Happy Aries season! Starting on April 1st, the atmosphere will be rife with potential for miscommunication and conflict due to Mercury’s retrograde through take-no-BS Aries. Aries season marks the beginning of the astrological new year, and we will spend the month shedding our skins of yesteryear, which is not always a pretty process. The full moon lunar eclipse in Libra late last month likely triggered uncomfortable but necessary changes in our relationships, and the new moon solar eclipse on April 8th will conversely prioritize our individual actualization in no uncertain terms. Both the sun and Venus will conjunct the north node of fate on the 4th and 17th, respectively, marking this month as a time for dynamic shifts in perspective. Who are you outside the gaze of others, and is that person more aligned to your fate than the image you project? Essentially, wherein does your sense of self lie? The challenges in our local community and global society demand integrity and grit, and we will find our place in these movements most easily if we are able to answer these questions. The astrological shifts at the end of the month (the sun’s movement into Taurus on the 19th, followed by the full moon in Scorpio on the 23rd, and Mercury turning back direct on the 25th) will culminate in a much steadier vibe, hopefully one where we can slow down and start growing into our new skins.


Happy You season, Aries! This month is nothing to fuck with, much like yourself, and the solar eclipse in your sign on the 8th will likely bring major personal breakthroughs. Your ruling planet Mars will conjunct Saturn on the 10th and Neptune on the 28th (both in Pisces). These contacts with outer planets will challenge you to look at things from a bird’s eye view and to act with spiritual integrity. This month you will zoom in and zoom out—both lenses are incredibly useful as long as you are pointing in the right direction at the right time. Think before acting, but don’t curtail your impulsive nature entirely when your intuition tells you it’s Go Time!


Your ruling planet Venus has a lot of action this month—conjuncting Neptune on the 3rd, entering Aries on the 4th, and conjuncting the north node on the 17th. Venus is receptive, sensual, and romantic; but like any energetic symbol, she also has a dark side—temptation, vice, and pride. Likewise, the 12th house is a realm of karma, illusion, and mystery, and thus your experience of Aries season might be colored by a lack of clarity while dealing with Venus’ more shadowy attributes. The sun and Venus will enter your sign on the 19th and 29th, respectively—perhaps use the second half of the month to integrate what you have learned about your dark side and demonstrate gratitude for the ways it protects you.


Mercury retrograde can be a funny time for Geminis—your nature is inherently mercurial, and therefore you know how to roll with the punches, and yet Mercury’s rulership of your sign also indicates that you feel the effects most intensely. As Mercury and the sun transit your 11th house in opposite directions, things might feel a bit touch-and-go in your social life, or you might be rearranging your value system to meet the needs of the people you love. Make sure that these changes are rooted in personal truth, lest you be led astray by a desire for belonging and acceptance. Gemini might be mutable, but Aries’ influence will make sure that you stick to your guns when it’s most important.


Aries and Cancer are both cardinal signs; you are both feisty and determined, and this can be intimidating to the people around you. While you may prefer to identify with the soft, sweet characterization that Cancer is often allowed, this can also disempower you over time if you don’t sink your claws into somebody or something occasionally. The sun’s transit through your 10th house this month speaks to your legacy and contribution to society—you have more to offer than nurturance, and Aries season is a good time to demonstrate exactly that.


After what was likely an annoyingly intense Pisces season, the arrival of Aries season represents a release from your bindings. If there’s any sign that is able to cut once without measuring twice, it’s Aries, and your shared fiery natures are perfectly teamed for the sun’s journey through your 9th house this month. The 9th house is a place for philosophical inquiry and expansion, and you could benefit from boldly defining your beliefs and intentions publicly, in ways that keep you from being projected upon or restricted.


Getting through 8th house transits sucks. You’re forced to face your trauma, pain, and shadows, and the rewards, though long-lasting, are often not immediate or even apparent. Having your ruling planet Mercury retrograde on top of this transit will likely make things more difficult. You are made of earth, and earth doesn’t transform into stone without significant pressure. The pressure you experience this month under Aries’ chaotic, heated tutelage will forge you into something new, and it could be wise to surrender to that process, even when you think you can’t take the heat.


Your sister sign Aries will almost always prioritize justice over harmony, whereas you might be inclined to do the opposite. Though both are arguably different sides of the same coin (we can not achieve justice without harmony, and vice versa), the trials that you face in the pursuit of both this month will be influenced by Aries’ more direct approach. Libras can be monumentally indecisive, but the sun and your ruling planet Venus’ movement through your 7th house this month will demand a direct approach to catalyzing necessary changes in your relationships.


Aries season is likely to provide you with opportunities for reflection, rest, and restoration. The sun’s transit through your 6th house marks a time to focus on your body and capacity, and to do what you can to improve your health. You can’t show up in relationships with the immense depth you are capable of if you haven’t shown up for yourself first. The sun will enter your sister sign Taurus on the 19th, followed by the full moon in your sign on the 23rd. This full moon will be a good time to set personal goals for the next year. Perhaps make a list of things that will be the most emotionally fulfilling.


You might not always feel like a true embodiment of fire, or if you do, it is perhaps not with the same brand of impulsive (read: damaging) energy that Aries often brings to the table. This month the sun will light up your 5th house, encouraging playfulness that could border on unruly if you are not mindful of the needs of others. Your wide span of knowledge can be intimidating, and with that comes a responsibility to yourself and others to minimize harm. Thus, this season is a good time to embody your most brazenly kind self by avoiding the pitfalls of ego and focusing on your highest potential as a friend and lover.


Capricorn’s cardinal nature looks very different from Aries’. Aries energy will start flying without a safety check, and you are much more likely to ensure the plane gets off the ground and stays in the air. This takes more time, more energy, and more sacrifice, but ultimately has more reliable results. The sun and the new moon eclipse on the 8th will both touch your 4th house of home and family this month, indicating a good time to create emotional and material safeguards (boundaries, budgets, etc.) in these realms that provide you with long-term stability and comfort.


Your quirky nature often straddles the line between being a childlike imp and a wizened old wizard. The wonder of life is that you get to choose moment-to-moment which you would like to embody. The sun’s transit through your 3rd house of play, creativity, and communication will illuminate opportunities for rapid-fire explorations of self. Aries’ ruling planet Mars will conjunct your ruling planet Saturn on the 10th, and this day and the days surrounding will ask you to put aside the fun for a moment to focus on your material stability. If you can pivot quickly and deal with your business, the pivot back to play will be particularly rewarding.


After using the sun’s transit through your 1st house last month to set a course toward your ideal destiny, you will be asked this month to look at what practical steps need to be taken to get where you’re going. Your dreamy nature and Aries’ impulsive ways are perhaps not the best combination to think practically, and yet you must try. This can feel particularly annoying when the flowers are blooming, and you could easily go stare at the clouds and daydream. If you don’t  make necessary investments in your future, the full moon in fellow water sign Scorpio on the 23rd will effectively “punish” you by imposing restrictions on your freedom.

illustrations by Anneliese DePano

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