Happy Gemini Season! This sign is often characterized as carefree, but there is a great deal Gemini season has to teach us about intention, rationale, and optimism. Gemini is represented by the symbol of the twins, and this season might highlight dualities that are present when we attempt to share our ideas and opinions with others. The full moon in Sagittarius on the 4th might help us to hone in on our core values, and in doing so gain more clarity in the purpose we wish to share with others. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity can be examined as a tension between the present moment and the long arrow of time, and this full moon we should consider both before acting. Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet, will enter Gemini on the 11th. This transit is likely to lead to chaotic, playful, painful, and joyous changes in our self-image and social lives. The sun’s movement into Cancer on the 21st—the summer solstice—marks the longest day of the year and will be a good time to make plans for how you want to utilize your time and resources. In addition, Mercury will enter Cancer on the 26th. The shift from Gemini’s playful intellect to Cancer’s emotional depth can be daunting, much like the approach of New Orleans’ summer heat. One minute it’s breezy and the next you’re drenched. If you can accept both sensations, watery Cancer season might wash you in the salty sweetness that manifests when you listen to your head and heart in equal measure.


This month the sun will transit your 3rd house, which is associated with your immediate environment, communication, and new ideas. Now is a good time for adventure and play in the name of getting to know yourself better. The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 4th will highlight the ways that your long-term goals can be flexible, and that you can find peace by letting go of control by focusing on the joy of the present moment.


Your ruling planet Venus has both positive and negative attributes. For example, while some might associate this planet with creative acumen, sensuality, and artistry, there is a dark side to these earthly delights. Venus will enter your fellow fixed sign Leo on the 5th, and during this transit you might face situations where your ego and desires do not align. What have you learned recently that can aid you in maintaining your integrity? Put your best foot forward, even when it’s hard, and watch your creative pursuits bloom.


Happy You season, Gemini! Your playful and adaptable nature is a gift to us all, as is the side of you that is sensitive, deep, and private. Though often characterized as chaotic, Gemini can demonstrate a presence of mind and an emotional intelligence that can both go overlooked behind a well-crafted, fun-time persona. Your ruling planet Mercury’s movement into your sign and 1st house on the 11th will compound opportunities for developing greater self-awareness and letting contrary ways of being exist harmoniously. Give in to your impulse to let sleeping dogs lie.


The sun will transit your 12th house this month. The 12th house is associated with fellow water sign Pisces, and this transit will ask you to examine communication patterns that lead to confusion. Your watery nature is quite intuitive, but there are certain things in life that remain unknowable. If during this transit you can work towards accepting ambiguity, the sun’s transit into your sign on the 21st could bring clarity about your self image, and new beginnings in your creative interests.


The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 4th could be quite intellectually invigorating. As fire signs you are both interested in being right about things, but this is not always the most noble pursuit. Venus, the planet of luck and beauty, will be entering your sign on the 5th, encouraging a heart-centered rationale. Mars, Venus’ masculine counterpart, will continue its transit through your sign—a potent time to integrate your overly giving nature with the side that knows what it deserves and how to set healthy boundaries.


The sun will transit your 10th house this month, and you might be given ample opportunity to work on your public or professional image and the amount of control you want to exercise in that realm. Though Gemini and Virgo are both ruled by Mercury, the way that this planet’s energy manifests in each can be quite different. Mercury’s transit through Gemini starting on the 11th could have you feeling both adventurous and unsettled. By remaining open to the more chaotic experiences Gemini season has to offer, you might find yourself walking through doors you didn’t know existed.


Your fellow air sign Gemini and you have a lot in common—you are both sociable, curious, and endlessly stimulated by the world around you. The sun will be transiting your 9th house of philosophical discovery and freedom and this season could be a great time to expand your intellectual horizons by reading a book or trying a new hobby. Your ruling planet Venus will enter magnanimous and proud Leo on the 5th, so use this time to balance your natural talent for team-building with opportunities to learn more about leadership.


Your ruling planet Pluto recently entered Aquarius after spending the previous 15 years in Capricorn. This shift marks a collective change from personal to shared responsibility for the difficult transformations in life. This month Pluto will start a brief retrograde back into Capricorn, and you might find yourself tying up loose ends in your personal life. In addition, the sun will be transiting your 8th house, indicating difficult upheavals that lead to more emotional clarity.


Sagittarius and Gemini are sister signs, and though your nature might come off as more mature, there is a balance between the two that teaches each other how best to navigate the difference between conviction and uncertainty. The full moon in your sign on the 4th is a good time to stick to your guns, while the new moon in Gemini on the 18th might invite you to loosen your grip on reality and let the day take you where it wants to. A balance of meditation, deep conversation, and play could help you ground in the middle of this binary.


Gemini season will be relatively astrologically quiet for you, and you might feel inclined to take stock of your mental and physical health. Have you cared for yourself with as much dedication as you care for others? There is no shame in drawing a line in the sand, and the sun’s transit through your 6th house can help you define when to do so. The sun will enter your sister sign Cancer on the 21st, inviting emotional introspection that expands the potential of your most important relationships.


You might be inclined to view Gemini energy as too impulsive or perhaps unreliable. However, this season you may encounter situations that insist you release control, sever expectations, and learn to live in the moment. The sun will be transiting your 5th house of romance and creativity, and you might find that loosening up and making time for play will help you accept and allow more love into your life.


Fellow mutable sign Gemini’s energy can feel a bit rough around the edges to your ancient and mysterious ways of understanding reality. Where Pisces contemplates, Gemini debates. Where Pisces commiserates, Gemini participates. If you are able to move through this season embracing the value of both ways of being, you might find it easier to feel at home in environments that aren’t exceedingly gentle. The sun will be transiting your 4th house of home and family matters, indicating this month is a good time to cleanse your space and create sanctuary.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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