Happy Pisces season! Pisces energy, much like water itself, is often characterized as healing, clarifying, and serene. However, as residents of the Gulf South, we all know exactly how dangerous water can be. We are currently living through a political and social hurricane, and this Pisces season we will continue to endure bearing witness to genocide, famine, and global unrest from inside the belly of the beast. On the 10th, the new moon in Pisces will ask us to sit with our unyielding grief and to rest, meditate, and commune with others so that those feelings can move through us rather than bring us to our knees. Venus, planet of love and creativity, will enter Pisces on the 11th, asking us to put our most expansive capacities for love into practice. The spring equinox, concurrent with the sun’s movement into fiery Aries on the 19th, will ask us to do so using both prayer and action. Think of this month as preparing for battle—we must attempt to be of sound body, mind, and spirit if we want to harness Aries season’s powerful potential for revolution and rebirth.


The 12th house is associated with limitations and ego death, neither of which are your cup of tea. During Pisces season, things might grow dreary for you—you might feel restricted or less self-assured, and underlying tensions could throw you off your game. The good news is that unearthing these subconscious wounds gives you the opportunity to heal them. The sun’s movement into your sign on the 19th, also the equinox, will shine a light on your freshly-healed scars, illuminating your ability to overcome and live to fight another day.


You are more likely than other signs to put your own needs first, for you know very well that stability is a difficult pursuit. The sun’s transit through your 11th house this month will ask you to apply your willpower to the needs of the collective. If you have a stable foundation, this month is a good time to help another person with their specific goals, rather than getting to work building your own walls. Your ruling planet Venus will enter sweet and nurturing Pisces on the 11th, imbuing you with a strengthened capacity for care.


Like light rippling on the surface of a lake, the meeting of Pisces and Gemini can create an ever-shifting mirage that takes courage to penetrate. This month you might feel as though you are looking in a funhouse mirror, trying to stabilize a self-image that continues to shift. The sun’s movement through your 10th house (public image and legacy) this month will insist that you look at what kind of tenacity will be needed to make yourself feel seen, known, and understood, and the full moon in fellow air sign Libra on the 25th will remind you that you already are by the people who love you most.


Pisces’ and Cancer’s emotionality might seem restrictive to those who do not understand how freeing it can be to love in ways that defy society’s conventions. This can be frightening, but it is often the things that scare us the most that liberate our hearts. To love on a personal level is transformative, and to love on a universal level is divine. Let both the Piscean universal approach and the full moon in fellow cardinal sign Libra on the 25th help you build safe bridges between intimate and collective forms of love.


Your bright and sunny disposition might feel a bit diminished this month. The sun’s rulership of your sign usually blesses you with a magnetic and powerful nature, but it also means that the shadows you cast can be long, dark, and enduring. The sun’s transit through your 8th house is going to bring forward themes around trust and self-sacrifice, insisting that you face your shadows. It will then enter fellow fire sign Aries and your 9th house on the 19th, offering reprieve from self-inquiry, and encouraging decisive, practical action.


Pisces is your sister sign and lives in your 7th house of partnership and (more generally) dealing with other people. You might often aspire to embody your most noble Virgo traits—helpful, communicative, and selfless—but these traits can become difficult to maintain in relationships when your needs go unmet. When this happens, Piscean energy can remind you to prioritize your emotional wellness over embodying your highest ideals. Spend less time this month explaining, and more time inquiring—what makes you happy and brings you peace?


Pisces season is going to ask you to embrace steadiness despite unease. Your ruling planet Venus will enter Pisces this month on the 11th, joining the sun in its transit of your 6th house. The 6th house teaches us discipline and self-respect, so try not to let your airy nature reject the emotional ups and downs that happen when you establish rules for yourself. Aries season (starting on the 19th) will be rewarding if you’ve been able to stick to your guns, and the full moon in your sign on the 25th is a good time to demonstrate your commitment to yourself and to the people you love.


Your often secretive and self-protective nature will be put to the test this month as the sun’s transit through your 5th house asks you to open up to new possibilities for your heart and creativity to expand. Your traditional ruling planet Mars will enter Pisces on the 22nd, pushing you to stop playing things safe and embody Pisces’ more adventurous attitude. Scorpions usually wait before striking—and this season is not here to negate that wisdom—but perhaps try striking more often this month. Send that risky text! Try out a new creative practice! Live life closer to the edge!


The centaur symbolically helps us contemplate the ways our animal and divine nature coexist within us. Your fellow mutable sign Pisces is inclined to look to the heavens for answers, and its energy this month will offer many opportunities for mystic inquiry. The new moon in Pisces on the 10th will occur in your 4th house of home and safety. On this day and the days surrounding it, try thinking of your home as your temple for study, and read a book that is both spiritually and intellectually stimulating.


Pisces season is a good time for you to connect with your inner child. Most of the year you spend your time fulfilling obligations and building a future, but Pisces’ playful and mysterious nature could inspire you to loosen up and find pleasure in the mundane. The sun’s transit through your 3rd house could lead to new curiosities and opportunities for play, and the full moon in fellow cardinal sign Libra on the 25th will ask you to embrace the ephemeral over the enduring.


Last season you likely experienced major shifts in your material life or in your perspective, and this month your imperative is to stabilize in response to these changes. This could look like creating routines that improve your mental and physical health. The sun’s transit through your 2nd house will teach you that austerity is not always what the soul needs to thrive. Treat yourself to something nourishing and satisfying, so that when difficulty arises from the aforementioned changes, you can meet the occasion knowing that you are cared for and loved.


Happy You season, Pisces! Like the Mississippi itself you are expansive and ever-changing, flowing wherever you need to. There are parts of you that seem deceptively shallow, and parts that are frighteningly deep. The parts of you that are constantly reimagining themselves will ask you to define a course this month. You might be misunderstood by those who only see your estuaries, but your path is yours alone to know, guide, and protect. Use the new moon on the 10th to cleanse your spirit using mediation or journaling, and set a course for what direction you’d like to flow.

illustrations by Anneliese DePano

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