Happy Aquarius season! Last month the sun and Pluto entered this visionary and humanitarian sign on the same day (January 20th). The sun and Pluto are in many ways metaphysical opposites: the sun—central, magnetic, and bright—and Pluto—solid, mysterious, and rotating in isolation and darkness. Pluto’s shift after spending the last 15 years in Capricorn, and its alignment with the sun on the day they both shift into Aquarius, asserts that we are entering a new era. This era is likely to be marked by major societal and technological shifts, as well as the growing imperative to put the needs of the collective above the needs of the individual. This imperative is a natural focus for Aquarius energy, and the new moon in Aquarius on the 9th is an excellent time to hone our convictions in this regard. In addition, the personal planets—Mercury, Mars, and Venus—will be entering Aquarius on the 4th, 13th, and 16th, respectively. Internal inquiry and community building will be the name of the game, as well as embracing the deep transformation that Pluto’s contact with these planets is likely to initiate. The sun will enter watery, intuitive Pisces on the 18th. Our ability to function collectively depends on us each integrating lessons about our personal power, and the full moon in Pisces’ sister sign Virgo on the 24th will teach us to strategically prioritize strengths that serve our communities best.


There are many differences between Aries and Aquarius, as they sit at opposite ends of the zodiac cycle. You are much more present, and Aquarius is much more aloof, but there is commonality to be found in your dedication to defending and prioritizing people who need your help. This season the sun’s transit through your 11th house of humanitarian awareness will present you with a multitude of opportunities to embody your ideals. Be mindful that you do not let yourself burn out. There will be ample opportunity to stoke the fire within and use it to keep others warm and safe.


Your fellow fixed sign Aquarius is your elemental inverse. Your earthy nature prefers soft soil and blooming flowers, and airy Aquarius falls in the center of the season of dead branches and cold wind. Even if this brings you discomfort, there is clarity to be found as we wait for spring’s regenerative blooms. Both the sun and your ruling planet Venus will transit your 10th house of legacy and career this month. If you’ve been wearing rose-colored glasses, take them off so that you can have an honest look at who you want to be, or perhaps more importantly, who you need to be.


Air signs are often characterized as being unemotional and/or detached. Though there are certain aspects of this that can ring true, it is also worth noting that both Gemini and Aquarius are represented in human form by the zodiac. It is a human need to periodically detach; Aquarius protects itself from our collective grief by carrying the water while keeping themselves dry. You may find this month that you feel a bit world-weary, and desire freedom from being so very permeable to the pain that seems to lurk around every corner. Keep your head up and your shoulders back, and let both twins take turns bearing the things you must carry.


This month might be a bit difficult for your heart, as your sensitive nature is not organically attuned to planetary movements that encourage rationality and impersonal priorities. In addition, the sun’s movement through your 8th house will highlight Plutonian themes like death, regeneration, obsession, and fear. The lesson here is that as a Cancer, your legendary emotionality often prevents you from practicing healthy detachment. If you can brave the storm, Pisces season’s arrival on the 18th will soften the blows and allow you to feel freely without having to build storm walls.


Sister signs are a lot like sisters themselves. They have a base understanding, a mutually-felt throughline, and yet can often be at odds due to unavoidable differences. Aquarius and Leo might be the most obvious in this regard. The axis between the two concerns the ego, and their encounters can lead to serious bruises. As the sun and personal planets transit your 7th house of relationships this month, perhaps show your bruises to the people you trust. You might often be more inclined to hide them; but Aquarius, like an overbearing older sister, is going to ask you to let her take a look and see what she can do to help you heal.


The first half of your month could be a bit of a dead zone, or, more positively, an opportunity to stop thinking so damn much. The world is in flames, the darkness is ever-present, and your high-key nature and lit-up nervous system can only take so much before they collapse. Your 6th house, associated with health and service to others, will be illuminated by the sun this month. If you are not caring for yourself, this transit will make you do so whether you like it or not. Yes, you are a caretaker to others, but do you know who also needs your care? You! Start at the source, and by the time Pisces season arrives on the 18th you will have the energy to enact the level of globally-minded healing that makes you so inspiring in the first place.


Your creativity and sense of justice are your two greatest assets, and the sun and personal planets’ movement through your 5th house of personal power will bless you with the capacity to complete important tasks. Your energy is potent, but you may not always finish the things you start. Aquarius, your fellow air sign, has a fixed modality, and is thus more likely to mindfully dedicate themselves to a goal. Move with intention, ask for support when you need it, and let your authenticity take precedence over others’ impressions of the urgency or necessity of your goals.


Airy Aquarius and watery Scorpio are the most fluid and adaptable among the fixed signs. Does this mean that either of you are likely to budge when challenged? No. However, it does mean that internally you have a vast landscape of possibility in regards to your values and self-image. The sun’s transit through your 4th house—the realm of family, home, and safety—represents an opportunity to look at possible feelings of alienation in these spaces. How do you want to adapt so that your family and home feel safer? And what can you release so that these adaptations are lasting?


As a Sagittarius, you are endowed with a certain amount of levity that is a crucial aspect of your personality. It might be high, it might be low, but either way it is absolutely noticeable. If you are a more low-key, intellectual Sagittarius, Aquarius season will help you find joy in your endeavors. If you are more playful and energetic, this season might ask you to slow your roll and find grounding in your pursuit of knowledge. The sun will enter fellow mutable sign Pisces on the 18th, so be prepared for an emotional and spiritual upheaval that will provide insight into your core nature.


The sun will be transiting your 2nd house this month, and after spending the last month planning out your self-actualization, this month will ask you to take action towards those intentions. Capricorns might often be stereotyped as being too focused on themselves, but this is only because they recognize the work it takes to get in a position to provide for others. It is imperative that you use your power for good, but it is even more imperative that you know yourself deeply enough to set the boundaries that will keep you safe as you do so.


Happy You season, Aquarius! Your integrity is unmatched, your authenticity unparalleled, and your knack for reading people truly formidable. This is your season to shine (even if you don’t like to). As the personal planets and Pluto all make contact in your 1st house, you are being given a chance to fundamentally revamp your life. This will be thrilling, surely, but could also become overwhelming if you are not sure of yourself. Use the new moon on the 9th to sit with yourself and envision exactly who you want to be, and trust that the universe will provide you with the necessary tools.


The 12th house is a house of mystery, karma, and transformation. Pisces and the 12th house have a host of commonalities, as they both represent the end of astrological cycles, and you might find things in your life coming to their natural conclusions this month. Your more sentimental side might find this difficult, but the intuitive god inside you will be able to accept that these changes are necessary for your development. The sun will enter your sign on the 18th, marking the start of a new cycle for you, and potentially breathing new life into your endeavors and self-image.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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