Happy Aries Season! Aries energy is dynamic and aggressive, inspiring us to pursue our most immediate desires and prioritize our individual needs. Aries is the first sign of the cycle and thus can be characterized as immature. However, much in the way that children provide adults with wisdom, Aries energy can teach us about our core instincts. The full moon in Aries’ sister sign Libra on the 6th will temper these impulses with an awareness of the needs of others. Libra’s ruling sign will enter playful and adaptable Gemini a week later, imbuing this fiery season with a sense of creative freedom. On the 20th we will witness the second of two back-to-back new moons in Aries, a rare occurrence representing an opportunity to truly release our pasts and charge headfirst into the futures we wish to create. The sun will enter earthly and practical Taurus on the 20th, followed by Mercury starting its retrograde through the same sign. These shifts might have us facing a temporary but abrupt halt in energy as we are asked to ground in the physical realm and prioritize inner work.


Happy You season, Aries! This month is an ideal time to reimagine who you want to be, where you want to go, and how you want to get there. How did the last year shape you? What do you want to leave in your previous cycle, and what do you want to prioritize moving forward? Your ruling planet Mars will continue to transit fellow cardinal sign Cancer, and your emotions might be running particularly high. If you want to cry, cry! If you want to protect yourself, do it! It’s your life and as an Aries you are well equipped to fight any patterns or battles that do not serve you.


This month the sun will transit your 12th house until the 20th. This period of time might make you feel less steady than usual due to this house’s association with introspection and existential doubt. Fortunately, Mercury will enter your sign on the 3rd, heightening your ability to be both analytical and practical as you navigate the watery depths within. The sun will enter your sign on the 20th, and if you have accepted that there are some things that you simply cannot know, the universe might reward you with knowledge that provides the stability you seek.


Your ruling planet Mercury will enter earthy Taurus on the 3rd, and you might choose to spend this month focusing on material security and the best ways you can use your sharp wit to achieve your goals. The sun will be transiting your 11th house, indicating that a healthy measure of social and political awareness in these pursuits could catalyze quicker results. In addition, Venus will enter your sign on the 10th, strengthening your creative capacity and dedication to your own pleasure.


Aries’ ruling planet Mars will continue to transit your sign all month, and it could be wise to channel what might feel like an extended period of aggression with moments for softness. You may feel that the universe is making a lot of demands of you lately. Just because you are more than capable of meeting the occasion(s) doesn’t mean that you have to. The full moon in fellow cardinal softy Libra on the 6th will be a great time to intentionally create with people you love, and the new moon in Aries on the 20th will remind you of all the things you can achieve individually.


Aries and Leo are both fire signs, and so this season has the potential to feel easy for you to move through. Aries might be more reactive than you prefer, but as the sun transits your 9th house of travel and philosophical exploration it might serve you well to loosen unnecessary restrictions around your beliefs. Your ruling celestial body, the sun, will conjunct expansive Jupiter on the 11th, and this day and the days around it are a great time to allow new ideas to influence you as deeply as you will allow.


As the sun transits your 8th house this month you might feel inclined to isolate yourself from others and unearth wounds that could use some tending. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter fellow earth sign Taurus on the 3rd, and though you are a natural healer—that is something to be celebrated—this can sometimes manifest through an impulse to heal everyone around you before you heal yourself. This month try embracing Taurus’ ability to focus on self when it is needed so that you can more effectively show up for others in the months to come.


Your sister sign Aries has strengths that are opposite your own—where you are diplomatic and forgiving, Aries can be quite headstrong and cutthroat. Though these more aggressive tendencies might not feel comfortable to you, letting yourself experience them can offer a good balance to your overly compassionate nature. The full moon in your sign on the 6th might highlight this dichotomy, and you may face situations where you are asked to put yourself first. Your ruling planet Venus will enter fellow air sign Gemini on the 10th, encouraging interactions that are simultaneously mindful and playful.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house, which is associated with your physical health, mental acuity, and purity of intent. As a Scorpio you might be inclined to play it close to your chest as an act of self-protection. This tendency can manifest in both useful and harmful ways, and this month you have an opportunity to parse which is which. Mercury, planet of communication and intellect, will square your ruling planet Pluto on the 3rd. This is a good time period to work towards transforming your more harmful tendencies into restorative ones.


You might feel particularly fiery and passionate this month as the sun transits your 5th house of creativity, passion, and romance through fellow fire sign Aries. In addition, Venus—planet of love and pleasure—will enter your sister sign Gemini on the 10th, adding an additional dose of play and excitement to an already high octane month. The sun will conjunct your ruling planet Jupiter the following day, and you might receive a surprise blessing or realization that brings you further along your never-ending quest for truth.


The sun will transit your 4th house this month and you might need to confront wounds related to your family and upbringing. Mercury, planet of thinking (and therefore also overthinking) will be entering fellow earth sign Taurus, and embracing that infallible Taurus self-sufficiency could serve you well as you confront the things that feel most necessary to address. The sun will join Mercury in Taurus on the 20th, and if you have committed to your healing, the following month could be very fun and rewarding.


The 3rd house of the zodiac is associated with how you learn and how you meet yourself through your ability to learn. As the sun transits your 3rd house this month you might feel less in control than usual, which—with the right attitude—can also lead to a stronger sense of freedom and exploration. The full moon in Libra on the 6th might kickstart a month of this process, and it could serve you well to harness the newness of spring to launch new approaches to your intellectual or creative pursuits.


This month will be relatively astrologically quiet for you, which could be a blessing after the major shifts we collectively experienced last month. As the last sign in the zodiac you are well-equipped to relate to the wide array of strengths and weaknesses of every other sign. Conversely, Aries is the first and thus has a raw, untouched aspect to their experience. Perhaps this month it would serve you well to separate from the collective subconscious and tune into your internal guidance system.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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