Happy Leo Season! Be hot! Be loud! Meet your highest potential! We are bound to be feeling more radiant and open as the sun transits its planetary ruler. If Cancer season was a doozy, let the moon’s lessons pull you out of any residual funk. Find new inspiration, take leaps of faith, and pursue both your highest pleasure and your highest good. The new moon in Leo on the 8th is an excellent opportunity to meditate on your more masculine tendencies—prioritizing positive action over receptivity and taking pride in the things you do. Leo season is about warmth and grandeur, but Mercury’s movement into earth sign Virgo on the 11th will keep communications more grounded than pure gregarious Leo energy. In addition, Mars and Venus will spend the first half of the month transiting Virgo, meaning that while your ego may be bursting with new ideas, relationships with others will remind you to consider the small details and nuances before acting. On the 16th, Venus will enter Leo’s fellow fun-loving sign Libra, making for a very playful week before the sun enters Virgo on the 22nd—reminding us that lasting rewards require focus and discretion.


You and Leo have a lot in common: being bold, courageous, and intensely loving. Whereas your energy is cardinal in nature—dynamic, impulsive, reactive—Leo energy is fixed and more grounded. During this time, particularly with these Virgo transits, it would serve you well to think more structurally and strategically in pursuing your endeavors. Your ruling planet Mars will be transiting your 6th house, emphasizing a need to focus on your health and systems of organization. The new moon in Leo on the 8th is a good time to set intentions for how you can use your innate power to take proper care of your body and make long-term goals.


For you, lovely Taurus, Leo season will be punctuated by Mars and Venus transiting your 5th house in the sign of Virgo. Leo is a fellow fixed sign and Virgo is a fellow earth sign, and thus this Leo season is full of potential for you to integrate different aspects of your personality in the ways that feel the most affirming. The new moon in Leo on the 8th might offer illuminating lessons about your most stubborn ways and how they might come from a place of anger or fear. Stay true to your roots (while also allowing old, unhealthy patterns to wither) and make space for new growth.


Gemini and Leo are natural best friends. Magnanimous and endlessly interesting, you’re both always down for a good time. Gemini can learn from Leo energy how to take up more space, as well as how to underpin your social adaptability with reliability. On the 11th, Mercury, your ruling planet, will enter Virgo (also ruled by Mercury). This is a deep dive into your communication patterns; during this transit you might be more prone to think before you speak, and to streamline other modes of communication. The full moon in fellow air sign Aquarius on the 22nd will reward you if you have made positive changes in this arena.


This season might present challenges. Whereas Cancer season enhances your nurturing and protective nature, Leo’s archetypically masculine energy might feel sensitive but not receptive, or nurturing but not soft. Like the moon reflecting the light of the sun, Cancer can learn a great deal from observing this season for what it is: an opportunity to show yourself the same amount of respect and love that you so willingly and (perhaps compulsively) show others. Affirm yourself rather than waiting for others to do it for you. The new moon in Leo is an excellent time to integrate the energies of these metaphysical counterparts (sun/moon) into a new way of being.


Happy You season, Leo! As you celebrate your solar return, it’s a good time to address the fact that the sun itself is your chart ruler. There might be stereotypes about Leo being self-centered or dramatic—and while it is wise to give those ideas credence, it is also an excellent time to acknowledge that you were born to shine and that this is an enormous gift! Harness your power! Be generous! Fight the good fight! The new moon in your sign on the 8th is a good time to take stock of the personal power you possess and write down how you intend to use it. Leo season will end with a bang with a full moon in Aquarius on the 22nd—a time to celebrate your growth, friendships, and achievements without doubting your value.


This month the sun and Mercury will both transit your 12th house. This is the end of your solar cycle, and thus you are being asked to take stock of the last year and your ego investments in yourself and others. As a sign marked by humility and efficiency, Virgo is much less invested in personal image than sun-ruled Leo. There is much to learn about valuing yourself this season though, and the transits of Mars and Venus through your sign will bring to light how truly important relationships and self-love are. Your ruling planet Mercury will also be transiting your sign from the 11th until the 30th. During this time there is a great deal you can teach—and learn from—others if you remain open.


Have you been true to yourself lately? If you’ve been deprioritizing yourself and prioritizing your relationships, the sun’s transit through your 11th house this month is a good chance to look at things from above. What separates you from a crowd? If you feel comfortable following, now is a good time to look at how your balanced way of interacting with others can also foster excellent leadership skills. Mars and Venus will be transiting your 12th house—make sure your subconscious shadows don’t prevent you from speaking your mind.


The sun and Mercury will transit your 10th house for the first three weeks of the month, marking a good time for you to examine your finances, career, and public image. At the same time, Mars (your traditional ruler) and Venus will be transiting your 11th house. The 11th house is associated with friendships, humanitarianism, and the occult. Where do these aspects of life overlap for you? As Mars moves through the sign of Virgo this month it might be wise to spend time meditating on the different roles you have professionally and socially, and how you can communicate thoughtfully and enact meaningful change in your community.


Jupiter, your ruling planet, recently retrograded back into Aquarius from Pisces. As this giant, societal planet transits your 3rd house through mid-September you are being asked to operate from a more Geminian mode. It’s not always about what you know—looking at the world on a quest for novelty can be very rewarding. The sun and Mercury will be transiting your 9th house (opposite the 3rd) in fellow fire sign Leo. This month is bound to bring forth issues around your ego and how heavily it is invested in your existing knowledge base. The new moon on the 8th is an excellent time to release old learning patterns and embrace ambiguity and subjectivity.


This month the sun and Mercury will be transiting your 8th house. These transits are never easy, and an 8th house ruled by Leo can be particularly difficult because both Leo and Scorpio (8th house ruler) expect high levels of loyalty and trust. There’s nothing wrong with having high standards—a quality that Capricorns exemplify—but this transit is about finding compassion for others even when it is hard to do so. Venus will enter fellow cardinal sign Libra on the 16th, and you might open to this softness but find it difficult to do so. Follow your intuition and protect your heart.


Late last month Jupiter retrograded back into your sign and 1st house. Until mid-September this transit will be affecting your core sense of self in ways that bring expansion and optimism. This is a major upgrade to your connection to your higher good. It is an excellent time to get a new project going. Be mindful of Virgo’s transits through your 8th house as you make decisions, because in order for long-term goals to manifest they must also be well planned and fueled by passion. Your fixed-air nature has just the right combination of adaptability and reliability to see things through, and this is an excellent time to practice those qualities.


During Leo season you are being asked to take pride in your efforts to take care of your body and mental health, and to improve those patterns in ways that make you feel good without feeling pressured. Mars and Venus will be transiting your 7th house of partnership and beauty for the first half of the month, and Venus will enter your 8th house on the 16th. The 8th house rules intimacy, death, transformation, and shared resources. Tension may arise between the desire to prioritize your independence and your health, and the desire to learn a lot about relationships very quickly. Trust your intuition when it comes to figuring out priorities.