Happy Leo season! This season’s energy is going to be both challenging and rewarding. Leo energy thrives when pushed to achieve, but can falter when issues of ego or control arise. The month will start with the full moon in Leo’s sister sign Aquarius on the 1st. Aquarius energy can be very humanitarian, and will prioritize self-sacrifice over achievement. We will all be invited by this full moon to examine our relationships with our egos, society, and the practical ways we can serve the needs of both. The sun, Leo’s ruling celestial object, will conjunct sensual and creative Venus on the 13th. A few days later the new moon in Leo on the 16th will offer opportunities for self-love and self-actualization. These aspects combined make the week surrounding these dates a good time to pursue your passions, specifically those that you already know sustain your happiness. The sun will enter earthly, practical Virgo on the 23rd, the same day that Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury starts its retrograde. While Leo season will challenge and support our self-development, Virgo season will ask us to go inward and explore what we are capable of doing for others when we know we are rooted in our values and have healthy self-esteem.


Your fellow fire sign Leo can teach you about commitments, boundaries, and expectations. While these might not always be your strong suit, you might find that you are seeking a sense of clarity when it comes to romance and creativity. The sun will be transiting your 5th house which is associated with both of these realms of life, and the beginning of the month could be particularly surprising in these arenas due to your ruling planet Mars aspecting expansive and lucky Jupiter. If you are able to name what you want, it will come to you much more quickly.


Taurus and Leo are both fixed signs, meaning that this season could leave you feeling grounded and in your lane, or uninspired and stuck. If you’ve been struggling to find your footing, the sun’s transit through your 4th house indicates that an excellent place to do so is at home. Your ruling planet Venus will conjunct the sun on the 13th—you could take a moment on this day or the surrounding days to sink into your sensual side and make your home as balancing and calming as possible.


The sun will transit your 3rd house this month, and your bestie Leo is bound to make this an exciting and playful time for you. The 3rd house is associated with friendships, networks, and communication. Your ruling planet Mercury will be direct until the 23rd, and this month has the potential to be one of the times that you feel most “yourself.” The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the 1st will also feature an opposition between Mercury and practical but challenging Saturn. If you can start the month with a realistic vision of your strengths and limitations, you will be more able to relax and focus on happy, healthy relationships.


After what I’m sure was an illuminating if not difficult and transformative last month, Leo season might feel a bit more grounded and easy to move through. The sun will be transiting your 2nd house, and you could be choosing the best ways to support your material and physical stability while remaining able to care for and nurture others. Have you been in a mode of self-protection or have you been choosing validation over rest? It is important to ask these questions this month and to perhaps prioritize your more creative traits and deprioritize the needs of others (for once).


Happy You season, Leo! We are blessed by your courage, consistency, and the light that you bring to the world. Leo energy is associated with the sun, and therefore concerns itself with how brightly it shines. The full moon in your sister sign Aquarius on the 1st will act as a mirror, showing you the ways in which your light casts shadows that need to be integrated in the pursuit of a healthy self-image. The new moon in your sign on the 16th is a good time to clear out emotional baggage and then treat yourself to something that is affirming.


The sun will transit your 12th house this month, and you might feel a desire to retreat from the world for a spell in order to recharge and face the unanswered questions you have about this past year’s cycle. What would you change? How do you accept the things that you cannot? The sun will be entering your sign on the 23rd, the same day that your ruling planet begins its retrograde. This might indicate an even longer period of reflection. If you can value the opportunity for what it is—and not spin yourself in mental circles—you could emerge on the other end with a great deal more of self-reliance and spiritual understanding.


The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the 1st could be significant for you. The sun will be moving through your 11th house, which is associated with Aquarius. These combined transits mark a time when both internal and external forces will turn your focus toward your community and society. Though Libra is usually categorized as the softest and sweetest of the air signs, you can be quite exacting and driven when you witness injustice. This month, perhaps embrace community-minded efforts that will strengthen your resolve to be a badass when you have to be.


This month is an excellent time to get your proverbial ducks in a row. The sun will be transiting your 10th house through fellow fixed sign Leo. Leo is a fire sign and Scorpio is a water sign, and though these two might not always understand each other, there is a mutual respect as the most reliable and emotional signs in the zodiac. It isn’t easy to remain both available to others and focused on your bag, yet the 10th house will ask that you do exactly that. The full moon in fixed air sign Aquarius on the 1st could guide you toward a full commitment to your ideals and values.


Leo and Sagittarius are both fire signs and can make quite a dynamic duo when in their best forms. Your energy can help loyal (but controlling) Leo loosen up a little, and Leo energy can encourage you to stand by your word. The new moon in Leo on the 16th and the sun’s transit through your 10th house until the 23rd could bring forth opportunities for recognition and advancement if you are willing to accept leadership roles when the universe demands it.


This month the sun will transit your 8th house, and you could be forced to face difficult emotions or unpack traumas that have governed your way of being for too long. The 8th house is concerned with difficult things in life, like death and commitment, that teach us important lessons about our shadows and coping mechanisms. If you are able to harness your most potent Capricorn traits—honesty, dedication, and resilience—the lessons you learn this month could reap huge benefits, if you are willing to be honest with yourself.


Your sister sign Leo can either be a source of inspiration or a source of dismay, depending on your relationship with yourself. Have you been shrinking to appease others? Or perhaps distancing yourself to “stay sane?” If so, embrace the airy, friendship-loving vibes that the sun’s transit through your 7th house have to offer. It’s a good time to take yourself a bit less seriously and focus on pleasure and fun. Mars will enter fellow air sign Libra on the 27th, indicating a good time to focus on camaraderie.


The sun will transit your 6th house this month. The 6th house is associated with health, service to others, and purity. Purity is also a trait often assigned to the archetype of Pisces, though like all energy, can contain aspects of light and shadow. Are there times that you are unwilling to meet your potential? If so, why? The sun’s movement into your sister sign Virgo on the 23rd is a good time to start looking at how you can go with the flow, while also mindfully charting your course.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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