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Happy Capricorn season! Capricorn energy is versatile and dedicated. Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn and this season might ask us all to confront Saturnian themes such as respect, responsibility, and equity, while also touching on the more esoteric and emotional aspects of what it means to equally commit to oneself and to others. Capricorn energy is sometimes characterized as seeking wealth and power before all else. Though this desire for security can be both admirable and concerning, it is often a reflection of the light Capricorn energy can shed on what we truly need and what we prioritize as a result of those needs. The full moon in Capricorn’s sister sign Cancer on the 6th will invite us to examine past experiences that taught us how our own needs should (or shouldn’t) be centralized. Mercury will be retrograde until the 18th, encouraging further introspection around how we communicate our desires. The sun’s movement into air sign Aquarius on the 20th, followed by the new moon in Aquarius on the 21st, will signal a shift towards a collective approach to healing and growth, and Venus’ movement into Pisces on the 26th will help us to soften and receive that which matches all that we have to give.


Your ruling planet Mars will finally turn direct this month on the 12th. This might trigger an internal shift where you are ready to approach your goals full steam ahead. If the last few months had you feeling somewhat insecure or reserved, now is an excellent time to release patterns of self-doubt and embrace your most fiery and inspiring attributes. The sun will be transiting your 10th house of career and public image, which is also the house ruled by fellow cardinal sign Capricorn. If you have specific goals in this arena, harness Capricorn’s grounded approach and make the most of your time and energy.


Taurus and Capricorn are both earth signs, sharing qualities like reliability, self-sufficiency, and dedication. Your ruling planet Venus will enter fellow fixed sign Aquarius on the 2nd, encouraging a dynamic period in which you put your stubbornness to good use for others. You could also feel inspired to discern your more unique qualities and embrace your authentic self. The sun will follow Venus into Aquarius on the 20th, providing further opportunity to shed layers and knock down walls that no longer serve you.


This month the sun will transit your 8th house, and you might experience a multitude of emotional realizations that have eluded your consciousness since this time last year. Examining your shadows takes a great deal of courage, and Mars turning direct on the 12th as it transits your sign will invigorate the process. Your ruling planet Mercury will also turn direct this month on the 18th, facilitating clear communication, particularly in regards to your resources, commitments, and responsibilities.


Your sister sign Capricorn can teach you about resilience and inner strength. The sun’s movement through your 7th house may present you with multiple opportunities to show up for yourself, and thus build solid foundations for healthy partnerships and relationships. The full moon in your sign on the 6th is a great time to appreciate and demonstrate all the qualities that make you deeply caring, while also working towards the healthiest boundaries possible. It takes resilience to consistently show up for others, specifically when you are as sensitive as Cancers can be. Loving yourself and honoring your emotions is the priority this month.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house, an excellent time to take note of your resources and how you can be of service to others. Focusing on your health and personal development could also be central themes this month. Venus will enter your sister sign Aquarius on the 2nd, further inspiring community-oriented modes of embodying your most generous and playful self. The sun (your ruling celestial body) will conjunct Pluto on the 18th, and you might face sudden and difficult ego realizations as a result of the sun’s movement into Aquarius on the 20th. Turning to close relationships and authentic creative pursuits could be a grounding antidote.


This month promises to be quite a dynamic time for you. The sun will be transiting your 5th house, illuminating opportunities for play, romance, and creation. In addition, your ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde until the 18th, and you might find yourself in planning mode as you flesh out the things you’d like to achieve once it goes direct. It might be beneficial to isolate yourself enough that you are able to understand the base desires that fuel your creative goals. The sun’s transit through fellow earth sign Capricorn can help you move mountains if you are able to recognize what you want—and why you want it.


Your ruling planet Venus will enter fellow air sign Aquarius on the 2nd, activating a humanitarian approach to how you give and receive love. The sun’s transit through fellow cardinal sign Capricorn through your 4th house might inspire decisive action in your home and close family relationships. If you have wounds related to the feminine aspects of your personality, now is a good time to evaluate the costs of giving too much away. You are valuable with or without all that sharing, and setting boundaries can help you to see more clearly which relationships and creative pursuits are best for you.


The sun will transit your 3rd house this month and you might find yourself less in your feelings than usual as Capricorn’s influence asks you to take a grounded approach to what you think and how you communicate. Mars will be retrograde until the 12th—perhaps use these first couple weeks to strengthen your internal convictions in order to take action from a place of personal power. The sun will conjunct your ruling planet Pluto on the 18th, and you might experience a sudden upheaval in your self-image that could cause pain—but also serve you well in the long run.


Mars has been retrograde through your sister sign Gemini for the last few months and will finally turn direct on the 12th. If over the last few months you’ve been evaluating your relationships with others and doing your best to grow and heal from toxic patterns of aggression or avoidance, your creative capacity and dedication to self could pay off as this planet imbues you with a renewed sense of purpose and direction. The sun will be transiting your 2nd house until the 20th, indicating a time to focus on stability and pleasure.


Happy You season, Capricorn! Your sign is blessed by an intrinsic sense of dedication, a remarkable and well-protected depth of emotion, and an unparalleled capacity for leadership. The full moon in your sister sign Cancer on the 6th will bring forth experiences and concepts around receptivity and emotional clarity. If we are unable to acknowledge our capacity to receive from others it becomes much more difficult to be giving. As you start a new cycle around the sun, perhaps consider the ways that you are comfortable being self-sufficient and how you’d like to foster healthy interdependence.


Venus will be entering your sign on the 2nd and may cause you to feel romantic or creative. The sun will be transiting your 12th house as Venus transits your first, and you might experience a tension between the desire to go inward and isolate to reflect on the past year, and the desire to center your relationships with others. Giving both inclinations attention could keep you balanced if you move through the month mindfully. The sun will enter your sign on the 20th, followed by the new moon in your sign on the 21st, offering opportunities to align your ego and your emotions with relative ease.


The sun will transit your 11th house this month, and you might feel a bit less Piscean as Capricorn and Aquarius both ask you to embrace Saturnian aims like building solid foundations and staying true to your word. Pisces can be quite imaginative and dreamy but can often fall short when it comes to practical matters or making commitments. This month you will be tested as to whether you are resolved to learning to navigate the earthly plane and the friendships that matter to you most. The full moon in Cancer on the 6th might offer some watery reprieve to feel your feelings and let your intuition rule—by releasing repressed emotions you can move forward with more clarity.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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