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Happy Aries season everyone! It’s the start of the astrological year! Spring is springing! We are vital, we are inspired, we are assertive, we are ready to face anything. Aries is cardinal fire, the spark of individuality that begins each of our journeys. It is an opportunity to crusade against that which plagues you internally and externally, set fire to the things that do not serve you, and rise from the ashes. Aries are leaders, warriors, pioneers. This month their ruling planet Mars will be transiting the air sign Gemini, which combined with the sun being in Aries, will make many of us feel like we are trying to go in a million different directions. Conversely, Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will be entering Aries, making communications much more direct and fiery than last month when Mercury was in Pisces. This can absolutely be to our advantage as we take on new projects and relationships and make time for fun! But don’t forget your inner warrior, who needs to be strategic, loyal, and focused. Aries is deep, primal love. These transits are about learning how we communicate and express our love—both to ourselves and to others—with honesty, and through action.


Happy You season, you beautiful badass! This month the sun will transit your sign through April 20th, and you are likely to be feeling reinvigorated after wading through the abyss that is watery Pisces season. Aries is (stereotypically) always down for a good time, and your ruling planet Mars will be transiting Gemini, another fun-loving spring sign. Harness this Mars energy by investing in friendships and embracing your inherent ability to communicate effectively and powerfully. The new moon in your sign on April 11th will be sextile Mars—a good time to set intentions to let go of old anger and do what you can to transform it into love.


This month the sun will be transiting your 12th house, illuminating your subconscious as you reflect on the past year. It’s a good time to release old cycles that no longer serve you, which can be difficult for particularly stubborn Tauruses. The new moon in Aries is a good time to meditate on things in your life that inhibit growth, and things that encourage it. By the time the sun enters your sign on April 20th, many other planets—Mercury, Venus, and Uranus—will also be in Taurus in your first house. Hopefully this will have you feeling stable and supported in new ways.


April is going to be quite the month for you Gemini—it’s time for the rubber to hit the road. Mars will be in your sign and transiting your first house, bringing passion, drive, and will to the forefront of your consciousness. This energy, combined with the fiery nature of Aries season, can maximize your potential, but only if you can find stability in your community and how you communicate your vision. Starting mid-month, many planets will be in Taurus transiting your 12th house, marking a need to establish stable foundations in your subconscious before your dreams come true.


Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs, and this month you will probably feel invigorated and ready to start new creative projects. Though fire and water might seem like opposites, when they combine they open up many possibilities. Do you want to be steam? A healing hot spring? A rainbow? It’s all possible. Taurus season will start on the 20th, shortly before Mars enters your sign on the 25th. If you feel a little too heated during Aries season, Taurus season and Mars movement into your sign will ground you in your receptive, caring nature.


Happy Aries season, Leo! Aries is a fellow fire sign, and this season you are probably feeling ignited and passionate in ways you haven’t felt for a while. The sun, Venus, and Mercury will all be transiting your 9th house, which is ruled by the third fire sign Sagittarius. This is an opportunity to feel freer and to find balance between your fixed nature and the potential offered by prioritizing freedom in communication and love. Leos can learn from Aries’ energy to follow impulses and shine as bright as they want to! Use the new moon in Aries on the 11th to release ego fears and embrace self-love and acceptance.


This month it’s your turn to go through difficult but rewarding eighth house transits. The eighth house is associated with death, rebirth, secrets, and shared resources. This area of your chart will be illuminated by the sun, Mercury, and Venus—an invitation to take a deep dive into your fears and subconscious habits surrounding your relationship with yourself and with others. Have you been giving too much? Have you withheld feelings to avoid conflict? Have you acted out of fear instead of love? Now is the time to face your shadows and bring them to the surface, so that they might transform into understanding and growth. This growth will feel incredibly rewarding once the sun enters fellow earth sign Taurus on the 20th.


The sun, Mercury, and Venus will all be transiting your seventh house of partnership, cooperation, and harmony. Though this is a generally beneficial transit, the fact that these planets are in Aries can lead to impulsive decisions that might not achieve the balance you seek. Having the wisdom to see where this energy is valuable and where it can cause you (or others) harm is the lesson here. Be particularly mindful of your cardinal nature—the pull toward your sister sign Aries is exciting but might come with fiery consequences.


In many ways Aries and Scorpio are as different as signs can get: one brash and bold, the other cautious and calculating. What they have in common is that both share Mars as their traditional ruler, and thus there are shared themes of power and aggression. This season you might feel particularly sensitive to aggression as Mars transits your eighth house in the sign of Gemini. The eighth house is associated with death, transformation, and shared resources. If somebody is taking you for granted, make sure you say so. If you are feeling insecure or on edge during Aries season, the sun’s movement into your sister sign of Taurus on the 20th will hopefully encourage a stronger sense of security and self-worth. The full super moon in your sign on the 27th might lead to the surfacing of uncomfortable subconscious fears and desires, but if harnessed correctly this can result in a sense of renewal and clarity.


This month the sun spends the first 20 days in fellow fire sign Aries, and will transit your fifth house of self-expression and pleasure. This triple dose of fire can be very advantageous, like a controlled burn of bad habits in communication and love. For you, these transits are about harnessing your power as a thinker and a do-er—and potentially as a leader—without spinning yourself in circles about what is right or wrong. The continued transit of the south node through your first house might have you feeling like you’re continuing to repeat old patterns that you know need transformation. The cardinal fire of Aries and the transit of Mars through your sister sign Gemini are asking you to look at what’s in front of you with a sense of innocence and curiosity, and act from there.


As the sun continues to transit Aries, you are being given the opportunity to move like lava—as fire heats the earth, our passion ignites our goals, and it spreads and builds, cooling into something solid we can stand on. You can be slow and steady but also hot and unstoppable. The sun transiting your fourth house until the 20th might have you more aware of your emotions than usual, so taking a moment to decide when to take action and when to reflect will serve you well. The new moon on the 11th is a good time to take stock of how your emotional depths influence the way you manifest. The start of Taurus season on the 20th is a good time to take what you learn and apply it in the physical realm.


This Aries season has very push-pull vibes for you, Aquarius. On one side you might be buzzing with electricity and millions of exciting ideas, while on the other you want to work on your foundations and security. This fiery sun transiting your second house until the 20th can ignite the passion needed to make this happen, but could potentially leave you feeling depleted if you are unable to find solid footing. If you manage to find that footing during Aries season, the sun’s transition into Taurus on the 20th will open to possibilities of beauty, sensuality, and play. The full moon in Scorpio on the 27th will occur in your tenth house of career and responsibility, and it’s a good time to take a deep, honest look at your goals and how they serve your highest good.


This month your ruling planet Neptune will continue transiting your first house. Neptune, much like Pisces, is associated with unreality, dreams, idealism, and compassion. This is a six-month transit that can be enlightening or frightening, depending on your attitude and point of view. You are being asked to look at the big picture, but in a very personal way. How do you take in energy from the collective and how do you expend what you take in? Does it feel healthy? If not, perhaps it would serve you well to set intentions for the Aries new moon on the 11th concerning how you can best navigate this high-vibration emotional experience. The Mars movement into fellow water sign Cancer on the 24th will beneficially shift your energy so you can learn to nurture yourself from the inside out, and from the outside in.

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