Happy Taurus Season! Many people might be familiar with the materialistic stereotypes about Tauruses, but there is a great deal more to this potent sign. Taurus is the fixed earth sign, and thus can be characterized as being exceedingly steadfast and honorable. Taurus energy can be your best friend if you act with integrity but will have no problems teaching you a lesson if you step out of line. Similarly, Taurus’ sister sign Scorpio has high standards when it comes to trust. The full moon in Scorpio on the 5th will highlight these arenas, inspiring us to engage in the deep introspection necessary to form lasting relationships. In addition, Taurus’ ruling planet Venus will be entering watery Cancer on the 7th, providing instances of both emotional clarity and volatility, depending on where you’re at. Jupiter, planet of collective expansion, will be entering Taurus on the 16th, and we might all benefit from demonstrating our love in sustainable, tangible ways. This could look like engaging in mutual aid, giving your friend a plant, or holding space for something hard. The sun’s movement into airy Gemini on the 21st will give us ample energy for social interaction and play—if we have learned the necessary lessons about building solid foundations.


The sun will transit your 2nd house this month, indicating a good time to take stock of your material world and emotional stability. You might sometimes identify as being reactive, and Taurus season is here to teach you how best to channel that energy with intention. Your ruling planet Mars will enter fellow fire sign Leo on the 20th, activating your leadership qualities and encouraging steady progress towards your most ambitious goals.


Happy You season, Taurus! We are blessed by your stability, clarity, and sensuality. As a Taurus you are particularly capable of demonstrating patience while you work toward a long-term vision for your life. The full moon in your sister sign Scorpio on the 5th will remind you that it is necessary to check in with your emotions as often as you check on practical matters. Jupiter, planet of luck and inspiration, will enter your sign on the 16th, indicating a good time to follow your heart and reap the rewards.


After spending the previous 25 days in retrograde, your ruling planet Mercury will turn direct on the 14th, providing opportunities to integrate internal communication patterns with your external affairs. You can only be as honest with others as you are with yourself, and Taurus season will ask you to ground your various contradictory beliefs into a sustainable values system. How can you let both twins walk firmly on the ground without fomenting discord? The sun will trine Pluto the same day it enters your sign, and you may face situations that unmask your shadows so that you can integrate them.


This month the sun will transit your 11th house, and you might feel inclined to dedicate your time toward healing societal issues. Taurus energy can be quite useful when it comes to getting things done, so it could be wise to take a page out of that book and do things step by step. Your empathetic and reactive nature might struggle to meet the needs of the collective without getting overwhelmed, so perhaps use Venus’ transit through your sign (starting on the 7th) to remind yourself of all the beauty and love that exists—and that which can be created by a heart as big as yours.


Your fellow fixed sign Taurus could spend this month teaching you about power and recognition. Fixed signs are prone to leadership positions because they have the consistency and perseverance to embody the necessary traits for it. While earthy Taurus is more inclined toward discipline, your fiery nature thrives on sustained passion. Mars, planet of action, will enter your sign on the 20th, adding wind beneath your ambitious wings.


This month is an excellent time to dedicate equal energy to your body and mind. As the sun transits your fellow earth sign Taurus through your 9th house, you are being asked to ground your intellectual and spiritual interests. Your anxious nature can be vulnerable to moralizing, and Taurus season is here to help you mediate your analytical nature. Your ruling planet Mercury will turn direct on the 14th, and you might feel particularly capable of prioritizing your own needs while keeping your impeccable word.


The sun will transit your 8th house this month, and it is likely you will be forced to confront pains that you’ve been avoiding since this time last year. The 8th house is associated with deep transformation, and your upbeat nature might be resistant to giving these wounds attention. These effects will be compounded by your ruling planet Venus’ movement into watery and reactive Cancer on the 7th. Cancer and Libra are both cardinal signs and thus prone to impulsive action. Inner work is the priority this month—your impulses can wait until Gemini season, which will be much more fun and expansive for you.


Your modern ruling planet Pluto will retrograde starting on the 1st; and though the associated effects will mostly be observable in the external world, you might feel a bit of a drag in your internal life. Things you thought had healed might resurface and demand your attention. Your sister sign Taurus can ground you during this process, and the full moon in your sign on the 5th will highlight the best ways to go deep, without losing your grip.


This month the sun will transit your 6th house which is associated with self-actualization and service to others. Your philosophical nature can often encourage a detached point of view, and this season is asking you to spend less time intellectualizing your societal obligations and more time taking action. Your ruling planet Jupiter will be entering Taurus on the 16th, so you will have ample stamina to make changes both internally and externally in service to the greater good.


Fellow earth sign Taurus can be quite individuated and sensually rooted, whereas you tend to prioritize the big picture. If you have spent the last few months hyperfocusing on work or the future, this month could be a good time to slow down and focus on having fun. The sun will be transiting your 5th house of romance and creativity, and Venus will be entering your sister sign Cancer on the 7th, highlighting the connection between your sense of beauty and emotional depth.


Aquarius and Taurus are both fixed signs, and as opposing elements (air and earth, respectively) their energy can often clash before it harmonizes. You might prefer to think of others before yourself to the point of detriment, but this Taurus season will push you emotionally to prioritize your own needs. The sun will be transiting your 4th house, indicating a focus on family and home life. Can you work to establish a firm foundation for yourself and your loved ones? If so, how can you do this most effectively?


The sun will transit your 3rd house this month, offering opportunities for new friendships and creative ventures. Though the energy this month might feel generally light, it will be punctuated for you by the full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on the 5th and the movement of Venus into fellow water sign Cancer on the 7th. Both events will provide you with insight into the depth of your emotions and how they can enhance your creative capacities.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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