Happy Sagittarius season! Our city has an impressive history of resistance and repair, a tradition the sun’s transit through Sagittarius will only amplify as we navigate current political and social upheavals. Sagittarius is a fire sign, marked by high-minded ideals and the ferocity to see things through. The centaur is both of this world—animal, instinctual, unforgiving—and of the heavens, shooting arrows of truth across the sky for all to observe. Mercury, a planet that demands truth and clarity, will enter feisty Capricorn on the 1st before retrograding on the 13th and reentering Sagittarius on the 23rd. During this three week period we will work to further develop our moral aptitude and our capacity to see things through. The winter solstice on the 21st marks the sun’s movement into Capricorn and the longest night of the year. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn energy are known for being quite brazen, qualities which seem to oppose the weariness brought on by cold weather and long nights. These traits exist to remind us that we must rage against the dying of the light, honing and honoring our ability to let our rage and grief guide us toward building a world where the darkness only forces us to burn brighter.


How have you been tending to your fire lately? Is it hot and roaring, or has it been reduced to a small flame in a dark room? Though your energy reserves are often quite impressive, it is not unlikely for the arrival of winter to diminish your visions of what is possible. As the sun transits your 9th house this month, your fellow fire sign Sagittarius might place you in circumstances where you are forced to state your beliefs authoritatively. Be as clear and intentional as possible, and the impeccability of your word will create a steady flame with which to lead and inspire your community.


Your ruling planet Venus will be transiting both watery Scorpio and fiery Sagittarius this month, starting on the 4th and 23rd, respectively. These transits, in conjunction with the sun’s transit through your 8th house, are going to ask a great deal of you emotionally. Where have you been giving away your power? Are you neglecting your own needs in order to avoid confrontation? We’re done with that now. This month you will rise to the occasion of sustaining and protecting your own interests. The sun’s movement into fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 21st will energetically double down on this lesson, urgently pushing you toward self-actualization.


Gemini is a dualistic mutable sign, and thus you often experience the tensions that exist between the many binaries that rule our society. It’s no easy task, but integrating multiple truths in the face of adversity is essential both to you and your sister sign Sagittarius’ journey. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter exacting Capricorn on the 1st—your word, though endlessly unfolding and changing, is bond, and strengthening the integrity in your partnerships and friendships will be paramount this month as the sun transits your 7th house. Focus on relationships that challenge you to exceed your own standards while allowing space for your multitudes.


The ocean within you is endlessly wide and deep, and your experiences as a Cancer can often feel like you are trying to contain something that is not meant to be contained. Mercury will be entering your sister sign Capricorn on the 1st, followed by the sun on the 21st. Capricorn often struggles to release, preferring to remain contained and therefore in control. This month you can balance these competing influences by embracing 6th house themes like service to others and the maintenance of your health. Healthy ways to release pent-up emotions—exercise, meditation, talking to somebody safe—can help you avoid the terrifying deluge that comes with opening yourself entirely to the misery of the world in an uncontrolled manner.


Sagittarius season is an opportunity for you to flourish, boldly taking the reins of your life and bolstering the validity of your intentions. However, setting intentions is only half the battle, and Sagittarius’ fiery influence this month will guide you to act in accordance with the will of your higher self. If that means internal inquiry, follow those threads as deep as they go. If that means using your magnetism to bring everyone you know together to accomplish something incredible, do it! You are a powerful being and the energy this month will be the wind beneath your wings—if you can avoid the Leo pitfalls of unchecked pride, egotism, or self-sabotage.


After what might feel like ages, your ruling planet Mercury will finally enter a fellow earth sign, Capricorn, on the 1st. This transit, in tandem with the sun’s transit through fellow mutable sign Sagittarius, might add some spice and ferocity to your already critical nature. When it comes time to ask hard questions and assert boundaries you will be well equipped with an unfamiliar ease. The sun will enter Capricorn on the 21st, and this will be a time to pull no punches. Now is a time to embrace the classic adage of legendary Capricorn Muhammad Ali—float like a butterfly, sting like a bee; and don’t take any shit that wasn’t yours to begin with.


Your ruling planet Venus will leave your fun-loving sign for intense and deep Scorpio on the 4th, and this could manifest as a metaphorical punch in the chest if you’re not already anticipating upheavals in your creative or romantic life. Alternatively, it could look like a deepening of your self-awareness and commitments if you are currently in a good place to do so. This three-week transit will end on the 23rd, when Venus will enter freedom-loving Sagittarius. If you experience avoidant or obsessive behaviors (two sides of the same coin), be sure to curtail them before the New Year offers unmitigated opportunities to go completely off the rails.


You are due for some rest, relaxation, and self-care. You started a new cycle around the sun last month, and this month will be about sinking into your foundation and soothing your nervous system. Venus will be entering your sign on the 4th, encouraging indulgence in your most Scorpionic desires. Pleasure and power are not enemies, and you know better than anyone how to empower yourself by withholding all that you have to give until something is worth the effort. Take the time to discern what that is, and then strike when the moment presents itself.


Happy You season, Sagittarius! Though you might prefer to spend December celebrating and pursuing your freedom to the utmost extent, the planetary movements this month are going to ask you to embody the most dutiful version of your energy. As we experience major shifts in our collective commitment to revolution, you are likely to be asked to provide philosophical guidance and even leadership, unmasking the lies that are used to maintain the status quo. In doing so you will experience internal shifts and feel more self-assured, particularly in the days surrounding the new moon in your sign on the 12th.


The 12th house—the realm of karma, illusion, and endings that become beginnings—can feel both intoxicating and frightening. As the sun transits this realm of your chart this month, your earthy nature might feel particularly ungrounded. Your ruling planet Saturn’s continued transit through watery, psychic Pisces could be throwing you for many loops, big and small, and you might—probably resentfully—be forced to “go with the flow.” The sea goat is depicted as such for a reason, and both 12th house and Piscean influences might have you feeling detached from the mountain climbing, trailblazing identity you are used to. Turn inwards, learn to swim, and most importantly, let go.


Aquarius and Sagittarius share a desire for independence and an ability to detach with more ease than many other zodiac signs. Whether or not that is healthy is up to you, but the sun’s movement through your 11th house this month is certain to highlight behaviors that create or dissolve attachments. Are you committed to justice? Are you committed to self-actualizing? Does that mean leaving people or beliefs behind? If so, remember to be fuckin’ for real with yourself before making decisions that could harm yourself or the people you love.


Sagittarius and Pisces are mutable fire and water signs—picture lava meeting the sea, picture a forest fire put out by rainfall, and perhaps let these metaphors guide you this month. While Sagittarian fire can be quite exciting, this season you might also get burned if you forget your power. The sun will be transiting your 10th house, wherein lies your public reputation and your legacy. Your watery nature can be quite gentle but it also has the power to stop a raging fire by sheer force. By building a temporary dam that holds your emotions in a reservoir, you will be prepared for any fire that comes your way.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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