Happy Capricorn season! The sea goat is often at odds with itself, possessing a clarity of intent that can be thwarted by a formidable emotional depth, constantly working to climb its way out of the ocean of despair and towards a self-determined vision of heaven. Our collective self-determination is central to both this season and the larger planetary movements that will occur in 2024. Now is not a time for egotism or apathy, and Venus’ continued transit through Capricorn and then entrance into humanitarian Aquarius on the 23rd marks a time to be loving in broad strokes, with the potential for lasting impact. This could look like joining an organization, creating art that speaks to this moment, or speaking truth to power when you are given the opportunity. The new moon in Capricorn on the 11th will fortify our ability to nurture ourselves before we engage with others in pursuit of liberation. Mars, planet of action, will enter Capricorn on the 4th and turn direct on the 12th. Additionally, Mercury, planet of communication, will enter Capricorn on the 13th. If you’re keeping track, that means that the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars will all make significant contact with Capricorn this month. Capricorn is driven, realistic, and unyielding in its integrity and convictions—this density of planetary movement will ask us to embody these characteristics in almost every aspect of our lives. The sun’s movement into airy Aquarius on the 20th is likely to offer some reprieve, and the full moon in Aquarius’ sister sign Leo on the 25th will remind us that none of this internal and external excavation of power is possible without a healthy sense of self. It will also teach us to cultivate a sustained ability to feel joy, even when the world would rather we didn’t.


Your public image might often be a point of vulnerability for you, as your fiery nature seeks to influence people but can also build a reputation as aggressive or unforgiving. The sun and your ruling planet Mars (starting on the 4th) will be transiting fellow cardinal sign Capricorn in your 10th house of reputation and legacy for the majority of the month. Harness and act on your most dignified intentions and defend your right to do so when challenged—if you must be aggressive, let it be impeccably righteous. If you must be seen, let it be as a fearless warrior for humanity.


Capricorn and Taurus, both earth signs, are represented by a goat and a bull, respectively. Both are powerful, horned animals, intimidatingly raw, and yet known to be secretly soft and even playful. Where your nature is more sedentary, only moving when the moment is right, Capricorn is constantly on the move, traversing difficult terrain and remaining balanced. The 9th house offers greater freedom of movement and thought, and the sun’s transit through yours this month will show you how you can best navigate difficult terrain.


On the 1st, your ruling planet Mercury will turn direct after spending almost three weeks retrograde. During this period of reflection you likely uncovered shadows that need integrating,  resulting in some ideological shifts. This month’s transit of the sun and the inner planets through your 8th house will shift your focus from your head space to your heart space. Themes of sacrifice and duty are likely to be prominent this month as you navigate difficult realities you can’t get around. The shadows you have been working to integrate will be useful tools if you know how to use them. Do not hide your rage, sadness, and fear—let it out and watch the support you require materialize in response to your authenticity.


Capricorn and Cancer are sister signs, and this month’s concentration of planets in Capricorn will likely affect you more strongly than any other sign (including Capricorn!). This is because the polarity between these two signs will pull deeply on your heart strings. The sun and inner planets will be transiting your 7th house of close relationships, which often play a central role in a Cancer’s life. Your relationships will likely feel demanding, even overbearing. Much like the moon, you might often be characterized as soft and passive. Remind people, and most importantly yourself, that you have the power to push and pull the tides according to your own will.


This season represents an opportunity for rest and rejuvenation, and though you may prefer to continue to ride the high of your achievements from last month, it would be advisable to take a seat and look at your physical and spiritual health. Both the sun and Pluto will be entering your sister sign Aquarius on the 20th and you will be asked to put your self-image on the back burner. Pluto’s movement into Aquarius has massive implications for humanity and will affect Leo’s convictions about their responsibilities to the collective. You can only be a strong leader if you are grounded about the dark truths that must be faced, so face them. The full moon in your sign on the 25th will strengthen your resolve to do so.


You might find that you easily take on a role as a caretaker, embodying the prototypical virgin and seeking to function outside the trappings of desire. As the sun transits your 5th house this month, fellow earth sign Capricorn will force you to prioritize your own wants and needs. Your ruling planet Mercury will end its retrograde on the 1st and then enter steadfast Capricorn on the 13th. Your happiness is ready to take precedence! Stay out of your head, get out of your own way, and let your heart pursue its desires.


Your venusian ways can be quite creature-comfort oriented. Velvet bedspread? Check. Mood lighting? Check. Impending sense of doom that makes you want to isolate and indulge in every godly creation you can? Check. As the sun transits your 4th house of home and family this month you might choose to make big material changes for the better when it comes to your sense of peace and safety. Your fellow cardinal sign Capricorn is the kinda bitch that makes shit happen, and this activation might find you surprising yourself with what you can accomplish.


Pluto, planet of regeneration and rebirth, will be spending eight months in Aquarius starting on the 20th. Your ruling planet is intense, for within Pluto’s regeneration and rebirth there is, of course, destruction and death. This shift will be significant for you—perhaps even life-altering. Much like a swamp, with its clouded waters disguising an endless dance between life and death, Pluto offers us the opportunity to glimpse beyond the veil and examine our own divinity. Be prepared for fated events to occur and new truths to emerge, specifically ones related to your spiritual and social development.


This season the planets will concentrate in your 2nd house of stability. You are most naturally a free spirit, but even the birds have to build and maintain their nests. Take a beat this month to check in with your body and your finances, which undoubtedly need you to slow your fiery roll. The centaur is half man and half beast, and many beasts hibernate in the winter. There is no shame in listening to your inner beast, and there is much to be gained by being realistic about your energy and resources.


Happy You season, Capricorn! The world is your oyster this month—as the planets align in your sign you are being given the opportunity for boosts in almost every facet of your life. It could be very useful to sit down and write lists of how you want to change or grow over the next year in regards to your self-image, romantic life, dedication to your passions, etc. Earth signs’ lives are usually dominated by the kind of concrete choices that change the course of your life. The new moon in your sign on the 11th is a good time to let go of regrets and baggage that you’ve been carrying for too long.


Aquarians can be very people-focused. From the awkward but profound contemplation of the self to the heartbreaking but necessary realization that humanity is inherently violent, there is no stone that goes unturned by your endlessly curious nature. The sun will spend the first 20 days of the month in your intuitive, watery 12th house, inviting you to contemplate every facet of individual and collective experience. Pluto, planet of undoing and deep transformation, will conjunct the sun and enter your sign on the 20th, triggering deep realizations that could permanently alter the course of your life.


Winter’s approach might have you feeling like a river coated in ice—though the water is still flowing underneath, there is a stillness that you might find peaceful or restrictive, depending on your mindset. The sun’s transit through your 11th house makes room for you to embody both your solid and liquid states. There are things we need to rationalize and give a solid form, and there are infinite things that can remain nebulous. Your values and commitments to your community need solid ground, but that doesn’t need to prevent your ability to let the mysteries of life inspire you to embody multitudes.

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