Happy Sagittarius season! This sign is known for being adventurous, intelligent, and for generally not giving a fuck. This in no way means that Sagittarian energy lacks depth—if anything it takes a great deal of understanding to give yourself the gift of personal freedom. This month provides opportunities to prioritize social interactions with others that do not threaten our sense of intellectual sovereignty. Neptune, ruler of mutable sign Pisces and the watery aspects of the collective subconscious, will make challenging aspects to Mercury, Venus, and the sun on the 1st, 4th, and 14th respectively. These transits are likely to trigger emotional reactions to our societal and political ills, and could also indicate a great time for unified action that utilizes our minds, our hearts, and our spirits in equal measure. Sagittarius is also associated with higher thought and humanitarian goals, and Mercury and Venus’ movement into Capricorn on the 6th and 9th will provide us with the necessary grounding to put collective care into practice. In addition, Sagittarius’ ruling planet Jupiter will move into fiery Aries on the 20th, encouraging us to embrace our inner warriors. This month is going to be very dynamic and fast moving—perhaps use the full moon in Gemini on the 8th to check in with your inner child and embrace the joy and play that comes with creating better futures.


This month the sun will transit your 9th house, and after what might have felt like a difficult but illuminating cycle last month you could be more prepared to fight for what you believe in. The full moon in Gemini on the 8th will conjunct your ruling planet Mars, indicating a particularly emotional and reactive time for you. If you feel unstable or ungrounded around this time it could be useful to focus on a particular study or get out of town and out of your head. Jupiter will enter your sign on the 20th, and if you have worked on knowing what you want, Jupiter’s influence could lead to rapid expansion in regards to your self-image and goals.


You might find this month that you are feeling a pull between having the audacity to do exactly what you want and the desire to isolate in the name of introspection and regeneration. Your ruling planet Venus will enter fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 7th, followed by the sun on the 21st. Both of these celestial objects are associated with the ego and how we operate in relationship to others, and Capricorn’s cardinal energy could motivate you to start necessary conversations, specifically around boundaries and expectations.


Your ruling planet Mercury will square Neptune on the 1st, which could indicate surprising communication or a new frame of mind. Soon after, Mercury will enter Capricorn, a sign associated with hard work and commitment. If you have a project or a specific goal in mind for the month you can harness this energy to move forward intelligently and efficiently. You and your sister sign Sagittarius share energy that is dynamic, adaptable, and freedom-loving. The full moon in your sign on the 8th is an excellent time to “play hard” so that when the time comes to “work hard” you can ground yourself in the pursuit of joy.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house, indicating that it is time to take stock of your health and resources. Your relationships with others might feel tested by Mercury’s movement into your sister sign Capricorn, which could have positive impacts on your ability to manage anxieties and insecurities as you learn how best to protect your sweet and powerful heart. The sun will move into Capricorn on the 21st, marking the winter solstice. It could be useful to use this day or time period to assess all the ways you’d like to grow in the next year, particularly in regards to your social life and career.


As a fire sign (and particularly as a Leo) you have an innate passion and formidable will that equally inform your decision-making and creativity. As the sun transits your 5th house through fellow fire sign Sagittarius you are likely feeling particularly free, and perhaps more adaptable than usual. This is a good time to pursue new hobbies, creative modalities, and to engage in relationships that feel free of expectation and provide the kind of stimulation that your big, loving, creative heart deserves. The winter solstice on the 21st is the day that the Northern Hemisphere receives the least amount of sunlight—perhaps use this day to shine extra bright for the people you love.


Sagittarius and Virgo are both mutable signs and share a dedication to higher ideals, adaptability in the face of challenges, and receptivity to change. This month you might feel feistier than usual, as Sagittarius’ fiery influence and your ruling planet Mercury’s movement into Capricorn push you to take action towards your goals. If you encounter roadblocks remember that your desire for control can be countered by focusing on other times you turned lemons into lemonade. The sun will enter fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 21st, illuminating your 5th house of creativity and romance.


The beginning of this month might have you feeling restricted or duty bound, as your ruling planet Venus will sextile Saturn on the 1st. This is generally a harmonious aspect, but any contact with Saturn indicates a need to be real with yourself and others about what you are capable of. The full moon in fellow air sign Gemini on the 8th may provide a brief opportunity for levity and play, but Venus’ movement into Capricorn on the 9th will again remind you that the realm of love and relationships comes with responsibilities and expectations. If you are mindful with both your heart and those of the ones you love, Jupiter’s movement into your sister sign Aries on the 20th will provide the necessary internal expansion to prioritize your own needs without harming others.


This month is relatively astrologically quiet for you, though you may still be feeling the effects of your traditional ruler Mars’ retrograde movement through your 8th house. The 8th house is associated with Scorpio and deals with similar themes of commitment, loyalty, and emotional depth. If you’ve been suppressing anger—at yourself, at loved ones, at the world—or trying to think your way out of it, perhaps make opportunities for meditation or journaling to ground yourself. The sun will be in opposition to Mars and transiting your 2nd house, further encouraging connecting with your body and your material reality to ease heartache and pain.


Happy You season, Sagittarius! Thank you for your undeniable wit and your ability to see things with clarity and wonder. As the sun transits your 1st house you are invited to take a fresh look at who you are and who you want to become. You are intrinsically multifaceted, and recognizing and honoring this can only serve you well. The full moon in your sister sign Gemini on the 8th will provide opportunities to let loose and connect with people that brighten your life, and your ruling planet Jupiter’s movement into fellow fire sign Aries on the 20th could light you up from the inside to do exactly what you want to do—and ask questions later.


This month the sun will transit your 12th house. These transits teach us about releasing control, accepting the unknowable aspects of our lives and of reality, and healing karmic wounds. This is never an easy task, particularly for a sign like Capricorn that prefers to keep both feet planted firmly on the ground. There is, however, a great deal of wisdom to be gained by releasing control and opening up emotionally and spiritually. Both Venus and Mercury will enter your sign near the beginning of the month, encouraging you to work towards connecting your mind and heart in the name of personal development and self-actualization.


Your traditional ruling planet Saturn will harmoniously aspect Venus on the 1st and the sun on the 12th. Saturn can be associated with public responsibility and the gravity that comes with humanitarian goals and ideals. The sun will be transiting your 11th house, increasing your focus on how you can best integrate your emotional and intellectual strengths to be of service to your community. The full moon in fellow air sign Gemini on the 8th could encourage you to integrate a less serious outlook in the name of maintaining your happiness in the face of things that are difficult to accept.


This month the sun will be transiting your 10th house of public image, career, and material stability. This transit might feel opposed to the spiritual examinations that will happen as a result of the Neptune transits. You could be feeling torn between going inward and putting yourself out there. By integrating your spiritual development with your earthly goals you can achieve new levels of understanding that can help you stabilize and thrive in the physical realm.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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