Happy Cancer season! Cancer’s determination to love fully will burrow deep into each of our hearts this season. Ever the romantic, moon-ruled Cancer cultivates emotional understanding by reflecting the light in others back to themselves. Just as the phases of the moon and the tides change, fluctuation is a way of life for the crab. This season everyone else will also have to look at their own soft underbelly and come to terms with what it means to choose vulnerability, and when it is wise to do so. Venus will finish its transit through Cancer on the 11th, shortly after the new moon in Cancer on the 5th, which might cause our internal tides to shift dramatically. Do we want to cling to the rocks, choosing what is more familiar, even though it causes strain? Or do we trust that the ocean within will guide us toward a more harmonious existence? Mercury will enter stubborn Leo on the 2nd, followed by Venus on the 11th, and those of us with similarly stubborn natures might prefer to choose the familiar over the ebb and flow of our emotional guidance system. This season we witness two full moons in Capricorn, one last month on June 22nd and the other on July 21st. Capricorn, in many ways, embodies both a trust in the divinity of our emotions and the practicality of compartmentalizing them when necessary. If we feel overwhelmed around this full moon, Capricorn and Cancer will likely press the exact right buttons to make us develop more resilience. We will need to act with integrity, and to navigate our sorrows with sincerity. The following day (July 22nd) the sun will enter Leo, rewarding those of us who have properly traversed our internal oceans with the promise of a joyful and fruitful landing on sun-soaked solid ground.


Soft isn’t a word one would usually use to describe you, though you can be secretly very cuddly (and dare I say occasionally needy) when you feel safe enough to expose your soft side. For the first three weeks of July, the sun’s transit through your 4th house of home and family could very well bring out this side, much to your distaste. Though you are known to fight your battles bravely and without remorse, there is an inevitable drain that seeks compensation from the well-protected inner sweetness that you and Cancer share. Revel in it during Cancer season, and Leo season will reward you with the strength and clear-headedness needed to fight another day.


Your ruling planet Venus’ transit through Cancer for the last few weeks has likely put a bit of pep in your step, and lately you might be expressing your needs more readily with loved ones. Venus will enter fellow fixed sign Leo on the 11th, perhaps encouraging you to come out of your shell and prioritize fun. This will be compounded by the sun’s transit through your 3rd house of exploration and play. Give your ego a rest and work to live in the moment—put down your phone, pick up a flower, pursue a latent passion!


After a stimulating Gemini season, Cancer season will ask you to take the self-actualizing fuel provided by the sun’s transit through your 1st house last month and spend this month deciding how best to use it. This could look like putting together a budget for the next year, making travel plans, or simply preserving your energy so that when the moment to be decisive comes you are ready. Your ruling planet Mercury will enter playful Leo on the 2nd, indicating a month when you should feel no shame about shining as bright as you’d like. This fast-paced planet only stays in signs for two to three weeks, so perhaps also prepare for its entry into Virgo on the 25th, at which time you might need to take a step back and focus on your health and well-being.


Happy You season, Cancer! Your emotional fortitude and deeply caring nature are often taken for granted, and this season might feel like an opportunity to dead that. We are done with victim complexes and giving without receiving, and we are fully embracing the power that is inherent to intuition. The new moon in your sign on the 5th is for exactly what it sounds like—new emotional paradigms, new depths, new adventures in life and love. Your gut instincts are a hallmark of your being. Let them guide you away from painful cycles, and toward an existence that is true to both your capacity for empathy and to your willingness to use your claws to cut through bullshit.


You are nearing the end of your cycle around the sun, and its transit through your 12th house this month will encourage one ego death after another. The level of discomfort that this causes will be directly proportional to how necessary it is—the higher the better. The universe will likely highlight the places in your life that need it most until your season starts on the 22nd. Use the first three weeks of the month to meditate on who you truly want to be, and then spend Leo season putting that person center stage.


Virgo friends can surprise you. What the stereotype leads us to expect—care-taking, nurturance, honesty—they have in spades, but what we might not expect is the scathing cut-off game that Virgos often develop when their efforts are not reciprocated. Your ruling planet Mercury will transit self-assured Leo from the 2nd until the 25th. Perhaps use this time to embrace the more aggressive parts of your mercurial nature and surprise people with your dedication to self-preservation. The full moon in fellow earth sign Capricorn on the 21st will likely mark the end of relationships that no longer feel mutually supportive.


On a surface level, the 10th house is concerned with career and public reputation, but there are hidden depths to the sun’s transit through this house this month. The 10th house is also about legacy, and to a degree the amount of divinity that you allow to be your guide. Take a look at the circumstances that you were born into, and at how you have arrived where you are now. In what ways have you succeeded in coming into your own, and what steps do you need to take to fulfill your destiny? Journaling on the full moon in fellow cardinal sign Capricorn on the 21st will ground these concepts and intentions, bringing you one or several steps closer to understanding what you need out of life.


You are rarely reckless with your emotions, and if anything your caution can sometimes stunt your growth in this department. Cancers, conversely, can be quite impulsive and uncoordinated in their emotional choices. The sun’s transit through your 9th house of freedom and exploration will encourage you to swing further toward their end of the spectrum this month—nothing ventured, nothing gained is the name of the game. The new moon in Cancer on the 5th will ask, if not force, you to throw caution to the wind: Have that hard conversation without trying to manipulate the outcome. There is much to be gained when you embrace the inherent chaos of exposing your heart, if only for a moment.


Sagittarius’ fundamental nature is playful, inquisitive, and generally prefers to keep things light. Much like your sister sign Gemini, you would rather not be bothered by the heaviest parts of life. And yet, no matter what you do, these parts are unavoidable. The sun will be transiting your 8th house for the majority of the month, and this house concerns itself with death, money, commitments, and pain. Though Mars joining Jupiter in Gemini on the 20th could lead to rapid positive movement in your relationships, internal battles will need to be fought before you can embrace the love-filled, sun-soaked adventures that Leo season has in store for you.


You aren’t usually somebody that people would describe as mushy gushy. Practical and reliable, yes, but when it comes to the kind of vulnerability Cancer season demands, you might prefer to run for the hills away from all the bleeding hearts. This month is a key moment in your year, as the sun will transit your 7th house and bring out your inner romantic. Whether you like it or not, the fishy side of the fish-goat wants to be loved and adored, and the only thing you have to do is allow it to happen. Consider that your fortitude only benefits from the courage to embrace the mushiness within—write that love letter, make that playlist, be that bleeding heart!


You might often find that you have an endless capacity for compassion for others, and your humanitarian and creative pursuits often concern healing collective wounds. While this altruism has its place, it is simply not sustainable if you are doing the Aquarian thing of disassociating from your body in order to keep up with the demands you put on yourself. The sun’s transit through your 6th house of health and routine will encourage relaxation and service to the body and the self. Perhaps try grounding through meditation and/or yoga before Leo season comes on the 22nd to illuminate exactly how needed and loved you are by your community.


Your fellow water sign Cancer rules the 5th house, indicating that your creativity and joy are inherently tied to your ability to provide and receive care. Your friendships and romances are probably a core source of your inspiration, and this will be heavily apparent this month as the sun transits this house. What is our art without witnesses, and what is our joy when it isn’t shared? You are an ephemeral being, so work on flowing with the universe by not clinging to things that are meant to be beautifully fleeting. Spend this month letting the tides push and pull you towards all the different forms of love that are seeking you.

illustration by Anneliese DePano

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