Happy Libra season! Libra is one of the most—if not the most—personable and relationship-focused signs, and they are dedicated friends, lovers, and comrades who seek balance and justice in all that they do. This month Mercury, Venus, and Mars will all change signs. These planets are often regarded as our “personal planets” due to their proximity to the sun. They change position at faster rates compared to the outer planets, making our experience of their influence more pronounced. Mercury, planet of communication and change, will be joining the sun in Venus-ruled Libra on the 4th, and Venus will be entering Mercury-ruled Virgo on the 8th. This occurrence is called mutual reception and indicates a potent time to learn lessons that integrate our heart (Venus) with our mind (Mercury). The following two weeks you will likely feel things clicking into place more easily in your relationships and creative pursuits, unless you resist what the circumstances and people around you are trying to teach you. Libra energy can be quite accommodating but it will act decisively and without remorse when things are not fair. Integrity will be key this month, a requirement that only becomes more potent with Mars’ entry into Scorpio on the 11th, followed by the sun on the 23rd. The full moon in Scorpio’s sister sign Taurus on the 28th will encourage honest, possibly difficult conversations that build long-term security in our most meaningful relationships.


Your sister sign Libra has more in common with you than you might think. Where you are headstrong, they are diplomatic, and you might find their softer way of being irritating at times. However, you are both greatly motivated by justice and will protect your loved ones with unmatchable ferocity. Are you able to approach these situations with both diplomacy and ferocity? The sun will be transiting your 7th house of partnership and friendship, and this month is an excellent time to initiate conversations and take action in ways that embrace both softness and protection.


This month the sun will be transiting your 6th house, and your ruling planet Venus will be transiting fellow earth sign Virgo. You might find your creative ventures are specifically service-minded or time-bound. This could look like needing to care for a loved one, or a sudden deadline that asks you to rise to the occasion. Either way, the lesson this month is about capacity and endurance. The sun will enter your sister sign Scorpio on the 23rd, indicating a good time to balance your steadfast character with some softness.


You and your fellow air sign can both be quite high-spirited, and your ruling planet Mercury’s movement into Libra on the 4th will only heighten the potential for your head to spin off into the clouds. Whether this will be from happiness or anxiety is largely up to you, but the sun’s transit through your 5th house of creativity and pleasure is bound to make it engaging either way. The new moon in Libra on the 14th is a potent time to build or plan for a creative venture or relationship that means a lot to you.


Both Cancer and Libra are cardinal signs, and this month Libra’s airy but determined attitude could stir the surface of your waves up in ways that initially feel scary. Mars, planet of action and determination, will be entering your fellow water sign Scorpio on the 11th, followed by the sun on the 23rd. The impact of these watery transits will conversely occur on the bottom of your seabed, in subconscious arenas that need exploring. If you can manage to both navigate the surface and dive deep, there is a great deal to learn in the journey between the two.


This season the sun will transit your 3rd house of intellectual stimulation and self-reflection. Libra’s rulership of your 3rd house pushes you to contemplate what you truly think of your relationships and the overall concepts of balance and fairness. Though you can be quite magnanimous and loving, these traits can turn to arrogance or disappointment when they go unmonitored. If either your relationship with yourself or your relationships with others have been difficult lately, take this month as an opportunity to reflect before burying hatchets, while remaining mindful of your boundaries.


Both the sun and your ruling planet Mercury will be transiting your 2nd house of material and physical stability this month. In addition, Libra’s ruling planet Venus will enter your sign on the 8th, bringing romance and creativity to the forefront of your awareness. How can you use this time to build stability using your creativity and lead with your heart? Though you are more prone to making head-over-heart decisions, this season could be a good time to experiment with letting your emotions lead you.


Happy You season, Libra! We are blessed by your dedication to your relationships and your understanding of what it is to love. Libras have big hearts, and your cardinal nature brings admirable ferocity to your love. This tendency can also lead to getting hurt—this month, as your ruling planet Venus transits cautious and calculating Virgo, perhaps take a moment (or several) to evaluate how you can best channel all the love in your heart while establishing self-protective habits. The new moon in your sign on the 14th will provide opportunities to practice these skills.


Your traditional ruling planet Mars will be entering your sign on the 11th, indicating an opportunity to practice controlled aggression in the ways that only a Scorpio can. While your watery nature can come off as docile, you and you alone know the depths of your emotions and the control it takes to keep cool when facing adversity. The sun will be transiting your 12th house until the 23rd when it enters your sign—perhaps take this time to meditate on who you want to be emotionally, and the ways that you can align your subconscious to that vision.


Your friendly and outgoing nature is well-suited for Libra season, and the sun’s transit through your 11th house will bring many opportunities to expand your horizons socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Libra’s ruling planet Venus will beneficially aspect your ruling planet Jupiter on the 21st, and this day (and the days surrounding it) could be quite lucky. If you are considering a new creative venture or hobby, explore how you can be best fulfilled by pursuing these things with members of your community.


Your fellow cardinal sign Libra is an air sign, and though your grounded, earthy nature might see more value in practical pursuits, Libra has a great deal to teach you about social and emotional intelligence. Libra’s ruling planet Venus will oppose your ruling planet Saturn on the 10th, and you might experience conflicts between desire and duty. The sun will be transiting your 10th house of career and public image, indicating that these conflicts could play out in the public sphere—be prepared to act decisively and to put your money where your mouth is.


Libra and Aquarius are both air signs, and yet the ways that they are characterized often seem like complete opposites: Libra as warm and fuzzy, Aquarius as cool and distant. This month will be an invitation to try out softer ways of relating. If you are the kind of Aquarius who feels safer in their headspace, attempts to relate heart-to-heart with others this month could surprise you in their value and depth.


This month it is your turn to face the difficult but rewarding transit of the sun through your 8th house. The 8th house is associated with the heavy but necessary aspects of life—death, sex, fear, etc. Though your watery nature is already well-equipped to be emotionally honest in the face of adversity, Pisces in particular can be avoidant and escapist when faced with difficult life experiences. The lesson this month is to push through and dive deep rather than fantasize or play what if. There will be more room to grow if you have taken an honest look around you and cut ties with any escapist patterns of self-sabotage.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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