Happy Taurus season! On May 2nd, we will begin our first Pluto retrograde since its movement into Aquarius earlier this year. When Pluto is direct, the effects of its transit are observed externally—secrets are uncovered and old paradigms are shattered; and, as Aquarius dictates, these effects are materializing in the humanitarian crises we are facing globally and the resistance that is forming. This retrograde, which will occur mostly in Aquarius and enter Capricorn at the beginning of September, indicates this summer is likely to feel like we are living in a sweaty film noir, feeling cursed to walk through such an unjust reality and yet yearning for empowerment and ice-cold clarity. That said, spring isn’t over yet! There will be many opportunities for us to bloom this month, starting with the new moon in Taurus on the 8th. This new moon will pull us out of the soil, and could provide respite from our grief and fear if we allow our hearts to open. Taurus—ever steady, present, and whole—is capable of great resilience, and this is often upheld by self-care and rest. The rights we have as humans to our health and safety have been distorted and exploited by the capitalist society we live in. This new moon is a good time to reject these distortions and literally (or figuratively) stick your hands and feet in the dirt. Acknowledging that we are electromagnetic beings born of the earth can help eliminate a lot of the white noise caused by the dystopian nightmare we are living in. The sun’s movement into expansive air sign Gemini on the 20th (followed by the full moon in Sagittarius and Venus’ movement into Gemini on the 23rd) will bring about the kind of sweeping (potentially chaotic) growth that is required for our vines to intertwine and empower one another.


Taurus and Aries don’t always get along—Taurus moves slowly, you move quickly—but you both have horns, and neither of you is afraid to use them. This season you might feel like Taurus is using its large horns to force you to drudge through responsibilities rather than act as an agent of chaos—the latter of which is undeniably more fun. By doing what you need to do when you need to do it, you might convince the universe to bless you with some carefree mayhem and novelty throughout Gemini season, which starts on the 20th.


Happy You season, Taurus! This season’s transits will bear fruit for you and provide you with as much abundance as you can take. Mercury, planet of intellect and communication, will enter your sign on the 15th and that energy is characterized as getting what you give. Jupiter will be leaving your sign on the 25th after a year of providing you with luck, so you might find yourself laying down the cornerstone of whatever you have been building since this time last year. Whether this is a relationship, a business, or a mindset, you have something very tangible and reliable available to you. Embrace it!


As you come to the end of your trip around the sun, you will be taking stock of the past year and the multitude of ups and downs that the twins within have experienced. The sun’s transit through your 12th house will ask you to look at what you have given and what you have taken, and how you have reaped what you’ve sown. Your mercurial nature might leave you swimming in circles right now. Taurus will invite you to swim to shore this season, so that when the sun and Venus enter your sign during the last 10 days of the month, you can leave the sea of confusion behind and set a course for the mountains you will need to climb over the next year.


The sun’s transit through your 11th house can feel electric, and this month you are likely to feel energized to socially and politically organize with your peers. Though Taurus energy usually flows well with yours, there might be moments this month that you feel stuck in the proverbial mud. It is truly impossible to get out of the mud and fight state violence without a sense of community. You are a sensitive and intuitive being, and (hopefully) you have surrounded yourself with like-minded people—lead with your heart and watch as others are inspired to do the same.


Your fellow fixed sign Taurus occupies your 10th house of public image and legacy, which are both major concerns for Leo. Your ego may want to pursue glory and recognition, while your soul works to dismantle unhealthy patterns of self-indulgence. This month, Taurus’ energy will encourage you to focus less on visibility and more on structure. The full moon in fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 23rd will reward you with the recognition you seek, if you have been disciplined in your routines and dedicated to your work.


Earth can take many forms: Sometimes it is fertile soil, sometimes parched cracking desert, sometimes molten lava. All are valid representations, but what is often forgotten about this most stable of elements is that it can be changed like any of the others. The sun’s transit through your 9th house will provide the freedom to explore different options and find out which kind of earth feels best to you. The full moon in fellow mutable sign Sagittarius on the 23rd will occur in your 4th house of home and security—use this time to plant a garden with the correct seeds in the soil that nurtures you best.


Your 8th house sun transit this month is going to force you to take a look at your resources and commitments. Both Taurus and Libra are ruled by the planet Venus, which concerns itself with beauty, pleasure, and indulgence. Venus will also transit Taurus through your 8th house this month until the 23rd. Ask yourself: What beauty do I owe myself, and what beauty do I owe others? You cannot run and hide from this transit—if you do it’s likely to bite you in the ass. You are all about balance, and if you can find harmony in the darkness of the 8th house, the light provided by Gemini season starting on the 20th will illuminate the freedom available to you when you take decisive action.


Your focus on emotional security might feel at odds with the lessons of Taurus season. This time marks the middle point of your yearly journey around the sun. The first halves of our year-long journeys are often focused on self-improvement, and the second half on our contributions to our relationships and society. Finding balance between our material needs and emotional safety is one of our most difficult tasks, and avoiding the issues that arise at their intersection often only causes further turmoil. This month, take a look at the next six months and how you want to show up for others without draining yourself.


Your ruling planet Jupiter—planet of wisdom, new horizons, and opportunity—is the largest planet in the solar system. After spending the last year or so in grounded Taurus, Jupiter will be entering your sister sign Gemini on the 25th. This month might be your last chance to cross your T’s and dot your I’s under Taurus influence before the next year sets you on a course for fast-moving, potentially chaotic amounts of change. This is likely to play out in your relationships most visibly. The full moon in your sign on the 23rd will coalesce with Venus’ entry into Gemini, encouraging rapid growth in your conceptions of love and the chaos that it inevitably causes.


The last three astrological seasons have hit you pretty hard, challenging your resolve to know yourself deeply and show up authentically. The sun’s transit through your 5th house in fellow earth sign Taurus could be the happiest you’ve felt all year—you’ve established healthy routines, held your boundaries, and will be given ample opportunity for rest and play that doesn’t push your sometimes touchy buttons. Gratitude is key in this moment: for the flowers, the trees, the air, and the consistent blessings you have built for yourself and the people you love.


Taurus and Aquarius are both fixed signs, and though this descriptor has more of a stubborn implication, it could also be said that fixed signs are those most capable of repairing. You might have to try and fail, but your stubborn and defiant nature doesn’t take kindly to defeat. The sun will transit your 4th house until the 20th, and the things you are inspired to fix might be physical (the drain, the washing machine, that pesky gate) but could also very well be your own broken heart or your relationship with a family member.


Taurus season is here to provide you with some well-deserved ease and rejuvenation after months of high-octane astrological weather. The sun will transit your 3rd house until the 20th, and the blooms of spring might bring out your desire to live poetically: picking flowers, meeting strangers, finding deep joy in the mundane. Taurus influence might also ask you to ground this poeticism in commitment, even if that commitment is singularly focused on your own pursuit of beauty and knowledge. Your traditional ruler Jupiter will enter fellow mutable sign Gemini on the 25th, starting a year of dynamic shifts in your 4th house realm of home and family.

illustrations by Anneliese DePano

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