Happy Scorpio season! Scorpio energy is emotionally steadfast and often characterized as intensely protective. It can also be soft, alluring, and supportive when properly nurtured. This month is a good time to take a look at difficult dynamics in our lives and unearth the solutions living in our subconscious. Saturn, planet of restriction and duty, will turn direct on the 4th, imbuing us with the energy we need to face our personal and collective challenges with a sense of purpose. Venus will enter Libra, the sign that it rules, on the 8th, providing a balance that highlights our need to also pursue pleasure and camaraderie in order to be able to meet said challenges. The new moon in Scorpio on the 13th could trigger deep releases of emotions or expectations in realms like physical security, intimacy, and finality. This day and the days surrounding it could best benefit us if we are able to slow down and tap into parts of our psyche that we may usually prefer to avoid. Mercury, the sun, and Mars will enter Sagittarius on the 10th, 22nd, and 24th, respectively, shifting us toward a more uplifting perspective following the difficult but rewarding lessons that Scorpio season demands we learn.


This month the sun will transit your 8th house, which is associated with the sign of Scorpio and thus with heavy themes like commitment, fear, and death. This month might bring these themes to the forefront of your awareness, and your warrior spirit is likely to feel challenged and reactive. Venus’ movement into your sister sign Libra on the 8th can be an energetic counterpoint to these intense experiences by reminding you of your ability to self-soothe or find support in your relationships with others. Make time for peace among the pain, and your efforts to accept things as they are will come with more ease.


Metaphysically your sister sign Scorpio manifests in direct opposition to your own. During Taurus season the flowers are in full bloom, so we plan for abundance. During Scorpio season we start to witness decay and so we plan for scarcity. Though you are equally prepared to face both, you may find it challenging to adjust your mindset to hibernation before next year’s blooms. As the sun transits your 7th house of beauty and pleasure it is a good idea to pursue your creative passions by seeking out community.


After what was surely a stimulating Libra season, this month might feel less high-spirited and more duty bound. The sun will be transiting your 6th house of service, health, and routine. If you’ve been overextending yourself in pursuit of novelty, perhaps use this month to reorient your energy inwards. Your body and soul can’t run on fumes––this month your goals should be rest and nourishment, in order to meet your unending need for stimulation. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter your sister sign Sagittarius on the 10th, marking a good time to pick up a new book or hobby related to your passions.


Your emotionality and intuition are some of your strongest gifts, but they can also act as weapons—or be weaponized against you—when there is unbalance in your life. The sun’s transit through your 5th house this month will provide opportunities for joy and creativity but will also ask you to act with integrity and to access Scorpionic traits like restraint and control. Your fellow water sign is fixed and thus able to be emotionally discerning, whereas your nature is more reactive. The lesson this month is about boundaries and capacity, and it would be wise to check in with yourself before making decisions in haste.


Leo and Scorpio are both fixed signs, but are elementally opposites. Your fiery nature and Scorpio’s watery sensitivity seek to protect both the ego and the heart, and your shared nature as fixed signs tends to prioritize long-term satisfaction. The sun will be transiting your 4th house which is associated with home, family, and caretaking. How can you protect your ego and heart in equal measure in intimate spaces, and what investments do you need to make in order to build intimate relationships where you can let your walls down?


The sun will transit your 3rd house this month, and you could be having some intense and transformative conversations about your beliefs and interests. This is likely to be compounded by your ruling planet Mercury’s movement into fellow mutable sign Sagittarius on the 10th. Sagittarius can be quite philosophical, and you might find yourself switching perspectives when given new information. Your mutable nature might be impressionable compared to the other two earth signs—remember who you are while allowing for the kind of change that you seek.


The physical world will be at the center of the lessons you have to learn this month. The sun will transit your 2nd house, which is associated with both work and rest. Your airy nature might want to take the path of least resistance toward your goals, but Scorpio season is here to teach you that overcoming challenges is paramount to personal development. Your ruling planet Venus’ movement into your sign on the 8th can be either a blessing or a threat to your material goals, so perhaps focus on balancing your efforts and expectations.


Happy You season, Scorpio! Your contributions to your community can sometimes fly under the radar, so this month is an opportunity to, if nothing else, acknowledge the depth of understanding and emotional prowess that you bring to the table. It is not easy to bear the weight of awareness that you carry, and often you would rather people not acknowledge your expansive capacity for love. The new moon in your sign on the 13th will challenge you to use this capacity without repeating codependent patterns.


The sun will transit your 12th house this month. This transit is an opportunity to take a look at the past year and evaluate how your subconscious patterns influence your self-image and ability to meet your own needs. The 12th house is also associated with our spiritual being and connection to our divinity. Perhaps take this time to retreat, journal, meditate—anything that encourages reflection. The sun will enter your sign on the 22nd, marking a shift in focus to your self-awareness and sense of purpose moving forward.


If the last few months have felt a bit stagnant, this month you are likely to experience an uptick in the efficacy of your actions. Your ruling planet Saturn will turn direct on the 4th as the sun transits your 11th house of humanitarian effort and friendship. Scorpio’s influence means that you will likely hold yourself to very high standards in these realms this month, which can have a positive influence if you are self-aware. However, It could also lead to unhealthy egotism if you have not worked through unhealthy patterns around control and fear.


Your fellow fixed sign Scorpio can be quite emotionally demanding, and if there’s one thing your fixed air qualities resent it’s emotional demands. The sun’s transit through your 10th house of career and public image, combined with the lessons Scorpio has to teach you about emotional honesty, could lead to a month that is either dynamic, exhausting, or both. If you allow yourself to release suppressed emotions you will be more able to make significant strides in your career.


Your fellow water sign Scorpio often exhibits more observable capacity for dedication. Your mutable nature is often an asset and allows for adaptability to be central to your journey. The sun will be transiting your 9th house, which is a space for exploration. However, Scorpio’s influence is quite intense and will demand that you build strong foundations before pursuing the explorations you are drawn to this month. Perhaps ask your community to hold you accountable to yourself and to your goals, and offer to do the same in kind.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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