Happy Cancer season! Cancer energy is quite powerful and dynamic. While this energy is capable of deep love, intimacy, and nurturance it can also be reactive and difficult to navigate. The choices we make this month in matters of the heart have the potential to swiftly change dynamics that need adjusting. The beginning of the month could be particularly high octane as the full moon in Capricorn on the 3rd asks us to confront self-sabotaging behaviors and the effort we are willing to put into eliminating them. In addition, Mars—planet of doing and undoing—will enter analytical and persuasive Virgo on the 10th. This transit will invite us to be strategic in our personal development and to respond to conflict in ways that minimize damage. The new moon in Cancer on the 17th will coincide with the North and South Nodes of Fate entering Aries and Libra, respectively. This day (and the days surrounding it) might feel like an emotional rollercoaster, as these three cardinal signs insistently encourage rapid growth. The sun’s movement into fiery Leo on the 22nd might offer joyful reprieve from these major lessons if we have been able to internalize the impact that our emotional nature has on our goals, self-image, and relationships.


Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs, and this month you might feel very emotionally activated. Aries is a fire sign and Cancer is a water sign, so you could feel like your fiery nature is being emotionally tested. However, you might perk back up when Mercury moves into fellow fire sign Leo on the 10th. In addition, the sun’s movement into Leo on the 22nd will mark a shift toward goal setting, and could be a good time to get more practical—perhaps by making a to-do list, or finishing something you started long ago.


This month the sun will transit your 3rd house, indicating a good time to invest in new friendships and intellectual pursuits. The full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 3rd could present you with strategic opportunities to expand your network. If you are able to recognize the paths of least resistance you could make great strides in your social or professional goals. Mars will enter fellow earth sign Virgo on the 10th, encouraging you to embody a more flexible mindset.


Cancer season is here to encourage your material and physical stability. As the sun transits your 2nd house you are being given an opportunity to take stock of your resources and slow down enough to use them effectively. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter fiery and determined Leo on the 10th, imbuing you with the self-assurance necessary to establish firm foundations in these realms of your life. The less fun things—making a budget, or a concrete plan—will help set you up to indulge in the fun, grounding things, like buying some new plants.


Happy You season, Cancer! Your perseverance and commitment to emotional intelligence is unmatched, as is your loyalty. The full moon in your sister sign Capricorn on the 3rd might test these commitments and force you to put yourself first, which can be difficult for your empathetic and giving nature. The goal this month is to listen to your intuition and allow it to chart your course. The new moon in your sign on the 17th could reveal patterns of defensiveness that are self defeating. Keep your head up and your eyes open, and the universe will reward you for commitment to your own emotional well-being.


Mercury, planet of communication and interpersonal relationships, will enter your sign on the 10th. This transit will encourage you to speak your truth unabashedly, and to harness your creative gifts in the interest of the greater good. You are being invited to examine the ways you communicate with others about your personal power. The sun will enter your sign on the 22nd, offering opportunities to shine brightly—without overshadowing others. How have you shown up as a leader lately? And how can you do so in a way that is rewarding for all involved?


Your ruling planet Mercury will transit both Leo and Virgo this month, and your energy might feel scattered as you try to navigate subconscious ego patterns that obstruct clear communication. Mercury’s transit through Leo will start on the 10th, and the following weeks could reveal the damage that comes from refusing to acknowledge your own success. Mercury will then enter Virgo on the 28th, and if you let go of your typical abundance of caution, you might be able to allow others to share in your accomplishments and work towards objectives that will fulfill you moving forward.


This month the sun will transit your 10th house, and you could end up in situations where your public reputation and values take center stage. This could be internally or quite literally, and could be both exciting and terrifying depending on your current perspective. What is important to you, and how can you make that clear to others without stepping on any toes? Are you willing to step on toes for what you believe in? If so, this season could be very rewarding, as fellow cardinal sign Cancer inspires new emotional depths and convictions to ground your creative pursuits in.


The energy of fellow water sign Cancer, though soothing and supportive, can also shake up aspects of your emotional being that you would rather avoid. Scorpio is the fixed water sign and therefore more prone to contemplation than action. This season the universe might test your resolve when it comes to your scorpion tendencies to plan and then strike. Situations where one must respond quickly could arise to test your resolve. The sun will oppose your ruling planet Pluto on the 21nd—where do your ego and control issues intersect? And what lessons do you learn when they are at odds?


This season the sun will transit your 8th house, marking a potent time for inner work. Your exploratory nature is usually down for anything, but your more dissociative qualities might be a formidable barrier to healing this month. The 8th house is concerned with the most difficult aspects of life—namely death, money, and change. How can you integrate difficult realizations fully? How can you conserve energy when the circumstances of the world—or your life—are beyond your control?


Your sister sign Cancer is often more forthcoming than you are comfortable with. This season could have you asking how anyone can stand to be so vulnerable in a world that is so difficult and painful, and subsequently protecting yourself from situations that you know could cause you harm. The full moon in your sign on the 3rd could demonstrate the benefits of making yourself available to others, even when it feels difficult.


Mercury will enter your sister sign Leo on the 10th, and your communication patterns will be susceptible to ego-based deception. If you find that your community is not receptive to your most altruistic tendencies, perhaps try to embody your most confident self in order to have your intended effect on the things you care about. This could look like standing up to an authority figure, setting better boundaries, or isolating in the name of self improvement. The sun will enter Leo on the 22nd, providing ample opportunity to practice your new interpersonal skills.


Cancer and Pisces are both water signs and can both be quite sensitive to their surrounding environments. In many ways this heightened perception is a gift, offering wisdom that can only be accessed by being fully available to yourself emotionally and spiritually. The sun will be transiting your 5th house which is associated with romance, creativity, and joy. If there are environments that you find unfulfilling in these realms, leave them; if there are feelings that surface as a result, process them. Life is too short for your capacity for expansion to be stifled by outdated mindsets and environments.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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