a strong sense of values that comes from within (rather than from the feedback of others). The full moon in your sister sign Aries on the 9th will remind you that ferocity can be just as useful as diplomacy, and Mercury’s movement into your sign on the 10th will encourage you to speak honestly from a place of self-love.


This month the sun will transit your 12th house, and you might feel particularly watery despite the generally fun and sparkly vibe of Libra season. If your intuition tells you to isolate and go within, follow that impulse. As your ruling planet Pluto turns direct on the 8th you might also feel driven to speak your truth to others in ways that transform one or both of you. This level of communication can be difficult, but it is also necessary in order to truly see and know yourself and your desires. If you have been both compassionate and steadfast to your own needs, the new moon in your sign on the 25th will act as an energetic release of draining emotional patterns and habits.


This month you might feel particularly capable of meeting your higher ideals. The sun will be transiting your 11th house, encouraging you to invest your energy in your friendships and to build community with those who share your values. Your ruling planet Jupiter will oppose Venus on the 1st and Mercury on the 12th, and you might be facing moral quandaries or communication barriers if you are not being authentic to your most expansive self. The full moon in fellow fire sign Aries on the 9th will further encourage your fiery nature to accept and love itself in all its forms.


Your fellow cardinal sign Libra’s energy might feel difficult for you to navigate this month, but the lessons you learn about adaptability and balance will pay off in the long term. As the sun transits your 10th house you are in a good position to solidify your worldly goals and embrace positions of power or leadership. These pursuits will be most fruitful if you are able to align your desire to love yourself with your ability to care for others. Your ruling planet Saturn will turn direct on the 22nd, enhancing your self-awareness and revealing the path of least resistance.


Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, and this month you are well positioned to feel in your element. As the sun transits your 9th house you might feel inclined to expand your horizons intellectually and physically. What you pursue in these arenas will affect the more serious, career-oriented energy you will encounter once the sun enters fellow fixed sign Scorpio on the 23rd. The new moon in Scorpio on the 25th will help you to solidify your practical expectations of, and emotional investment in, your goals.


The sun will transit your 8th house this month, and you might feel less than cheerful as you are energetically and situationally forced to confront your shadow side, the harm you have experienced, and the harm you have caused. Mars will square your ruling planet Neptune on the 12th, encouraging you to psychically clear feelings of anger or aggressive impulses caused by both personal and societal ills. Keep your head on straight, work through the pain in whatever ways feel safest, and show yourself the same kindness you wish to receive from others.