A grayscale illustration of two hands opposite another with a flower in between them. The hand on the left is facing up and the hand on the right is facing down. The flower in the middle is white and the leaves around it are dark. The background is dark gray. Illustration by Artemesia Trapeze.

Welcome to Gemini season! Play! Investigate! Ask too many questions! Connect the dots into some rudimentary form of meaning and purpose! Or not! Gemini is the mutable air sign and therefore highly impressionable. Some may see this as duplicitous, which may be the case at Gemini’s lowest vibration. But at its best this trait represents a meeting of spirit and matter and a willingness to change behavior and opinions when presented with new information. This month starts off with a bang as the north node and the sun conjunct in Gemini on June 1st. The sun’s conjunction with this astrological point will illuminate the ways our ego concerns may be detrimental to joyful exploration of our potential. Gemini’s ruling planet Mercury will be retrograde for most of the month until June 22nd, and as such we are being asked to be mindful of our interactions despite the frenzied excitement that comes with spring turning into summer. Both Mars and Venus will be transiting the sign of Cancer (archetypal mother) before entering Leo (archetypal father)—an invitation to re-parent ourselves specifically in the ways we give and receive love. The more you can do to be honest with yourself, the better.


Last month’s transits asked you to bring your focus inward. This month is the time to reap the rewards of loving yourself by allowing time to play and let your inner child shine. As the youngest sign of the zodiac you are very closely connected to the spirit realm, embodying the unbridled beauty of simply existing and acting. As your ruling planet Mars moves into fellow fire sign Leo on June 11th, you may experience a shift in your environmental factors or public image. If you are offered opportunities as a leader or warrior for what is right, take them! But also watch your fiery mouth—Mercury retrograde might bite you in the ass!


You might be hard-pressed to find two signs more different than Taurus and Gemini. Taurus is stable and grounded; Gemini is impulsive and flighty. Taurus is cautious; Gemini doesn’t know what that word means. Both signs can learn a great deal from one another, and as the sun transits your 2nd house you are being asked to see how stability can be achieved by embracing change. You can attract beauty by embodying Gemini’s open and mutable nature. Show love in ways that make you feel free, and stability will naturally manifest in your life.


Happy You season, Gemini! This month the sun transits your 1st house, bringing a renewed sense of personal potential. Gemini loves potential—you see the fractals of what could be and make decisions despite seeing the endless possibilities. Mercury retrograde is difficult for everyone, but as your ruling planet you are intimately connected to the ups and downs that come with mercurial shifts. The new moon in Gemini on June 10th will be an excellent time to release communication styles that do not serve you, as well as to set intentions for the next year. Manifest a version of yourself that plays to your highest potential as somebody eternally connected to their inner child.


This season the sun and Mercury will transit your 12th house before moving into your sign on June 22nd. During the Gemini period of this month you are being asked to go as deep as possible into your shadows and uproot insecurity, pain, and fear. It’s not the cutest transit, but it can be incredibly rewarding. Much like weeding your garden, this is a good time to straighten up your emotional awareness and health. Venus’ transit through your sign from June 2nd till June 27th will have you feeling extra sweet and wanting to smother folks with love—but combined with an erratic Mercury retrograde in Gemini, it might be best to think before you act.


Gemini and Leo are classic best friends. Geminis (and Gemini season) will gas you up. They love your playfulness, passion, and generosity, and they benefit from the constant inspiration to not just flow through the world but to make an impact. The sun’s transit of your 11th and 12th houses this month signals the end of your year-long cycle. You will be feeling lit up and ready to follow your passions, particularly once Mars enters your sign on the 11th. However, the transit of the sun into Cancer on the 22nd will ask you to get in touch with your intuitive side. Finding a balance between this inner investigation and the ways you navigate your power in relationships will be rewarding if you can be both subjective and objective.


This month the sun will transit your 10th and 11th houses, highlighting a time to focus on your career and position in your community. You are naturally nurturing and giving, perhaps sometimes to your detriment. The Gemini portion of this month is dominated by Mercury retrograde. You and Gemini share Mercury as a planetary ruler, and thus are both more impacted and more prepared when this cycle hits. If you are finding it difficult to manifest your intentions, remember that among the signs you are the most adept at clear communication. Listen carefully, take time during the new moon to clear out self-critical thought patterns, and open up to Gemini-esque play and discovery.


Gemini is a fellow air sign, and as such this month is bound to have you feeling “in your element.” Combined with the fact that the sun is transiting your 9th house until the 22nd, the first portion of the month will have you feeling incredibly free. Honestly, maybe too free—you might at times feel ungrounded and unstable. Remember that you are the manifestation of balance. The transits of Venus and Mars through the sign of fellow cardinal sign Cancer will have you searching for balance between this happy-go-lucky freedom and feeling high-key emotional. If anyone is capable it’s you: trust yourself and your loved ones, and this will shape up to be a very fun, growth-oriented month.


This month the sun and Mercury will transit your 8th house for the first 22 days of the month. The 8th house is associated with deep subconscious emotions and committed partnerships. You might find Gemini season a little superficial or unsatisfying, but sometimes being lighthearted can be a good balance for you. Take a walk on the wild side. Mars, your traditional ruler, will be in Cancer until June 11th. This might feel like a period of rapid, untethered emotional growth until the sun moves into Cancer on the 22nd and you can breathe in the salty beauty of a fresh, summery water season.


Sagittarius and Gemini are sister signs, so this season might have you feeling both invigorated and turned upside down. Where Gemini seeks to think and experience, Sagittarius seeks to know and understand. Both are bright, chaotic, and arguably the most fun signs in the zodiac. This season is a great time for you to move towards a more playful intellect. Venus and Mars will be transiting your 8th house, making what would otherwise be a very lighthearted season something more—if you don’t examine your relationships to their depths, how can you have enough trust to truly let loose? The new moon in Gemini on the 10th is an excellent time to release possible fears of intimacy and embrace a curiosity about everyone you love and care about.


The first half of this month is bound to have you feeling a bit untethered as the sun transits your 6th house in the sign of Gemini. Mercury retrograde will also be occurring in this house for you, and so it is a good time to go inward and examine the ways you might be a tad too hedonistic (or conversely, too regimented). Once you make these Gemini season adjustments, Cancer (your sister sign) season beginning on the 22nd will bring welcome relief. The full moon in your sign on the 24th is an excellent time to take stock of your emotional realities and look at what (perhaps who?) you are ready to release in order to make room for a life that is both physically and emotionally healthier.


This month is bound to be ruled by binaries for you. Fellow air sign Gemini’s energy can feel chaotic, but there is also limitless potential. You move like lightning and Gemini moves like a strong breeze. This can manifest as an unpleasant storm or as something absolutely electrifying, depending on your attitude. The sun will be transiting your 5th house, which is ruled by your sister sign Leo. In addition, both Venus and Mars move into Leo this month. You might be navigating ego concerns more heavily than usual, which is perhaps particularly uncomfortable for Aquarius. However these concerns end up manifesting, know that your individuality is a strength when applied to collective action.


Welcome to the first mutable season of the year! If Aries and Taurus seasons have felt particularly intense or demanding, Gemini season will hopefully provide a welcome reprieve from the demands of the physical realm. The sun will be transiting your 4th house, which is ruled by Cancer, your fellow water sign. This will be a fairly emotional time, but the relational planets of Mars and Venus transiting your 5th house will equip you to express your individual needs in relationships. If this feels difficult due to Mercury retrograde (and/or just being a Pisces) be sure to take your time and think about what you want to say before saying it.

illustration by Artemesia Trapeze

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